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    Setting up Pixie16 Unit and address on Pixel Editor

    WOW! I'm glad I'm not the only one having this problem. I'm trying to add RGB's to my current show. I already am running 6 CTB16PC controllers. I also have a Pixie 8 {which I just bought) with pixel editor version v4.3.24 pro. I can control the lights in the hardware utility on the pixie but when I try it with the pixel editor I don't get the lights to work (I've had the PE for almost a year now and have been playing with programming some songs). I guess I'm feeling lost because in the sequence editor I have to assign a unit and channel ID and in PE it's just a unit id, and I can't get it to work like my basic SE. When not on hardware mode the pixie is flashing that it's not connected to an active network too. I feel a bit lost. Thanks for any help!