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  1. I think this is where I might be messing up. I have the dip switches to control it as Unit 3 and wired up as unit number three. When in the Hardware screen, I can see it in the drop down menu as number three and can control it. When I go into the sequencer and hit play, they do not turn on. The other controllers work, but not those. I think I set them up correctly. I watched a bunch of YouTube videos, but those all reference using a DMX system, which I am not using. I have all the circuits set to 1 thourgh 24 and and the unit numbers all as 3. Soooo, yeah, I think I have missed something very basic here. Oh, and thank you so much for all of your help. It is REALLY appreciated. Happy Thanksgiving!
  2. Good question. It appears to be version 3.11.2 advanced edition with superstar demo. Is that enough info to go off of?
  3. I am such a newb at this RGB stuff, and after multiple searches, I still haven't found a clear cut set of instructions on setting up the floods to work. I have it set up currently as controller number 3, right after two LOR 16 channel controllers. I can get all three units to work in the Hardware, but when trying to program a sequence, I can't get it to work. I've had these for a year and a have now and am finally getting a chance to try and set them up. What could I be doing wrong? When I play a sequence, I can get the other two controllers to work, just not the CMB24D. So frustrating. Sorry for asking such newb questions!! Jack
  4. I am there, but am unsure how to "open" the ports. Any suggestions?
  5. Last year was my first year running light o rama. Great first experience, only had a few songs, but everyone really loved it. I then had a short in the house this spring that killed a lot of stuff, including my computer. Thankfully the light o rama controllers were already stored away. Now I have an old work PC that I am using just for light o rama. I finally had time to fire it up, install the software and test everything. I am unable to get the RS485 adapter to be recognized. I have rebooted the computer. No luck. I uninstalled and reinstalled the driver according to the "Troubleshooting" link. No luck. I have tried different USB ports on my PC. No luck. Every time I hook up one controller and go under the Hardware v3.11.2 Advanced screen, I click on "Auto Configure". It scans, and then I get a message that states "Unable to locate the light o rama port. Check that controller is connect and that it is powered on." The LED on the controller is flashing and is controller #1 from my show that I used last year. Ughhhhhh. Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance, Jack
  6. I bought the song off Amazon, so I would assume it is. Now that I look at it more, it looks like just some of the editing of the song might be off. Thank you to you all for your super quick help! I'm looking forward to upstaging my neighbor out of no where with his few strands of GE RGB lights!
  7. Thank you Mr. P! That definitely helped with the start, but it appears that the song is a hair slower than the sequence I downloaded. Is there an easy way to alter the timing of the song or of the sequence as a whole - like stretch the timing of the sequence, or squish the timing of the song by a couple of seconds so they match throughout the song/sequence?
  8. I downloaded a Wizards in Winter sequence, and added the song, but they are slightly off. How do I adjust this? Thanks a million in advance!! Getting started late for the season, Jack
  9. I'd love a copy, please! I'm just getting into it and with a little one and one on the way, I'm thinking I will not have enough time to make my own. Sincerely, Jack jbrunsonjr@gmail.com
  10. That fixed it! Seems so simple now that you pointed it out. Time to watch all the tutorials again - been a few months. Thank you!
  11. I finally picked up my first controller and the software at the sale this year. I finally got around to installing it on my old laptop and everything worked great. After about an hour on the old girl, I finally decided it was time for a new PC. I ordered up a fancy pants dell and just installed everything on it. I tested the controller with the Hardware app and it worked. I then ran the sequence editor and no lights came on. Any suggestions on what I flubbed up? Thanks! Jack Brunson Jr. www.ChangingLivesWithAdvoCareNow.comwww.YouTube.com/user/JBrunsonJr
  12. So I see people selling controllers and have no idea what the difference between versions is and don't want to buy stuff that won't meet my needs. Can someone explain the differences? Thanks in advance! Jack
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