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  1. With 2 deaths in the TSO family this should be a very heart felt show. Dec 1st for me!!
  2. I might be able to swing that! Why do you want to move the location? (When We travel an hour to Sac, We like to visit old sac while we are there. )
  3. Fog machine relay

    here is the exact one I used http://www.frightprops.com/ac-activated-double-pull-double-throw-5-amp-relay.html. The wiring schematic is one of the description pics, might want to copy that. ((If the link does not produce the relay and say "moving things around" then type "AC activated relay" in the search box of that page.)) Most Fog Machines are wired up alike ( I said most, not all). There are topics on this forum that give instruction - its simple. I choose the method of attaching the relay to the remote switch. Just open the remote, use a multi-meter and find the power wire on one side of the switch and the other wire that gets activated when your switch is on, on the other said of the switch. connect those points to "common 1" and "N/O 1" on the relay (referencing the schematic pic I mentioned).
  4. What speed is your network? how many networks? how many CCD are on a single network?
  5. mega tree base diameter

    yup, mine is 12 1/2 tall and about 3 1/2 ' radius- I think its perfect
  6. Really liking these floods for quick and easy setup for those "short season" holidays. Edit not sure if pic showed up- I'll try later. ?
  7. Hank did a great instructional here. I built mine very similar except I used strips instead of ccrs. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2113630/Making_CCR_Half_Arches.pdf my arches are in my Christmas videos on my site in my signature if you want to see.
  8. Pour Some Sugar on Me Faces

    Magic dance from labyrinth good idea.
  9. US Military Affiliation "Roll Call"

    You guys are awesome - Thanks to you all for your service, thanks for coming home. And thank you Grandpa who was in WW2 and to my Uncle who served in Vietnam, both returned.
  10. LOR Visualizer.Help!

    I feel your pain. Everyone learns differently at different speeds. I took to SE and SS like fish to water but struggled with visualizer for a while! exactly what problems are you having? Don and MrP gave a great link to follow but I prefer using this: http://www.lightorama.com/help/tutorial.htm. this link will give you step by step instructions how to create your first vis and run a simulation. It also includes a one time step that some, not all (mine did) computers need. If your more visual learner than maybe the link Mr P gave is more suited. Once you have followed both links and are still having problems, again, what problems are you having?
  11. Projector trigger with LOR?

    If I'm reading everything right, yes there is a way to do this but not quite as described. Your projector will remain on the entire show but when not playing video it will be black. The portions or video you want to display will be added as media to a regular sequence file They will come on when you show calls for them or when triggered by input pup, just as if triggering a sequence but i know of no projector that remember it's settings when power is disconnected and reconnected from the power plug I run ghost videos between song at Halloween. If this is what your after, be happy to explain more in detail.
  12. Yes there will be!! im going to try something this year and if it turns out I'll post pics. Costco sells them sometime too. If he had Obama care he'd be dead---er. ?
  13. Pour Some Sugar on Me Faces

    ???had to laugh when I read the title.
  14. Oldest Sequencer Here?

    Happy bday Dennis. I'll turn 50 this year, so far I'm the youngest of the oldsters. Not sure how to feel about that. ?
  15. RGB Pixel sizes wrong in visualizer

    worked for me. I put them in straight line. Shouldn't matter though. I was able to change the size of them and it worked in simulation. I suggest delete the fixture, back all the way out of LOR and try again.