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  1. jfuller8400

    My Controllers wont work with the sequnence

    I would check the jacks on the controllers to make sure you don't have any bent pins. Also, what is the status light doing on the controllers when you've got either the HU or SE up? Are they on steady (which means they are communicating to the HU/SE) or blinking? I would also just verify your channel setups in your sequences. Try running the verifier utility against your sequence file(s) and see if it comes up with any errors. There have been a lot of reports of the HU not seeing a controller but it works fine in SE.
  2. jfuller8400

    Cat5 ports short out??

    Could be a bad jack. I would look carefully inside the jack and make sure you don't have any bent pins (which are fairly easy to correct). Do the jacks wiggle at all if you gently push on them (they shouldn't). I would also double check your cat 5 cables to make sure they aren't the problem.
  3. jfuller8400


    That's too bad. We all put a lot of time into this hobby for it to be ruined by a couple of misguided people. Try to remember all of the happiness it brings to others, though.
  4. jfuller8400

    Where do you mount your controller?

    I put mine in covered bins out close to the various props they service. I've got holes in the sides that are covered with flaps so that I can run cables in/out but still keep out the rain/snow. It works pretty well for me.
  5. Depends on the weather. If it stays a little warmer I usually have everything put away by Easter. Last year we had so much snow it was late May/early June before everything was done. Some of the lights were out longer than they were packed away! I did a time-lapse video of last year's setup if you want to see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVQPQ_yyWlU
  6. Unfortunately not yet (but I wish). I start the 1st weekend in Oct and then I took a little over a week off from work in early Nov.
  7. This year I think I got it all done in about 12~13 days (so about 130 hours or so).
  8. So if memory serves me correctly, there's a status light on the ELL board as well. Does that go solid when you plug it into your controller? I would also open a help desk ticket with LOR as well.
  9. I use these as a short jumper cable to come out of the controller and then use a coupler to tie into the longer Cat5 runs between controllers.
  10. jfuller8400

    2018 All Lights On

    Wow, that marty fan you have in your driveway looks huge (and very cool!)
  11. What type of controller are you plugging it into? I would also check the jacks on that controller to make sure they aren't broken/bent pins, etc. I would also check the cable that you're using between the ELL and your controller (maybe try a different cable).
  12. jfuller8400

    Show Shutdown hanging

    I just saw another post from DevMike saying that you might try making sure all of your sequences are compressed as that can sometimes fix some issues.
  13. jfuller8400

    Show Shutdown hanging

    I would try running the verifier on your entire show and see if that finds any errors.
  14. jfuller8400

    Network terminator needed?

    I would double check the jacks on controller #2. You might have some bent pins/bad jacks. I would also try a different cat 5 cable. Just because it tests fine doesn't mean it will work (something I've learned the hard way myself).
  15. If we want to include previous years....I think I'm over 5000' of SPT1. Lots of 8 channel octopus cables to various props (not to mention all of the regular extension cords for controller power, single channel props, etc..).