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  1. Hello- I'm running the same show/editing as I have for the past several years (adding new songs or features each year of course) but this year I have several songs that have been running for the past 2-3yrs where the lights start firing before the music and subsequently the first few seconds of the show aren't synced. The show seems to even out after that. Even more odd is that it only happens on certain songs, maybe 4 out of my 15song show. I seem to hear more static/odd noises between songs as well. Any ideas? I just updated my LOR software this year to add another controller (80 channels total, no rgb etc, just straight LED/a few incans). I use the simple show builder and run the show off an SD card. Thanks in advance!
  2. I DID! It was a 20min drive back over there (and then they weren't home!) but I took pics of the cord labels this time! i just don't think they'll work with a show though as they are programmed and the other lights like this don't return to your favorite "style" each time they are turned back on- which would be dozens of time during the show. Might get one or two anyway for next year as they are pretty awesome. Thanks guys!
  3. That's EXACTLY them! You guys win the "prize"!
  4. I saw these online while searching, but this was not them. These are clear tubes with lights in them. What I saw were spines that were opaque and the lights (pretty sure just one per spine at the end) stuck out from them.
  5. Here's the video on youtube. They were very slender spines that more/less came to a point and were about the diameter of a pencil. The shape is right for those 'fish attractors' but the 'spines' look a lot fatter than these.
  6. So this star thing sparkled like a strobe/very random and bright (similar to some of the net light that blinks/sparkles randomly) in cool white. I got out and looked at it and the cord had labels and such so I don't think the lights were necessarily homemade (I thought at first they put strobes on each of these spines). Now I'm thinking maybe it was an LED string that they formed into this shape but they were awesome looking and I've never seen anything like it. I've got a short video as well... if anyone wants to see that.
  7. aegault

    Star Wars Lightshow with 95% RGB Pixels

    Super nice! I get chills when I hear that music... still...
  8. aegault

    Griz's 2015 Lightshow

    How did you do your spiral tree? So nice! I've got Can-Can with 64 channels as well- it's funny because I did some similar effects with the talking as well. Will get my posted to Facebook and send you the link to compare!
  9. I've currently got a star with trails in my show that uses 12 channels. I think I'd like to maybe switch to a 3D tree (the ones in a cone shape). It would be just LED light strings, not RGB. I've got maybe 2-3 other extra channels left so it could be up to 14-15 channels which could give me a color change? How many channels would one of those take? I'm thinking anywhere from 12-20' tall.
  10. I thought about poles- but went with mega arches- 10' wide and 7' tall with 7 channels each. They looked completely amazing.
  11. aegault

    Is it an Addiction or is it "Normal"

    I drug my family out and we had a picnic on the neighbor's lawn and watched our show once it was complete. My 14yo complained 'normal people don't sit outside and watch their own displays'. My answer was 'normal people don't have anything like our Christmas display- there is nothing NORMAL about this!' And that is totally fine by me. I watch it all the time too.
  12. aegault

    First Video for 2015 - First Year With RGB's

    Really good and love that song, hubby is a big Who fan (that's their riff, right?), might consider that for next year! And yes, super impressive and still very Christmas-y. Some RGB/Pixel houses look too 'vegas' for me- you strike a really nice balance! Where/what did you mount the camera on?
  13. aegault

    First Christmas | Alpha Road Christmas Lights

    Love that song, not Christmas-y, but sure wanted to dance! How was it programming the pixels? I'm straight LED and pixels seem very daunting to me! You might want to consider for next year frames to go around your windows so they lines are neater. Also love folks who have to work with a smaller space- you have to get creative!
  14. aegault

    First LOR show

    Very nice!
  15. aegault

    Just Another LOR Rookie with First Show

    Great first year! Both of my kids like helping/watching/suggesting stuff- it's great.