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  1. I am adding a mega tree (pixel) for 2019 displays. Does anyone have any sequences they could share? I would like to see how it is all done. Darude, Sandstorm type songs would be preferred. I truly appreciate it. michael@hillcountrygardener.com (please do not contact me with links to paid sites. I already know about them)
  2. May I get a copy, please? Thank you. michael@hillcountrygardener.com
  3. Oh, and I bought a network switch thingy as well...
  4. Hello, This may have already been asked, but I have 1 alphapix16 controller already and it works great! I just ordered a new controller just like it. I am confused on the set up, including in Sequence editor. I added new device; and it started off at universe 17. Is this correct? I thought it read from universe 1-16 for each controller. I attempted to set up my configuration for my singing pumpkin using the new controller along with the other. It again started at universe 17. Thinking i did something wrong, I tried to remove/delete controller from channel configuration and it will not let me. The same under network preferences. Do I have to reinstall my software to get rid of it? Any info on how to set them up properly would be appreciated. Including this changing of the IP addresses. Do I change that on the controller, too? I truly appreciate the time. Mike
  5. I am having issues with email coming back, so I will post here for a week or so and then post the others. Itsy Bitsy Spider.lms Who Let the Ghost's Out.lms
  6. I don't know where to email them.
  7. I created a few "HC singing pumpkin" sequences for my light show last year. They are not great, but if anyone wants them; I will gladly send and maybe you can alter them to fit your liking and or show. I create mine for our annual Halloween party (not for a public display) Barbie Girl by Aqua Holiday by Madonna Live for the Night by Krewella (explicit lyrics) Man! I feel like a Woman by Shania Twain Who let the Ghost's out (came off a drew's Halloween music CD) Itsy Bitsy Spider (creepy...I will locate the link for the audio as it was free) Living for Love by Madonna I have some of the same for 48 channel monster quartet as well. No audio files will be sent. I am seeking Halloween Matrix (24x50) sequences or Halloween Mega Tree (16) sequences. I have ordered both and need an idea how that sequencing works....thanks in advance. Michael@hillcountrygardener.com PS for some reason, I am not getting notifications to new postings. I check here every other day or so....
  8. Thanks for all the info! It is appreciated. I have been tinkering around with things and am in the process now of deciding on a mega tree (for Halloween) and or a matrix screen. I will just let my projector run on a loop with Ghosts/spirits behind my pool for this year and work on triggering next. Thanks again! Michael
  9. I bought the kind that already had the ends (male/female) on them. Yes...I am new to all this. LOL.
  10. Hi and thank you for responding.... I would like to have my Pixel Tombstones and Singing pumpkin do parts of the show and then trigger the projector to play video file (similar to that on Atmosfx) so I can keep the show fresh. I looked at Projector Mapping and I am just not that bright; LOL The light show portion could remain static when the projector is on; or it could be off. Does not matter. Atmosfx has a witch scene and several others I would like to play at various points in my show. For years we have done a "haunted trail" at our party, but it has gotten carried away and we are now considering just upping our light show as the main portion of our party. Thanks again! Michael
  11. I have a 16 outlet Alphapix smart pixel controller. 6 tombstones (outline and RIP are 2 different because I am uncertain how to cut 50 count strings and join 10 more from another string to make 60). RIP is 30 and outline is 30. Got from Holiday Coro. As for effects...kind of like the chase look similar to arches. Going to beat of music, etc; I am open to any suggestions as I am new to the RGB Pixels this year. Have used singing pumpkin and regular LED tombstones for the past several and upgraded this year during pre-sale.
  12. Thanks for that info. I have looked at their...nice.
  13. Anyone know if it is possible to trigger a projector to come on and play separate file (each time triggered to come on) using the LOR controller? I would like to add projection to my show, if that is possible.
  14. Hi, I searched before posting this and could not find anyone who has any...but does anyone have any Smart Pixel Tombstone Sequence(s) they could share? I am simply trying to tinker with a sequence so I can see how it is done in Sequence editor. Since each tombstone is only 30 for the outline and 30 for the RIP; I am doing it manually rather than in pixel editor or superstar. Thanks a bunch! May also be investing in Matrix. Anyone have any suggestions on that since I see a lot out there? 24x50 seems to be common but Holiday Coro is only 22x46 (or similar, I don't recall right now)
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