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  1. Have had good luck with www.holidaylighting.com as well as www.ledholidaylighting.com.
  2. I make my own using pegboard, hot glue and LED button type lights. Takes some planning and time, but looks great! Good luck. I use pegboard (painted black), hot glue and LED button lights. Takes some planning and time. But display looks awesome. Good luck.
  3. Believe you can buy LOR dumb RGB ribbons with controller cheaper than buying (4) LED 70 count light strings and using 4 channels on a standard controller. You get as many colors as you want instead of just red/green/blue/white, easy to mount, easy to program and they look awesome.
  4. This too is my first year with LOR. Starting with 7 controllers. If I would have spent a little more time researching all the hardware options that LOR has to offer, I would have ordered more RGB controllers and less standard ones. Also, the standard light controllers packaged with pre-wired cables are of no use to me and should have ordered just the boards and mounted in my own enclosure. I am learning everyday and the forums and tutorials are very helpful. GOOD LUCK....CHRISTMAS IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!
  5. Yes. Do I need to run the 120VAC power to all my controllers with grounded extension cords or can I run 2-waire SPT1 with vampire plugs and daisy chain the power from controller to controller. I know I can use the SPT1 for the lights. Thanks
  6. So this ground is not needed/required?
  7. Yes, my question is when I plug my LOR Controller power cord(s) into a female vampire plug, what do you do with the male ground connector on the LOR Controller power cord?
  8. When using vampire plugs and spt 1 wire on power cords, what do you do about the male ground plug on Lightorama controllers?
  9. When you have color fade tool open, select "choose" and enter RGB values, then add to custom colors.
  10. Use the color fade tool and save as custom color.
  11. I too am new to this. Addicted is an accurate statement. Building displays and programming sequences now......because we all know......Christmas is just around the corner!!
  12. Dumb RGB ribbons from LOR are only $49.95 each, add a controller for $109.95, a power supply/cables/enclosure for $100 and total cost for 4 would be about $410.
  13. Vince4xmas

    RGB Nodes

    Just wired and tested my LOR dumb RGB strips. Easy, look great. Can't wait to roll them out this Christmas. Could email you some pictures if you like.
  14. Use LOR Cosmic Color Ribbons to control color for each and every light on ribbon. Use LOR Dumb RGB Ribbons to control color for all lights on the ribbon. I chose the LOR RGB board with 8 dumb ribbons (reduced price for package) = $479.95 LOR Cosmic Color Ribbons have individual controllers for each ribbon and are rather expensive (but look cool). = $1,999.60 for 8 ribbons. Good luck!
  15. Regarding channel configuration, how can I protect a group from being accidentally edited? I have my singing face sequencing complete and combined in a group and want to protect it from me accidentally changing it (via moving the "off" tool over the group and wiping out all previously good work). Help please.
  16. Please reference attached pics. (3) eyes (1) hat (4) mouths Worked well.
  17. Please send. monte.colley@gmail.com Thanks
  18. Can't get Visualizer to display any objects. Followed tutorial and believe I have everything setup correctly. Any suggestions?
  19. I used pegboard and drilled out holes to fit lights and then hot glued from back. Worked great and made through the low temps.
  20. I was asked what does Queen Bohemian Rhapsody have to do with Christmas. I replied....EVERYTHING!!!! YouTube "Colley Christmas 2013".....done with PLC. Converting to LOR this year!
  21. Newbie next year. Just ordered 6 controllers, 8 rgb dumb ribbons with controller and G3-MP3 Director. 104 total. Last 3 years used Allen-Bradley PLC. Has anyone programmed their lights with ladder logic. PLC died, outputs failing, decided to make the $3K plunge! Did display with speakers and Boo tunes controller and FM transmitter all with a PLC. Painful. Hope LOR is better choice. Check out my display on YouTube "Colley Christmas 2013"........coolest thing was it was to Queen! Audicity helped a lot. Wish me luck.....Christmas is only 9 months away!!!
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