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  1. lmao i had to ask the ol lady what you might have ment to say!
  2. hats off my friend. im sorry for the trouble you've had. at this point i've waited to long and i have no show this year either. superstar just ain't gonna cut it for a show with my pixels. not to mention i think ive run out of channels with my licence. it really is good to see people here together and caring the way you guys do. i've never been much on forums but i've been reading a lot on here lately.
  3. JR this is incredible thanks for your response on my post aswell as ORVILLE but this amazes me on how folks work here. im beside myself !
  4. THANKS ORVILLE yes i totally agree with what your saying lol
  5. thanks alen ALEN and JR i was just getting aggravated last night (late/tired). i just can't seem to get my lights to look as good as anyone else's on here. lol . i think it's time for me to hire a programer or buy already made sequences.
  6. i have had lor for around 4 years, was running RGBs switched 2-3 years ago to pixels and have not had much luck since. Is there anyone could assist in programming of the super sequence? its very poor, vague and not very productive as much as it was with RGBs. I would appreciate any input or suggestions that anyone might have to help. I was out of the loop for 2 year after update and pixel conversion due to Feeling that I had no support. Thank you . i have now 6 universe on the eve of house and 4 arches. but its not what im looking for as for what ive seen lor can do! im adding a 170 pixel tree and a pixel board and im lost. works with xlights why would i have problems with something ive paid for?
  7. i just purchased $150 advanced package. has anyone used uDMX (usb to 3 pin dmx)? i was told this would work. im also using a ws-dmx-27ch (27 ch RGB led controller). again told will work. im not having as much luck. but then again this is my first day with LOR. please help this newbie out. thanks guys. from what ive seen it looks like a big family on here.
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