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  1. May I get a copy of your sequence, thanks in advance RBeachBum31@aol.com
  2. I agree 100%/ Full-wave may cost you a little more but the investment is well worth it.
  3. We have replaced allof our incans with LED full-wave lights from vendors. I would stay away from Big Box store light as they are usually half-wave and tend to flicker. Good Luck and Happy Holidays!
  4. I would also like a copy of this if possible, thanks in advance! RBeachBum31@aol.com
  5. Newbie here who recently purchased a set of RGB floods ( 8 ) with it's own 24 channel controller. I have NO idea on how to sequence these floods. Do I add them on to a sequence I already have, start from scratch? I understand that they are a separate unit and all but need some help as to HOW to get started with this project.
  6. Newbie here also, from reading the posts on here I have learned about investing in "full wave" LED's as opposed to regular LED lights. I have tested some of my current led lights and found them to flicker when below 50%. That being said I am currently replacing all my incandescent lights with full wave led's. I have even found retro fit full wave led C9 bulbs to replace my old C9's with. Hope this helps, Good Luck with your display!
  7. RBeachBum

    Extension cords

    Just passing on the info for those who like the neatness of custom cords and the lengths of the runs from the controllers. Good luck with your display this year!
  8. RBeachBum

    Extension cords

    Home Dpot was $46.00 for a bag of 100 vamp plugs and $32.50 for 250 ft of spt 1 wire.
  9. Look under sequencing, title "Last Years Halloween Sequence" scroll down about 20 replies, James has posted a link with some Halloween & Christmas sequences. Some even have mp3 audios in the link, enjoy!
  10. RBeachBum

    Extension cords

    I purchased my vamp plugs male & female and my spt 1 wire from HomeDepot on line, got free shipping and the best price on cord & plugs!
  11. Good question, Iam in the same boat as you. also wanted to add my new RGB floods to the sequences and got some help on here, but modifying a sequence is still a learning project for me . Does anyone out there have a step by step on how to modify a pre-made sequence?
  12. RBeachBum

    Talk about fun

    First year newbie here also. Ordered all my spt wire, vamp plugs, retro fit C9 LEDs and Led full wave strings. All received Working on sequencing now. This is a year long project and I am loving my new hobby. Good Luck with your endeavors!
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