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  1. I am also a newbie i started out last year with a mr. christmas and then i started looking at the videos on line with my wife at how light o rama works and looks and she went crazier than me me she went out and bought me over $3000 worth of equippment. i have a posting under "wow this is harder than it looks" just get her involved let her make decisions and planning and beleive me she will get hooked too. i havent even started my first light o rama display and my wife is constantly looking for lights and equippment on sale. and in garage sales . and if that doesnt work just wait till she sees it for the first time. my wife didnt care for lights either but as soon as i turned on the mr. christmas it was as if the christmas spirit from her childhood had returned. well good luck and keep us all posted and watch the videos
  2. Thanks everybody for sparing some of your valuable time and knowledge on a newbie well i've gone into microsoft paint and drawn out my house and added the items which i have already would like to know some of your feed back or ideas very much appreciated. ive included the file for reference. i want to do a four color super string around house including four color icicle light.{Red, green, blue, white} should i leave them all as one channel each color or seperate them? also four color super string around windows and door the reindeer i have on the roof move up and down should i light them seperately? four color spiral tree 64 channel {im gonna try and practice to sequence this during the summer} four color mini trees light up mail box virtual santa in window 2 color wreath on door star in middle of wreath multicolor swag lights on gutter and under plant boxes 5 wire light up balls in between swag lights on gutter{ should i light these seperately or together?} candy canes in bushes two multi color stars in windows 3 light up santa heads 1 large 1 small light fixtures on either side of door are also each on a channel merry christmas sign tree on roof presents under tree radio sign gemmy lamp post icicles on arches on gate singing face 3 rings on either side of face each light up seperately light up bear light up tree netting under bear bushes light up behind spiral tree stairs and hand rails light up also the whole fence lights upwow as i type this i am starting to get overwhelmed but i want to give it my best shot. so any input would be greatly appreciated if you think something is not right or could be done differently please dont hesitate to tell me. Now on a totally different note im starting to see some side effects of this hobby my wife and kids are always singing xmas songs now as we are looking to buy a home now my kids are looking for homes that would look great with lights and now my wife wants to buy more lights i might have created a monster lol
  3. its not only men my post " Wow This Is Harder Than It Looks " i mention its my wife that showed me the video and she bought me 8 controllers, 10ft pvc mega tree kit, 200 + boxes of 100ct incan lights red, blue, green, and white also the singing face kit and wireless fm transmitter, lor advanced software
  4. I'd like to thank all that commented and answered my call for help. Also my wife enjoyed the comments and as for only using two controllers i dont think that my wife would like that she likes all the lights now too i would say she has the fever. so i am going to give it the good old college try and with my new light o rama family i think i can succeed. i was wondering how does everyone label there controllers on the outside label there extension cords so you remember which goes where just labeling in general to keep everything in order again thanks for your time
  5. First off i would like to say all you people in this forum are my idols. The magic and finess you put into this hobby is wonderful. So here is my dilemma i started last year with a mr. appy from mr christmas 3 channel light controller with built in muzak. Then my wife shows me this video on you tube of a light o rama show and wow i was hooked so i promised my self i would do it this year. so now she bought me 8 controllers, 10ft pvc mega tree kit, 200 + boxes of 100ct incan lights red, blue, green, and white also the singing face kit and wireless fm transmitter, lor advanced software. but now i am over whelmed and dont know where to start. any suggestion would be greatly appreciated im enclosing a pic of my house last year with christmas lights mr appy and without lights this year and again any help would be greatly appreciated
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