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  1. Made all 50 of mine using a boscoyo strip zip tied to a 3/4" piece of emt. Mine a five pixels each at 2" spacing. EMT is 12" long. EMT slide over plastic stakes in yard.
  2. I have the Pixel Curve setting at 30% for my pixel tree and images look great.
  3. Could you please send me one? colley.christmas@gmail.com Thanks
  4. Does anyone have singing face sequences for a pixel matrix 25 high x 16 wide? Doing some testing for next year. Thank you.
  5. Got it. It was a checkbox I needed to check for Gen3 when writing SD card. This is different now using LOR Hub. Glad thats all it was!
  6. What version firmware did you load into the G3-MP3 to make it work with S5? Thanks
  7. Did you get this resolved? I am running into the same issue. Please advise.
  8. Sorry, I want to post my video from S5 preview playback files as displayed in S5 software, not real video from actual display.
  9. What is the correct way to post the images you guys have done depicting my S5 preview playback?
  10. I updated Audacity to newest version and no errors. I can see the waveform, but wizards still dont work. Good enough for now. Dont quite understand issue as I have NEVER had an issue before.
  11. The Project Rate is 44100. Any other suggestions? Thanks
  12. Using LORS4.4.4 and getting errors on media file. Media file was purchased from Amazon and I have also tried running thru Audicity using 128 speed constant bit format. I get the following two errors: The media file for this sequence could not be converted to the LOR internal media format. While the media file may work, some functions, such as "play speed" and "play range" may not, or may work correctly. The media file for this sequence could not be converted to the LOR internal WAV format. While the media file will work, advanced functions such as beat wizard, UV wizard, and view waveform will not function. Please advise as to what I need to do to get rid of these error messages. Thanks
  13. Using S5.3.4 and have several motion effects on pixel tree using the "picture" tool. I am sequencing for someone else. So when I send them the loredit file do I also need to send them all the images? Please advise. Thanks
  14. Thanks guys. Got some pixels hooked up now and going try changing by small percentages. You all got a good suggestion for yellow?
  15. Having a difficult time getting the correct colors on my pixels for orange and yellow. Does someone have the RGB values to get a good looking orange color and a good looking yellow color? Thanks
  16. I finally got it. Dumb, forgot to configure network as enhanced.
  17. I am running S5.3.4 and trying to test lights thru sequencer. I have Control Panel Running. I start Sequencer, load a sequence, verify through Control Lights tab that control lights is on and correct network is displayed. I press green start sequence button and a white overlay screen appears depicting some channel info. I press ESC key and a popup box "Unable to Start Playback" appears. I have tested the lights successfully using the Hardware Utility. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks
  18. Anyone have singing faces for Taylor Swift Calm Down? Thanks
  19. Did the steps and still have error. Working with help desk now.
  20. Just installed LOR S5 v5.3.2 and when i try to open LOR Hub I receive the following error: Run-time error 50003 unexpected error. Any ideas? Thanks
  21. Me too please. colley.christmas@gmail.com Thanks much!
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