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  1. 16 universes x 170 pixels per universe = 2720 pixels per controller
  2. Well as I expected my post was deleted. no where did I do anything but take offense to how you had written and the manner that it was written and posted my feelings about it . People get very frustrated when they have money invested in an item for their display and when the lights go on it does not work. I do understand issues happen and that is why I chose not to use S4 this year because I just had absolutely no faith in it. And in my honest opinion it should not be that way. My remarks about people jumping ship that was my way of telling you guys they are starting to leave in droves. I am not here to cause any issues I like to help people out that are just getting started in this hobby, but I will also speak my mind openly. the sad thing is in the retraction that you posted no where in it could you you the phrase "I apologize to any one who took it the wrong way" and that could be the reason I may have used the words God complex and ego. yes you are a moderator here and have the power to put people in time out or boot them. but you have to remember one thing you are not above them, they are your customers and had I ever used that line at any of my work places I would have been sent for people skills training or been asked to clean out my desk. this is what it is and you are going to do what you do. but there are much better way to handle things than the way this was handled.
  3. Thanks Matt I could not find any clarification on Media player was staying just that they where pointing to VLC
  4. Here is a question. I have just been Reading on the windows 10 upgrades and it is telling me that windows media center will no longer be part of Windows so if I where to get the upgrade how is this going to effect the video portion of my show, will S4 be able to use another video player or will I just have to suffer and remove video out of my show. Windows is pointing people in the direction of VLC. I was informed a while ago that S3 only works with windows media player and would not work with another type of Player. Thanks RIchard
  5. Module - Pixel editor SV- 4.0.32 OSv- windows 7 I created a new sequence in the Sequence editor and saved it. I then closed out the Sequence editor and opened up the pixel editor, I used the migration tool to bring in the Models I sequenced it took 3 tries before it would actually migrate the effects into the pixel editor. When I hit play the preview screen was showing the effects in a very staggered and choppy way, I then selected the control lights option and the lights looked as they where on the preview screen. closed out pixel editor and reopened the sequence editor when played from there the lights worked as they where sequenced.
  6. I found when in a separate window you have to click on it to activate it. then it will start working
  7. I down loaded the new release this morning and when I got home from work I started looking at things. when I opened the sequence folder I now have many many many video clips every where. can some one please explain this
  8. I just tried it both ways and it will not show any effects until you click on it.
  9. RR-o2 Moduel-Pixel editor Version- 4.0.20 OS- windows 7 The Pixel editor Preview playback screen loses its ability to play back when a sequence is opened or what has been sequenced and you have to click on it to get it to start playing again very sluggish when playing a sequence. until this release it has worked flawlessly..
  10. If I may ask this question. I have created my models in the pixel editor twice one set is for the pixel editor and the other for traditional when I open a LMS sequence I can now see what I have programmed in the sequence editor so I know where it starts and stops and I am careful not to over write that portion of the sequence with effects that I create in the new pixel editor, when I hit play in the pixel editor preview screen I can watch the effects that have been created in the pixel editor and what was sequence traditionally. I then hit save I have noticed it created a LMS copy file of the sequence I was working on. what file do I use to play the show with because the file named copy will not show anything but what was sequenced in the pixel editor and nothing that was sequenced traditionally ?
  11. Well that would kind of defeat the purpose for those of us who create effects by hand to even think about going with the Pixel editor then. We would just have to worry about plugging up the sequence editor like we did in S3. so in the long run this will only help out some but will not address the issues for those who are running 10,000 pixels or more. Maybe I am confused so I will pose the question like this. if I do all the sequencing that I need done in the sequence editor, then open the sequence in the pixel editor and create effects in there being careful not to over write what was created in sequence editor when it comes time to play the show how will both be merged so that both are visible during the show period ?
  12. My thoughts on 4.0 I am running an Intel i5 with 16 gigs of ram and my largest sequence from last year is 1.01 gigs and would take well over 5 min to open in S3, in S4 it is taking right around 2 min to open. I could not use this sequence last year even using the compressed sequence for the show it would freeze up and sometimes would not even load for play during a show. I am seeing a great improvement with this issue in 4.0.2 there is still a lag while sequencing with the play\pause using the space bar but not as bad as S3 was, it does spend a lot of time in not responding mode. I really like the addition of the Pixel editor but do have my concerns with it. I do find it frustrating while sequencing and trying to play\stop for fine tuning where I would like the effect to start and stop. At this time I can not see any of the effects that have been added to the pixels in the sequence editor. Some effects I do by hand to get the look I am after and can not be made in the pixel editor. I am concerned as to how this will work with the addition of the pixel editor.
  13. Just my thoughts Right now I have been able to open my old sequences from last year that would not play because they where 1.1 gigs in size they are opening at a much faster rate less than 3 min and while playing the sequence during the real heavy effects there is no lag like I had with S3. I am running an intel i5 with 16 gigs of ram with windows 7. When sequencing with 4.0.2 I have found that the play pause is still lagging a bit when you hit the space bar but not as bad as S3 was, at times in S3 I would have to wait 10 to 15 seconds for it to start playing. I really like the design of the new pixel editor but get frustrated while sequencing in there, when trying to start and stop for fine tuning the placement of the effects I would really like to see the play\stop feature with using the space bar. one thing that does worry me is there are certain spots in a sequence where I hand sequence an element in the sequence editor because it is the only way to get the effect I want on that element. I have not been able to see it in the pixel editor when I open an existing sequence. so I guess I am wondering how that will come into play when using both the sequence editor and the pixel editor on a song.
  14. Module- Pixel editor SV- 4.0.2 OS -Windows 7 When using the new Pixel editor it will not control the lights I can control them from the sequence editor fine but I get this message every time I try using the pixel editor. I have tried using an old sequence or even after saving a new sequence.
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