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  1. Lightning Sequence

    Hi James, May I please have a copy of this. Thank You davejones_136@yahoo.com
  2. Sharing HandClap faces and beats.

    Would love a copy please. Thank You davejones_136@yahoo.com
  3. Frosty The Snowman by Leon Redbone

    Hi James. May I please have a copy of this? Thank You davejones_136@yahoo.com
  4. Sugar Plum Fairy- remix

    Thank You James.
  5. Sugar Plum Fairy- remix

    Would love a copy please James. Thank You davejones_136@yahoo.com
  6. Looking for Happy by Pharrell

    Sent you a few hope they help some. Dave
  7. shake it off By Taylor Swife

    Does anyone have a sequence for Shake it off By Taylor Swift they are willing to share. Thank You davejones_136@yahoo.com
  8. JR, I have sent to you and james. Hope it helps some. Thank You for all your hard work. Dave
  9. Now Sharing ~ Sleigh Ride ~ Pentatonix singing faces

    Hi Jr, May I please have a copy of this one also. Thank You Dave davejones_136@yahoo.com
  10. Looking for Lights of Christmas by Owl City

    Would love a copy please. Thank You davejones_136@yahoo.com
  11. Godzilla - Halloween

    Would love a copy of this Please. davejones_136@yahoo.com Thank You all for all your hard work. Dave
  12. I have several that your looking for that are for over 80 channels so you can copy and paste what you need. Just need an email to send to. I also see James has some and he has some great sequences that he has also shared with me. He is always willing to share as well as I. Let me know. Dave
  13. Grinch Faces and Pixel

    Hi James, May I have a copy Please. Thank You davejones_136@yahoo.com