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  1. TSO 2017 tour dates are out

    Just got home! Fantastic as always! 8 of us went. 5 were first timers, 3 of us have been there 5 times. My parents went as first timers and were “shocked and amazed.”! we got a new drummer and he is awesome! tom is 100% correct there are a few vids out of 2017, one very popular one shows the show ending so be careful. Like Tom, The videos did not ruin anything for me.
  2. Needing a Christmas Miracle!

    Yeah that song is a favorite in my show.
  3. When you say longer runs acting up, do you mean controller to first pixel or pixel to pixel? Because like k6ccc said, the differences of lengths you can use can be massive. Example: I have runs of 50’ with 22g from controller to first pixel but I can only go 9’ between pixels without using null pixels.
  4. I haven’t had problems with PB yet other than forgetting how to use it. I don’t post a lot of pics and I’m probably not using it correctly but it would sure be nice to use something that is a little more friendly
  5. Christmas phone charging

    So lasts about the same as an apple iphon cable
  6. https://www.lybae.com/products/merry-christmas-charger
  7. Kia Commercial

    My 7 year old son just saw the KIA commercial and said “Hey!! they are trying to copying our lights!!” I set him straight, I told him “yeah they are!”
  8. getting carried away with this UV paint
  9. Picked up 3 more, good old CVS.
  10. Power Suppplies On or Off?

    Turn mine on and they stay on till the seasons over.
  11. Flood Mounts

    I attached mine to the 1st story gutter to light the 2nd story. Nothing fancy, I just went to Harbor Freight and got those cheap mini vice grip pliers ($2-3) and clamped them to the gutter.
  12. Yup!! got one last week. Same thing sells for $285 (I see its now 279) on amazon - Big lots had it for 139 w/20% off entire purchase, I took it as a sign.
  13. CCB 2 w/ 2 string of 100 bulbs each

    update for all who are following: after contacting LOR it is as I thought, strings above 50 are not supported in S4 visualizer and the old FAKE OUT method will have to be used. If your unfamiliar with this method, here's a quick run down,,, from LOR: As you say, the visualizer does not support Cosmic Color Devices of 100 strings. The workaround is to do the following: 1) In the visualizer create 100 pixel DMX strings 2) Import the visualization into superstar and create your sequence 3) export the sequence to sequence editor 4) launch the sequence editor 5) add a pixie device and set it to have 100 pixels 6) use copy/paste to copy from the exported superstar sequence into the pixie device. when you paste the sequence into the pixie device rows it will take on the pixie addressing
  14. started yesterday, myself
  15. RGB lights not working

    I saw the same as Mr.P. It also appears you used "draw light string" instead of "draw pixel string"