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  1. saxon

    Looking for THX Intro

    sent! sorry it took so long - enjoy EDIT -SORRY, I ONLY SENT THE AUDIO WILL RE SEND
  2. I apologize, I did not realize you responded, thanks a lot, I will take you up on that for next 7/4.
  3. saxon

    Video playback issue in shows

    exactly. Halloween I run a video media sequence about every other sequence. My desk top is all black - I click on the screen and it gives option to hide all icons - my task bar is set to hide when the curser is not at the bottom. <remember to disable screen saver>
  4. saxon

    Video playback issue in shows

    This happens to some machines, like ours. It is frustrating. There is a post where I have given a few work arounds to the problem but, I can not seem to go back that far in this forum. I also tried to google it, cant find, maybe admin can help find it. I will be glad to work with you and try to remember my work arounds, the last work around seems to be a permanent fix for me, anyway. -maybe resize your pop up to full screen and shut off full screen in settings, didn't work for me but did for some - -Do not start your 'start up, show, or shut down' with a video, works for some but 90% of the time for me it plays the video in the tool bar and there it stays for the remainder of your show. = what worked for me is NOT to use the extend or second monitor option. The pop up doesn't appear on my screen in duplicate mode so try that. Yes, the video displays on my comp screen during a show also but, better than having a pop up. these tips were used in S4 with Windows. There were more trick in the post, I just cant remember them - good luck
  5. Am I understanding correctly,,,?? you built the globe using dmx pixels or did you built the globe using CCP?
  6. saxon

    Preview works lights don't

    Do not have your HU running at the same time as your sequence.
  7. saxon

    LOR Forums *Member Down*

    Just saw this. So glad you are going to be ok. Stay strong. Matt
  8. saxon

    Looking for THX Intro

    Just checked, my bad, sent it to trooper twice ?‍♂️ I just forwarded it to you from my mobile. Let me know.
  9. saxon


    jeff - I have been looking into buying more xenon strobes for my display, I have 150 or so now. a min order will be (2?) hundred and I was thinking of selling off what I don't need. would you want to go half with me on an order? PM me if intersted
  10. saxon

    Looking for THX Intro

    sure. what is you are after? the audio, LMS, Sup? just the tree?
  11. saxon

    Looking for THX Intro

    I have this version if anyone is interested
  12. saxon

    Tighten up my lights

    I use these for my c9 strobes on gutters and thick tile shingles and the ridge - extremely universal. I see they are out of stock right now but search "c9 clips" on that site and there are other options that may work for you. https://www.actionlighting.com/clip-deluxe-gutter-shingle-christmas-light-mounting-clip-for-c7-or-c9-bulbs-pack-100pc-100slaproclip/
  13. saxon

    Trans Siberian Orchestra 2018 Tour Dates

    NOT meaning to brag (yes I am), but, center, 6 rows from stage - 8 tickets. wooooooooo! I have went to the concert after Christmas before and I can assure you, the magic is not lost - but extended