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  1. From what I've seen, bigger is better on singing faces. I plan to make mine larger next year.
  2. I made a singing face this year and wanted to make another next year. Can you cut either Christmas lights or LED's and make them shorter? Anyone had any luck doing this? thanks,
  3. I still haven't received the CZH-05B from China. The order was placed over 6 weeks ago. When & if it shows up, the transmitter will be my spare. It was ordered thru Amazon. I went ahead and ordered another CZH-05B from F-S Electronics out of Indiana. Also thru Amazon. It took about a week to receive it. Now that's good service...... The transmitter cost a little more but at least the company mailed it the very next day. The front label shows it's a Rangestar and I assume that's a CZH-05B. I've only had it a couple of days but it seems to work very good. Thanks for your inputs....
  4. Could some recommend a web site to order a FM Transmitter and be able to receive it in a reliable time frame.? I ordered a CZE-05B about 5 weeks ago from Amazon and still haven't received it. I don't know if the order is lost or what. I need a backup plan for Christmas. thanks,
  5. Crackchecker, Bought the 1/2 inch and 1 inch gray electrical PVC today. Wrapped the lights and did a test. Seems to have worked good. thanks,
  6. I'm attempting to make a leaping or jumping arch. I wanted to make one using the slip method using 1/2 & 3/4 inch PVC pipe.. I've read and also seen video that the 1/2 inch PVC should be able to slip inside the 3/4 inch PVC. . The hardware stores in our small town have sch 40 PVC white and electrical gray.. I tried both. The 1/2 inch will not slip inside the 3/4 inch. What gives? Are they using a different thickness PVC? thanks,
  7. It was enabled. I see what your talking about. And better yet....it work's. Finally can see my first test show. My problem was I didn't schedule it correctly. It never could see the schedule. Thanks for your help!
  8. Don..I'm not sure yet but I believe I found what your talking about on this machine. I found a different light bulb. There's about 15 or 20 options and it does show that it's enabled. If that's the case, it appears I have other issues about not being able to run my show. I need to do some additional research. thanks,
  9. Don.. Nothing actually happens. I'm running windows 8 on a laptop. I get, "Pin to Start, Unpin from taskbar, Uninstall, Open new window, Run as administrator, Open file location." I've tried most of these and still no results to open the control panel.
  10. Tried right click on the control panel. There's no option to enable schedule. When I first downloaded LOR, I remember you could click on the control panel. The control panel would open there was an option to enable schedule. I haven't been able to open the control panel since that time. I thought that I probably needed to finish the sequence, the show editor and the schedule editor. I have now did that. I actually tested my lights today. It showed that I was using com port 3. However, when I try to run my program.... it will not work. I'm fairly sure it's because I need to click enable schedule. I just can't open the control panel to click this.
  11. I don't have any issues with the schedule editor. I can't open the control panel to enable the schedule. Therefore, I can't run any shows. It does show the control panel is running. When I click to open the control panel, nothing happens.
  12. I'm new to LOR. I've finished my 1st sequence. Added the sequence in the show editor and schedule editor. However, I can't open the control panel to enable the schedule. The light bulb shows that the control panel is running. Yet when I click the light bulb or control panel, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong? thanks,
  13. Thanks for the link about the space bar.. I printed it out & booked marked it for future reference. I see you have over 3000 post. You probably know about 3000 times more than I do about the software. I'm attempting to make a singing face for Christmas. I'm glad I have 7 more months! It's a learning experience for me!
  14. I tried your answer and yes, it works. My space bar will pause the song after you click the mouse ( left or right click) in the grid area. Hitting the space bar again re-starts the song. If this is explained in the help section, then I overlooked it. If I hurt any feelings with the software author, I apologize. But I still feel there needs to be a pause button. Without asking this question..... I don't know if I would have ever figured it out. Thanks very much for you help!
  15. I recently purchased a LOR Controller with the 11.2 Basic software. I've been attempting to work on my first sequence of a song. There's no way to pause the song when doing any sequence. There's no pause button in the software! Once you hit stop, either play button start's the song at the beginning again. This is a pain when trying to do a sequence! Is LOR just too cheap and want you to purchase more expensive software for a pause button? Or am I just missing something? I also wanted to try Beat wizard but it doesn't work either without different software? thanks for any input!
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