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  1. Flood Mounts

    I attached mine to the 1st story gutter to light the 2nd story. Nothing fancy, I just went to Harbor Freight and got those cheap mini vice grip pliers ($2-3) and clamped them to the gutter.
  2. Yup!! got one last week. Same thing sells for $285 (I see its now 279) on amazon - Big lots had it for 139 w/20% off entire purchase, I took it as a sign.
  3. CCB 2 w/ 2 string of 100 bulbs each

    update for all who are following: after contacting LOR it is as I thought, strings above 50 are not supported in S4 visualizer and the old FAKE OUT method will have to be used. If your unfamiliar with this method, here's a quick run down,,, from LOR: As you say, the visualizer does not support Cosmic Color Devices of 100 strings. The workaround is to do the following: 1) In the visualizer create 100 pixel DMX strings 2) Import the visualization into superstar and create your sequence 3) export the sequence to sequence editor 4) launch the sequence editor 5) add a pixie device and set it to have 100 pixels 6) use copy/paste to copy from the exported superstar sequence into the pixie device. when you paste the sequence into the pixie device rows it will take on the pixie addressing
  4. started yesterday, myself
  5. RGB lights not working

    I saw the same as Mr.P. It also appears you used "draw light string" instead of "draw pixel string"
  6. not trying to hijack but quick question,,,,i have a post open about adding 100 pixels to a port in visualizer w/CCC2. This is basically a pixie 2. I can easily add the channels in SE but how do you add them in VIS? I would assume the process is the same for a pixie 4.
  7. FM Transmitter Reception

    I don't know if it applies to you but same thing happened to me,,,,,,,,come to find out my old truck, I used a fm transmitter for my MP3 (iPhone) to play on my radio. To fix the problem I bought a new truck but unplugging it would have worked too.
  8. Pretty sure each port on your pixie will require its own ID. So, yes, Pixie 8 will need 8 unit IDs. I am not speaking from experience here, just what I (think) have read.
  9. I have mostly DMX and older CCD and am having an issue setting up a friends visualizer (for import into SS) My friend is wanting to add the (CCC2) CCB-2 w/2 strings of 100 each. http://store.lightorama.com/ncccococoiiw3.html How do I add these 100 bulbs per port to the visualizer? If they were strings of 50, no problem but with 100 per string the wizard gives me 4 unit ID's. Is this correct? will the new CCC2 with 100 per string give 4 ID#? Since it is a Pixie2, I would assume there would only be 2 unit ID's. What am I missing (or forgot)??? THANKS
  10. You guys cheated. Rick and Morty- It's not for everyone, but I find it hilarious 😂
  11. Great skeleton!! whos in the passenger seat? (I don't care, that was funny damn it!) Welcome skeleton Matt! Jack, Morty, and Murray will show you the ropes, heard a basketball team is in the makings Crap, I named them now I care for them,,,,,,Jack you know, the others are; Rick, Morty, Summer, and Beth. ok, who gets that reference? lol
  12. I have had the pleasure of meeting Ben and Nancy several times at our meetings. These two love Disney and Christmas lights with such a passion! Ben, love the new additions! Sorry I missed our last meeting (I forgot to get the time off work), Daniel said it best, "their loss"! Kudos to you and Nancy. ~Matt
  13. I Think I'm Adding this to My Display Next Year

    Yeah I got one of those in my display. 🤥
  14. It's official I am back in the game

    Welcome back