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    Became fascinated with Xmas lighting shows on Youtube and started researching lights and controllers. Discovered Light-O-Rama on the PlanetChristmas web site.
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  1. Please share them all with me James. Thank you in advance! ronchazin@comcast.net
  2. Received my two 50-watt RGB floods and a UV flood today. Thank you LOR!
  3. Two 50 watt RGB floods and a UV flood too.
  4. Evening Kingfish, I'd like to check out your spiderweb prop. ronchazin@comcast.net
  5. Would love a copy of your sequence. Thank you for sharing! ronchazin@comcast.net
  6. Very nice work. Where did you find the audio for the X-Files sequence?
  7. Thanks for the discussion last night George. It's always great learning from your experience.
  8. Thank you James, we'd love a copy too. Thanks for sharing! ronchazin@comcast.net
  9. If you have time, I'd like a copy too. Thanks for sharing! ronchazin@comcast.net
  10. Very awesome. Can you post pictures of the plywood cutouts and how you attached the CCP's?
  11. May we have a copy too? Thank you for sharing! ronchazin@comcast.net
  12. Evening Paul, can I please have a copy? Thank you, ronchazin@comcast.net
  13. Yes please! Thank you in advance. ronchazin@comcast.net
  14. One of my all time favorites. Please James, ronchazin@comcast.net
  15. Ordered on Saturday, shipped today! Thank you LOR!
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