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  1. Neon Rope Light

    Hmmm...Interesting questions. I wonder if the delay is similar to what occurs with regular LED lights. I'll try and do some testing this weekend and post the results.
  2. Neon Rope Light

    I ended up ordering two of these just to experiment with (and because I noticed another one of my bells went out during this year's show). I'm happy to report that they dim very nicely and are super bright. They are rectangular in shape (rather than round like a rope light) so I'll have to see how well they fit on the wire frames, but I'm optimistic.
  3. Wizards in Winter from Drone

    Very nice! I know what you mean about the piloting. The only time I ever fly my drone is to video my lights
  4. Neighbors

    Very cool! I've gotten popcorn before but never booz.
  5. Video Cameras

    I just got a Canon Vixia HF R72 for Christmas that I'm hoping will allow me to get some decent videos. Now it just has to warm up enough for me to try it out (it's been about -12 at night lately).
  6. According to the TeamViewer website, their largest paid license only supports a max of 25 meeting participants while the cheapest license has a limit of 5. If he has the free version it's probably even fewer than 5.
  7. I just had the same problem. Bummer....I hope he records it or something.
  8. Merry Christmas Everyone

    Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!
  9. Lights at the Ranch has come to an end

    I'm sorry you had to close. Hopefully you'll be back again next year.
  10. When do you just stop...

    This is the second story like this I've seen just this week. There was another light show here in the Twin Cities that shut down for similar reasons. It's sad state of affairs where people are becoming so rude and disrespectful.
  11. I just saw this story as well. I think it's sad but I understand why he didn't want to impose all of that on his neighbors. I too don't advertise my show for some of the same reasons. Once again, the bad behavior of a few impacts the vast majority.
  12. CMB24D interfering with LOR CTBPC setup

    More likely a marginally bad Cat5 cable or bad jack on the board. I'd first try a different cable and use the jack and repeat the same tests.
  13. The wife's first sequence........Believer.

    I agree. It looks really great!
  14. CMB24D interfering with LOR CTBPC setup

    I know this may sound strange, but I would also check to make sure you don't have any continuity between your positive and negative outputs on your power supply. I had a similar(ish) issue earlier this year where I fried two USB 485 adapters when I plugged in my CMB24D. Turned out that one of the mounting screws for the PS extended too far into the case and created some type of short. The board powered up just fine but toasted the USB adapter when I plugged i the RJ45 cable.
  15. Here's what I think may be happening. At the end of your show, your show computer/director stops transmitting any new commands to the controllers. Typically a controller will remain in whatever state dictated by the last command received (i.e. if the last command received was to leave a channel on, the channel stays on). So for your wired controllers, the last command they received was to turn on the lights. With an ELL, I think the ELL must occasionally send out some type of command to it's connected controller, even if it isn't receiving any traffic from the show computer/director. So in the absence of another command, it tells the controller to turn off the lights. I would create an animation sequence that just turns on all of the channels you want and run that as a second show after your main show finishes. That should allow you to keep all of your lights on for any length of time you want.