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  1. jfuller8400

    SHow Music

    I don't know that I've ever pulled something out of my show (unless I really didn't like my sequencing), so I really don't have a 'must haves' song list. I'm always trying to add new songs to provide more variety and so that it's not so repetitive. Right now I've got A, B, and C days with each day split into an early show and a later show. The last couple of years I've been focusing on adding more non-Christmas music as I typically run my show until sometime mid Jan (and I don't like to play Christmas music after Christmas).
  2. jfuller8400

    Looking for cheap 10w dumb RGB floodlights

    I got mine from ebay as well. They had a different circuit board than shown in the pics, but the same principals apply (just take out the existing power feed and replace it with new wiring).
  3. jfuller8400

    No motivation yet - help!

    Would you believe I'm still working on taking down and packing last year's display? I was snowed in until 3 weeks ago and have been traveling ever since. I've got a 5 channel dumb RGB star that I hope to get added to my sequences this year.
  4. Wow - I love the look of your trees with the colored straight strands and the clear spirals!
  5. jfuller8400

    Zara Radio temperature announcement

    Hi Keven, The only other place you might look would be the System Event Log, but I doubt there would be anything their either. I'm assuming it didn't display any error messages on the console screen? It's built to be pretty fault tolerant so that if it does run into an error it just recycles until the next wait time is over. It may be getting stuck on the web call to get the weather data but even that should time out eventually. Let me know if it keeps happening and I'll create a version with debug messages so that we can run it down. Joel
  6. jfuller8400

    Zara Radio temperature announcement

    Hi Kevin & All, I've released version 2.0 of my WeatherConditions console application. This new version utilizes a template file for defining the style and layout of the output file. So it should be able to create output files that will work for just about any application needed. I've included sample template files for both the free version of Zara as well as a file that matches the spec Kevin listed for ZaraStudio v3.0.9. For any WeatherConditions v1.0 users, please note that the WeatherConditions.xml file has been updated with a new parameter node called TemplateFile that holds the file name of the template file you wish to use. You can download a copy of the new program/files via the following link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2ykc2gw719du1mm/AAB4GDgp1CJZjc3spfs5U8uQa?dl=0 Standard disclaimers apply (use at your own risk, minimal testing, blah, blah, blah.....) Please let me know if you have any problems/errors with it and I will try to resolve them. Joel
  7. jfuller8400

    Zara Radio temperature announcement

    Hi Kevin, Yea, I should be able to modify it to produce an output file in this format. Give me a little bit of time and I'll post another message on this thread when it's ready. Joel
  8. jfuller8400

    Neon Rope Light

    Hmmm...Interesting questions. I wonder if the delay is similar to what occurs with regular LED lights. I'll try and do some testing this weekend and post the results.
  9. jfuller8400

    Neon Rope Light

    I ended up ordering two of these just to experiment with (and because I noticed another one of my bells went out during this year's show). I'm happy to report that they dim very nicely and are super bright. They are rectangular in shape (rather than round like a rope light) so I'll have to see how well they fit on the wire frames, but I'm optimistic.
  10. jfuller8400

    Wizards in Winter from Drone

    Very nice! I know what you mean about the piloting. The only time I ever fly my drone is to video my lights
  11. jfuller8400


    Very cool! I've gotten popcorn before but never booz.
  12. jfuller8400

    Video Cameras

    I just got a Canon Vixia HF R72 for Christmas that I'm hoping will allow me to get some decent videos. Now it just has to warm up enough for me to try it out (it's been about -12 at night lately).
  13. According to the TeamViewer website, their largest paid license only supports a max of 25 meeting participants while the cheapest license has a limit of 5. If he has the free version it's probably even fewer than 5.
  14. I just had the same problem. Bummer....I hope he records it or something.
  15. jfuller8400

    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!