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  1. New to rgb Where do you find decent "Dumb Nodes"

    Thats why I use waterproof connectors on every prop!
  2. Solid Color Props in PE

    In S5: Preview: Lights = Traditional, channel per color, select color Shape = select prop shape Channels = determine single LOR channel
  3. New to rgb Where do you find decent "Dumb Nodes"

    I cut mine and soldered on pigtails. No issues.
  4. New to rgb Where do you find decent "Dumb Nodes"

    Holiday Coro sells good dumb nodes and pucks.
  5. 100% Brightness?? Do you EVER?!

    Run all my pixels at 100%. Use color fades and fade to black alot.
  6. DD05 Copy and Paste

    Sweet. Thanks.
  7. DD05 Copy and Paste

    Agree totally! Takes forever....think I will stop sequencing until fix is made.
  8. Multiple controller System set up

    G3-MP3 will run that setup with no issues. Very simple, just daisy chain all three devices.
  9. S5 Help/Manual

    When will an updated help manual be ready for S5?
  10. 2018 Spring Sale

  11. Square vs bullet pixels

    I agree with the square pixels fitting better in the boscoyo/coro pixel nets.
  12. 2018 Spring Sale

    I ran my G3-MP3 using two enhanced LOR networks with no lag issues last year. My Pixcon16 was on one network running at 1,000K. My (3) dumb rgb controllers and (6) standard ac controllers were on other network. All I am adding this year is a Pixie4 (placing on same network as Pixcon16) so will be OK.
  13. Diagnosing pixel string short

    Yep. I struggled last year with an issue and finally found 2 wires switched on a pixel node from the factory!
  14. Diagnosing pixel string short

    Wish I had a TDR!
  15. S5 Help/Manual

    Thanks so much for update. I am using S5 for this years show.
  16. S5 Help/Manual

    Do you have a estimated production release date? Thanks
  17. XMODEL

    Need a prop for Boscoyo Snowflake 3 prong 96 pixels to use in S5. (only have a xmodel file) Anyone have this? Thanks
  18. XMODEL

    Is there a way to import a "xmodel" prop file into LOR? Specifically into S5.
  19. I too used HC pixnode nets last year. Very good product!
  20. Lights Around Windows

    I used coro strips at to mount my pixels around all my windows and door. Used strain relief tabs and hooks/wire ties to mount. Worked well. If you PM me I can send you some pics.
  21. Someone to login with me and help me setup S5

    I will assist.
  22. Tee Shirt

    I plan to order one also!
  23. Tee Shirt

    Looking for a Lightorama tee shirt. Not in LOR store that I can see.
  24. Static RGB Display

    What are you planning to do with all the extra channels on the Pixie16? Yes, PE can easily do that simple sequence.
  25. Tee Shirt