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  1. I live on a short street - 9 houses on each side. I was thinking that for one night, I could have each house run all their lights to a cord running to the street and then hook up each house to one channel on a 32 channel sequence, taking 18 channels. Our street is boulevard style so we have a 30' wide median with bushes and a few trees and could integrate those as well. Then invite everyone out for a simple 1 or 2 song show. Since I am basically talking about two lines of 9 elements in a row with a few elements in the middle area, do you think it will look alright? Any ideas on sequences? Thanks.
  2. Me too, if possible James. Thanks for sharing. sredman@cbklaw.com
  3. Can I get a look at Sandman please? sredman@cbklaw.com
  4. May I have a copy please? Thanks. sredman@cbklaw.com
  5. I think you want (like me) the Jukebox feature. The video tutorial on this aspect of the interactive feature is pretty good.
  6. Alright, And is it regular voltage (so I have to us an AC rated button) or processor voltage (so any little radio shack button will do)? Thanks.
  7. I was having this problem the other day. My LOR controller was defaulting to Com Port 7. I went to Device Manager and changed the com port to 8 and then the LOR software seemed to find my controller thereafter.
  8. So I am still not following. The data sheet for the connector is quite poor. Assuming I installed this on my LOR controller addressed as Unit 1 and I connected the switch to I3 on the connector, in show editor when I go to set up the jukebox I would put Unit 1 for the unit and input 3 for the trigger?
  9. Is there a way to incorporate a single trigger with the residential controller or must I get the pup thing? I just want to be able to trigger the jukebox (myself) during a show. Maybe there is another way to do it? Thx
  10. Last night I was able to get everything to work correctly - not with the cheap ebay Pars, but with a Chauvet 4Play. The blue light issue seems to have to do with my LOR controller. I get it set up in the HU and then I sometimes get the blue light, but then lose it when I shut everything off and come back and turn it all on again. I sometimes dont get the blue light at all. My LOR controller was on Com Port 7. I changed it to Com Port 8 and seems to have some luck with that aspect. i will see what happens when I turn it all on tonight. I did order a different dongle to see how that works. If that controls the cheap ebay lights, then I guess I will have two dongles - which is not all bad anyway.
  11. I do have the HC Actidongle. Just got all of my stuff a month or so ago. I have S3 advanced, a 16 channel LOR controller, the USB adapter and the Actidongle. I am using this for a boat parade in a month. I bought 4 of the Par lights mentioned above and I also have two Chauvet 4Plays. At first, I could not get the system set up correctly so I could get the blue light and control lights to stay clicked. Somehow, by reconfiguring, rebooting, whatever, I was able to get the blue light on and control lights to stay clicked. Then when I tried to control the Par, I got the flicker mentioned above. I switched over to a 4Play and was able to control that unit perfectly. So, it may be that those little (cheap) Pars do not work well with LOR and I can deal with that if I have to. However, after I shut everything down, and I open the programs again, I lose the blue light and the control lights and instead of the blue light I have a red one that indicates (when you hover over it) that I have a com port error. And the LOR controller does not even respond to any commands. My controller is on Com Port 7. If I reboot the controller and then autoconfigure, I can get it recognized and the test works ok. However, back in sequence editor I still do not get the blue light. Sometimes I do and I have not figured out what I did to get it back, but regardless, I need to fix this permanently as I cannot go through this nonsense each time. Also, I updated the firmware on the controller to 1.07. Thoughts?
  12. Fly: Any updates on this? I have the same Par lights and am having issues.
  13. I am new to LOR and am using it to control a light show in an upcoming boat parade. I bought the S3 Advanced software and a 16 channel controller. i also bought the Actidongle from HolidayCoro. I will have a variety of light rope, etc. and I have two Chauvet 4 Play Gobos (4 spots each) and 4 par 64s for my DMX. I will run the rope lights, etc off the LOR controller and will plug the Actidongle directly into the PC via USB and then daisy chain the DMX fixtures with DMX cable. Before I bought all of this I watched a tutorial video (not an official LOR version) on how to set up the DMX fixtures in LOR. It was a good video and the DMX fixture was a moving head RGB spotlight. For the life of me, I cannot find that video again and I did not save the URL. I am hoping that someone knows the video and can give me the URL. Alternatively, if someone can point to some good video tutorials on setting up DMX fixtures (NOT LED STRIPS) in LOR, that would be great. Thanks.
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