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  1. Trying to think of a good time to set up my 32 channel display wondering when most people start to set up for christmas
  2. Thanks for all the help my plan should work great you guys rock.
  3. Is a regular blue cat5 weatherproof ???
  4. I started last year with 1 16 channel unit with starter pack they may have a sale soon on for so sign up with your email. Many people have big hearts and will help you as much as they can with free seq and help set ups great people here
  5. May I get a copy please I love all your skills bowbowsdaddy@yahoo.com thanks
  6. Lol it's been summer in California all year lol no rain
  7. Thanks for l the help ill give it a shot just need to get some time to play with it
  8. Ill check my emails all day thanks tick tock tick tock lol
  9. Thanks ill play with it and see what I can do
  10. Do i always have to log in to lor hardware everytime i disconnect my contoller from computer or is their a easer way. ????
  11. Last year I bought my first 16 channel controller and loved it I hope to buy a second one when the summer sale hits I hope I have a week or so to save up for one
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