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  1. Running all the cords

    I run some together and have no issues.
  2. 240 smart node star

    That is exactly how did mine. Works great!
  3. LOR please be honest.

    Matt, can you also provide a release date of new firmware that will allow my G3-MP3 to communicate with my Pixcon16 at 1,000 speed? Help desk has said will be released in 2 weeks for 6 weeks. Thanks
  4. Cmb24d dongle pin out.

    Use a meter as I have also had different colored wires as well as several wires going to the wrong pins.
  5. controller board

    I have (3) of my controllers, G3-MP3, amplifier and FM transmitter all mounted on a pegboard frame that is screwed into my garage wall. When season is over, I unscrew and store indoors. The other (6) controllers and Pixcon16 are mounted in the yard or on the house close to my props. I cover enclosures with black heavy duty garbage bags. Never had any issues.
  6. controller type

    Are you able to communicate at 1,000 speed from your G3-MP3 to your pixel controllers?
  7. outdoor speakers

    I have a splitter cable hooked from the audio output of my LOR G3-MP3. One side goes to FM transmitter and the other to my audio amplifier (speakers hooked to this). Do I relocate the amplifier further away using a longer 3.5mm headphone cable? Thanks
  8. outdoor speakers

    How far from your audio amplifier do you have the FM transmitter? Mine currently has noise issues?
  9. Switching to S5 at this time...why???

    Im sticking with S4 for this year. Still waiting for promised firmware that will allow my G3MP3 to communicate to my Pixcon16 at 1,000 speed.
  10. Equipment Start

    I have had to inject all my pixels when counts are over 100 (at 12v) and lengths are greater than 20". I am using a Pixcon16 and find that "data" lengths are not an issue, only 12v power. So I have had to inject power on almost every prop that has a significant distance from my 12v power supplies.
  11. hot glue

    Does Holiday Coro have "pixel strips" that will fit this size? Not sure.
  12. Pixel Editor or Sequence Editor

    Use "migration tools" tab in PE.
  13. Pixel Editor or Sequence Editor

    You need to import your SE sequences into PE. Please look at LOR help/tutorials that show you how to do this. No need to re-create any SE sequences. All timings and selected props come over once you do an import.
  14. Pixel Editor or Sequence Editor

    Yes - the dummy channels will convert over when imported from SE to PE. Yes - this is the file used for the show.
  15. Pixel Editor or Sequence Editor

    Do ALL your sequencing in SE first, then in PE. The SE channels can be imported to PE and show up along with the new props in PE. Once PE is complete select "Save Intensity Data". The PE props then show up in SE as a new track with just cross hatching to depict the intensity files did transfer.
  16. Pixel Editor or Sequence Editor

    I am planning on waiting for S5 for next years show as I have most all of mine done for this year in S4 and PE. Remember that once you convert from SE into PE you cannot make ANY changes to your SE programming! So make sure it is correct! I will email you a PE sequence if you will provide me your email.
  17. Pixel Editor or Sequence Editor

    I now do everything, except my singing face using Pixel Editor (PE). I use sequence editor (SE) for my face and import into PE. I have regular controllers (6), dumb RGB controllers (3) and (1) smart pixel controller (Pixcon16).
  18. MP3G3

    Any update on when firmware will be released?
  19. MP3G3

    Anyone had any luck getting a MP3G3 with ver 5.36 firmware able to communicate with the Pixcon16 (firmware 1.4.8) at 1000K? LOR states it's a little bug and will be fixed with next firmware update this summer. I can get it to work at 500K but nothing at 1000K.
  20. Smart RGB -- Advice Needed

    I have my Pixcon16 in a separate enclosure as well as the (2) DC power supplies are in separate enclosures. This allows me to locate the power supplies closer to where my pixels are that need power injection. I just have a cordset cable running from each power supply to the Pixcon16.
  21. MP3G3

    See an update to LOR version 4.3.20. Does this solve my issue with firmware for G3MP3 not communicating to Pixcon16 at 1,000K? I see no new firmware for G3MP3 or Pixcon16. Please advise. Need to have G3MP3 capable of communicating to my Pixcon16 at 1,000K. Thanks much!
  22. Needing details to add pixel led strips for arches.

    The McMaster Carr tubing shipping IS a pain. But well worth the effort! I really like the way my 4 arches turned out last year.
  23. MP3G3

    Any update on when this firmware will be released?
  24. G3 Mp3 director + Pixels

    I would ask how many pixels will the G3MP3 support at 1000K?
  25. G3 Mp3 director + Pixels

    I was informed by LOR that the G3MP3 does NOT support 1000K at this time. The plan is for new firmware to be released this summer to address this. This for the Pixcon16 unit connected to G3MP3. DevMike can you please advise if my statement is correct? Thanks