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  1. Nobody can help? My display is not running, and I'm one day late....please help!
  2. I need a lot of help quick, here is the situation.... New for this year...S4 Pro, Pixie16D, Showtime G3 Director, 1200 pixels (16x48 8 ft mega tree, 4x100 pixel arches). The mega tree will use 8 channels, 16 strips of 48, folded at the top of the tree between 48 and 49, so each string is 96 pixels. 4 channels will go unused for now. Previous years was a mini director, 2x CMD24 dumb controllers, house ourline in dumb rgb, 8 rgb floods, I have 2x CTB16's, three 12v power supplies (2x 400w & 1x 100w) and the older basic plus software. This is my first year doing pixels, when I ordered my stuff three months ago, I figured I would have 3 months to play and experiment with the new software and pixels. But thank to LOR, I just got my equipment Friday. Now I have 1 week to get it all running. I am not worried about sequencing, however it's the setup that has me confused. I am running a few bought sequences from Wowlights with RGB pixel support, later when I get it working I will work on adding pixels to my existing sequences I built. This is where I need help, where do I start? Do I start with recognizing the controller? Do I then setup Visualizer ( I am considering starting from scratch), I have pixel editor, but not showtime, do I start with pixel editor. I need help with what is the proper sequence of events. Or should I just go with last year's display and sadly pack the pixels away?
  3. I was just looking at getting rid of tomato cages this year. I found plastic Christmas tree bases that are 19" around, and have four screws for a center pole, which you can make any height.
  4. My current licence has 4 controllers max, I want to upgrade to the next level. Do I have to upgrade to S4? I really don't want to, my old sequences work, i don't want to risk any comparability issues, I don't have enough time to screw around. My question is, can I upgrade my licence without having to upgrade my software?
  5. im looking for a regular sequence
  6. Please share with me? Mskuzia@Verizon.net May the force be with you!
  7. That's pretty close, how would I convert this into a file I can sequence?
  8. I'm looking for a Halloween sound effects track without music, but I want sounds of doors creaking, wind howling, thunder, etc. anyone know of any?
  9. Ok, I know where that is. Nice F100, I have been looking for a new pickup project, your looks sweet.
  10. I ordered five RGB dumb led strips off ebay this week ( 4 windows, 1 door ). This sure beats the red, blue, white, purple, and multi led light strings I had on the windows last year, one thin strip to cover all the colors. I can't wait till they come in and I can start playing with them. hello there, I never heard of Keene, but I have only been in TX for 12 years, I grew up in MI.
  11. I sent both of you guys my sequence, just remember, it's my first try. I might make a few changes still, I keep coming up with different ideas for lighting.
  12. Anyone here do any light hacking? I have two strings of "Symphony of lights" RGB smart bulbs, and they have a mind of their own, I would like to buy a DMX or LOR controller and make some lighted arches out of them. Any ideas where to start?
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