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  1. Do they blink when color/effect is set to all white?
  2. Matt, do you have any additional information regarding dimming curves in S5? I have a Pixie4 and was told by LOR Help Desk there is no way to limit maximium intensity on the device. I simply want to reduce the maximum intensity for the entire sequence for the 3 props I have connected to the Pixie4. Thanks
  3. What determines WHEN you compress a sequence?
  4. I am running (6) AC controllers, (3) dumb rgb controllers, (2) CCR controllers, (1) Pixie4 and (1) Pixcon16 using a G3-MP3 with no issues. Running NetA at 115K and NetB at 500K. NetB has just my Pixie4 and Pixcon16 on it.
  5. I know it's very early to ask this question as folks are starting their lightshows. However, trying to plan ahead. How do you all store your props and controllers after lightshow is over? Is it safe to store coro based props uncovered in garage? I have plastic totes for my pixels and other components, but they are cheap totes with lids (Walmart). Over the past 3 years I have stored all my coro props, pixels and controllers in my house. I would really like to free up a bedroom as my show now uses all the space. My concern is mice.
  6. I can see the maximum intensity box. I can choose a lower percentage from drop down box (lowest is 86%). I select, then try to save and get an error. I cannot remember what the error is. I have not tried latest S5 version. Can I flash new firmware to the Pixie4? Also, 86% is not an acceptable number. I need to reduce at least to 50%. That is where my Pixcon16 is running and looks good.
  7. That is my question. I want to globally change the maximum intensity of my pixels in the Pixie4 using the HU. It will not accept a change.
  8. I do not have superstar. Running LOR S5.
  9. I am attempting to reduce my maximum pixel intensity on a Pixie4 without success. Using LOR Hardware Utility. I find the Pixie and when I attempt to change the maximum % for pixel brightness, it will not take. Also, looks like I can only reduce to 86% as that is the lowest choice I am able to pick from. Is there another way to accomplish this? I had no problem changing it on my Pixcon16.
  10. Using S5. Have a garage roof outline (rectangle shape) that consists of two props: Garage roof 1 is a lines connected prop 1 segment and 54 rgb nodes. It runs from bottom left corner of garage roof to right. Garage roof 2 is a lines connected prop 4 segments and 150 rgb nodes. It runs from bottom left corner of garage roof up, then right, then down, then left back to end of garage roof 1 prop. Basically a rectangle using 2 props. Combined to make a group, Group is set for "use Preview". When I do a curtain effect across garage roof, only garage roof 1 displays correctly, garage roof 2 goes the opposite way. In S5, my preview depicts the motion effect correctly, but my display does not. I have tried different ways to change the group (vertical stack, horizontal stack, nested, etc) and no change. Am I using the "lines connected" correctly? Do I need to change to something else? I am also experiencing the same thing on my house roof. However, it uses 3 props and has an overhang so more segments. Please advise.
  11. DIBBLEJR: I do not see those steps/options in S5. Can you please elaborate. Believe it might be best to turn down intensity with hardware utility on both Pixie4 and Pixcon16. Reduce maximum intensity percentage from 100%?
  12. Is there a way to set the maximum pixel intensity percentage on a Pixie4? Pixels too bright and do not want to go back and edit all sequences in S5. I can change it on my Pixcon16 under "advanced configuration" tab to a lower global percentage.
  13. Got it solved. LOR Help Desk responded as the issue was my Network Configuration did not match my network settings when formatting the SD card. They must match exactly. I am still unsure if I can run at 1,000K, but it does run at 500K. This must be a change in S5 when you create a playback file as I did not even use Network Configuration in my last years shows. Just simply setup communications when I formatted the SD card. Good to know! Thanks guys and Happy Holidays!
  14. Below are the file names saved to the SD card: S1CONFIG.CFG S1FILE01.EX2 S1FILE01.EN2 S1FILE01.EXH S1FILE01.ENH S1FILE01 (MP3 FILE)
  15. Yes. Checked SD card is for new gen3 and configured port #2 trying both 500K enchanced and 1000K enchanced. I am running S5. I dont get it as I ran my Pixcon16 the last two years from my G3-MP3. The only thing that has changed is I am using S5 and I added a Pixie4. And both the Pixcon16 and Pixie4 run successfully through my PC using the LOR Hi-speed USB adapter at 1,000K. I have no idea why my G3-MP3 will run nothing out of port #2. Port #1 works fine with all my other stuff.
  16. Mr.P I am plugged directly in with no adapter. My reference to using the adapter was when I was downloading the firmware and that worked fine.
  17. I am using a Kingston class 4 card and show runs on Port #1. Update: I flashed latest firmware to G3-MP3 and still no lights on Port #2. Following is how I setup SD card thru HU: Checked SD card is for Gen3 or newer Director.....chose 2 ports. Port #1 is 115K and checked "output LOR enchanced box" Port #2 is 1,000K and checked "output LOR enchanced box" Show downloads perfectly but when running on G3-MP3 I get nothing on Port #2 and Port #1 runs perfectly.
  18. Update: I can run my shows sucessfully on both the PIXCON16 and PIXIE4 from PC using hi-speed adapter at 1,000K. I get nothing when I run from G3-MP3. I have tried to load the latest firmware into the G3-MP3 (V5.38) however the HU states "grabbing unit" and the display on the G3-MP3 alternately displays the time and LOAD. I have waited 10 minutes and do not get a successful transfer. Maybe this takes forever. I am using my LOR usb connector from NET1 on G3-MP3 to PC usb port. Should I be using the LOR adapter? I have a help ticket into LOR but no response since yesterday morning. VERY FRUSTRATED!
  19. I tried 500K and nothing. So I should abandon the G3-MP3 for now and try to run through PC to test? What about flashing new firmware into the G3-MP3?
  20. Thanks dibblejr! I may take you up on your offer of a phone call if I continue to have issues. I will try 500K speed ELOR first as maybe the Pixie4 can't handle 1000K. Should I disconnect the Pixie4 and get the Pixcon16 working first? Don't quite get it as I ran fine last year with just the Pixcon16. The only difference is I am using S5 this year and just added (1) Pixie4.
  21. Yes. I did. Wondering if I need the newest firmware for the G3-MP3. I am also running S5. Is there something special I need to do running S5? I ran the Pixcon16 last year with no issues. Only added the Pixie4 this year. I also have solid red and green lights on board of Pixcon16 and solid red light on Pixie4. Think that depicts everything is OK.
  22. Have a G3-MP3 connected to Pixcon16 and from Pixcon16 to Pixie4.Both pixel controllers operate correctly in test mode (pressing the buttons on the boards).However, I get nothing when trying to run a show from the G3-MP3.I have changed out network cables and same result.I have tried running both the Pixcon16 and Pixie4 separately and no luck.I have tried 500K and 1000K speeds when formatting SD card through Hardware Utility.I have another standard network for my (6) ac controllers, (3) dumb rgb controllers and (2) CCR controllers and it works fine.So, my issue is only on my 2nd network.I believe both the Pixcon16 and Pixie4 can run at 1,000K.Please advise.Thanks
  23. I built 4 led arches (2 color) about 4 years ago, before pixels. They were a pain to build and when one of the strands went out, it was a pain to change. I have since converted all arches over to pixels. Much easier and the result is MORE better! I used Matt Johnson's video and copied what he did. I would suggest doing exactly that!
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