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  1. Total noob who just bought 2 controllers and a starter package at the mad-grab sale. So, this is how I ended up here... A long time ago I saw a beer commercial (Lowenbrau, Heineken, Corona?) that had Christmas lights synchronized to music. I thought that was the coolest thing ever! I figured the person who did that was some kind of genius. Probably a rocket scientist or maybe a warlock. I've always done a static light display at Christmas and although it wasn't great, my neighbors were generally impressed. Full disclosure: my neighbors are easily impressed. They had little to compare it to because there weren't a lot of displays nearby and they had to be complimentary because we supplied the drinks when they came over. Flash forward to the Fall of 2013. My mother-in-law sends me a video of some "super computer geek" who has made his lights flash to music. I am not happy. How can I compete with rocket scientists who may or may not be warlocks? So I do what every normal person would do, Google "Christmas lights with music". Almost immediately I stumble on this site. I've been absorbing all of your knowledge for the past six months and I am amazed at the stuff you people can do. Sadly, I still don't know squat. Last season, as we drove around looking at the light displays in our small town's Christmas light display contest, I told my wife that I was going to win next year. She patted my head in that reassuring way and said "sure you will". It was much like if she were talking to a child who said he was going to be President of the United States or maybe a warlock or Jedi. OK, now it's on. I just bought a couple of controllers the wife doesn't know...yet (stupid PayPal e-mails)... I am counting on the help from this forum to help me become a warlock. Thanks in advance, Terry in Arizona
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