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  1. Jim, I didn't run the cable yet (we've got horrible weather here) but I DID follow your advice and repositioned the radio that is in the house to a position more in line-of-sight with the controller and a few feet higher. Fingers crossed but the lights have been running now, uninterrupted, for several hours. Once the weather clears, if I have ANY additional troubles, I'll run that cable (I already have it out). Thanks, again, your simple suggestion about location seems to have solved my problem. I'll probably still try different radio frequencies though. The distance between my computer and the controller is quite short, much shorter than in previous years (different house) where the controllers were 65-70' from the indoor EZ Light Linker. So, I'm thinking some radio interference may be reducing transmission effectiveness. All to be tried when the weather breaks. Thank You. Merry Christmas. PS. Just starting to move into RGB pixels with a FPP/PiCap and about 500 nodes. Having fun.
  2. Jim, Thanks for the response. I'll try to do as you suggest but seeing the status light is a difficult chore for me. I was thinking along your lines that the radios are the problem. I'll try changing channels on the radios and upping the power to 15db. Failing that, I'll try the old standard ethernet cable from the garage to the controller. I'll just have to relocate the computer. Thanks for taking the time to respond. Ron
  3. When I first connected my CTB16PC via an EZ Light Linker, had read trouble getting a connection. Finally, I got the connection to work (changed radios and repositioned). Then, using Hardware Utility, I turned on 8 channels of one controller. Under "Test Unit's Operation" I selected all 16 channels then turned the "ON at 100%". All eight channels came alive. But, after about two minutes, all of the channels went dark. The power was still applied to the CTB. I went the the HU and hit the "ON at 100%" button and the lights came on; this time for about ten seconds, then OFF. I struggled with this for two hours, checking connections, changing radios and upping the radio power to 15db. No joy. Then, I started to periodically lose the radio connection and had to do multiple "Refresh"s to re-establish the connection. Anyone seen similar symptoms? I was thinking perhaps the radios were periodically losing the connection for just a moment and that was enough to shut down the channels? Any suggestions would be most appreciated. This equipment is the same equipment that I used with no problems last year (and many years before). I've cut back to just one controller this year form a multiple controller set up. Should I switch the controller out? Thanks, everyone. Ron
  4. K6CCC, Robongar, Thanks for the response. I was thinking that the triac might be the culprit. It IS an AC controller. AND, there was a typo on the resistor. It is a 47K ohm resistor...fat fingers. Thanks, guys. Ron Merry Christmas.
  5. This isn't a new controller. It worked fine two years ago, the last time it was used. This year, one channel will not turn off. UNLESS, I add a phantom load in the form of a 1W 47 ohm resistor in the circuit. Same light sets work fine on all other circuits on this controller. Only channel 3 has the problem. Does that help any of the hardware gurus out there isolate the problem? Thanks. I think I can live with the snubber on the line but would like to correct the controller if there is a problem in there. Thanks. Merry Christmas. Ron
  6. Thanks for explaining SH. I figure if I remove one variable, the screwdriver, that gives me better odds of getting the screw in WITHOUT dropping it. Also, how many times did you have your controller sitting on a table and you want to open it and, then, you have to go find a screwdriver. Not a problem now. :-)
  7. Got them! Made it to the hardware store today and found nice, stainless steel 8-32 1/2" screws with a nice knurled top so they can be removed/installed by hand. I think that will solve my problem. Thanks, guys. Info AND humor, can't beat that. Ron L
  8. Tom, You are truly a Santa's Helper. Thanks. Now, to go find those screws tomorrow with some kind of handy head, like a thumbscrew or similar. Don't drop any screws. Cheers.
  9. We're heading to Florida on Sunday with a couple college visit stops for my grandson. If I can find time tomorrow, I'll go to the local, "they've got everything" hardware store and get the real scoop on these screws. Then I'll buy about twenty. I did get my non-functioning ELLs working tonight along with my LOR-dedicated laptops (so old the internal clock batteries are dead). I consider that enough of a success. Time for a Gentleman Jack and Coke Zero. Thanks for the chuckles, guys. If I had known you were this entertaining, I would have been on more often.
  10. I envy you, Larry, but I'd envy you MORE if you knew that screw size. :-)
  11. Hello, gang. Not a newbie but have been away from LOR for a bit while moving to a new house. I'm getting really tired (age may play a part) of dropping the cover screws for the 1602's into the grass. I'd like to replace with knurled top screws. Does anyone know the size of the cover screws (LOR1602). Thanks.
  12. Just tried to install S3 on a brand new HP laptop with Windows 8.1. What a mess. It creates an icon for each LOR program in the "all apps" view of the Start window (when you press the arrow in a circle at the bottom left of the tile screen. I found the icon for the LOR Control Panel but when I try to start it, I get an error that "The feature you ae trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable", then prompts me to find the file c:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp\{9BBBFB01-4FCA-45F1-AD67-A8F97D5F62B2}\ Apparently, it's looking for the "Light-O-Rama.msi" installation package. I'm not a Windows person so any help on this would be appreciated. I also read that all of the LOR programs have to be "pinned" for LOR to work properly. "Pinned" to the Start window or the Taskbar? Thanks.
  13. Aurickle, a very succinct and helpful explanation. Thanks.
  14. George, Mark, Gary, and everyone, Thanks for the information. I'm going to give it a try with the "test" antenna that came with the unit and try different locations inside the house. I'll use the power adjust if I have to and maybe give those Radio Shack rabbit ears a shot. It's great to have this forum and I appreciate the time you have taken to respond. Keep 'em lit.
  15. John and everyone, Thanks for the information. I'm going to give it a try with the "test" antenna that came with the unit and try different locations inside the house. I'll use the power adjust if I have to. It's great to have this forum and I appreciate the time you have taken to respond. Keep 'em lit.
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