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  1. ricka63

    Sequence Downloads

    Check out this site http://www.tauntonstales.com/sequences2012.htm
  2. ricka63

    Ring Christmas bells

    I'm looking for a LOR light sequence for Ring Christmas Bells by Ray Conniff. I looked online could not find it. I am hoping someone knows where it is on the net. Thanks
  3. ricka63

    Problem idmx -1000

    I had the same problem. I did not get a DMX signal either. I don't know what the problem was, so I bought another an that one worked.
  4. Does the sequence editor 3.11.2 have a pause funtion when writing a sequence? So you can stop the music backup and start it up with out having to start the song from the start.. It sure would be nice if it did.
  5. ricka63

    My first attempt at Super Star software

    I tried instant sequenceing. Did not like how it looked. So I've wrote all my sequences from scratch. Like We Wish you a Merry Christmas by Guy Bacos.
  6. ricka63


    Does anyone have a ccp 24x25 4rowGlobe version of greensleeves? I will swape it for ccp 24x25 4 rowGlobe version of We wish you a merry Christmas by Guy Bacos.
  7. You should have it by now. Hope you like it.
  8. Carol of the Bells 24x25 4 row globe ( By David Foster) is ready.It's for a ccp tree. The song can be downloaded on Amazon.I will make a small snipit of the sequence for you to look at.Let me know what you think once they post the upload.
  9. here are some ccp 24x25 4row globe sequences that I created. I zipped the files so I could upload them. NewZip.zip