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      1/18/2018 - LOR has resumed operations after the fire   01/17/2018

      As of 1/18 we have resumed operations.  On 1/16 a fire occurred in the same building that houses the main LOR offices and manufacturing.    More information can be found in 'Important Announcements'.    


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  1. ALWAYS check connectors with a meter. I have been burned a couple times thinking they were wired correctly. I have also had some pixels wired wrong from the factory.
  2. Looks pretty awesome. Gotta try it!
  3. Prop File

    Agree! Need Boscoyo snowflake 3 prong prop.
  4. Adding RGB in 2018

    Agree with the decision to go with smart pixels. Much more flexibility for effects! Go for it!
  5. Neighbors

    Got a bottle of Goose Island Bourbon County! Awesomeness!
  6. Link to this years Lightshow. All LOR. (6) ac controllers, (3) dumb rgb controllers and (1) Pixcon16. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm6LIwfPJ_s5jX_XVH0r3sw
  7. Adding a Pixie4

    Thanks mucho Mr.P!
  8. Adding a Pixie4

    I currently have a Pixcon16 residing alone on AuxA. I am adding a Pixie4. The Pixcon16 is using addresses 1-10. I have configured my Pixie4 to start at address 11. So it would occupy addresses 11-12-13-14. Correct?
  9. Love the preview

    Love the "zoomed playback" feature.
  10. 100 percent LOR

    100% LOR (6) AC Controllers (3) DC Dumb Controllers (1) Pixcon16 (1) Pixie4 Only issue I have had is the network plugs on the AC controllers are a little flaky as I did not use bootless ethernet cables. Plan to send these into LOR for repair this year.
  11. Holiday Coro Singing Christmas trees

    Would you happen to have the Coro Tree Singing Face in a format for PixelEditor? Looks like I need a .lpeprop extension. Thanks much!
  12. Networking in new Pixcon16?

    Actually with the latest firmware release you can run a G3-MP3 and Pixcon16 at 1,000K speed with enhanced networking.
  13. FM transmitter

    I had to also turn mine down to L (100mW). doesnt work as well on H (500mW).
  14. Coro 46" Snowflake Prop for PE

    Anyone have a prop for Holiday Coro 46" snowflake (50 nodes)? Need .lpeprop file extension to import prop into PE. Thanks
  15. I have a Pixcon16 operating correctly on all but one channel. This channel is my longest run from the Pixcon16 to the prop. I have 4 windows outlined using 40 smart pixels on each window. I am power injecting 12vdc between windows 2 & 3 using a separate power supply. The voltage at the power injection tee connector is 11.9V. So I believe my power is acceptable and not the issue. My cable from the Pixcon16 to the first window is 24 feet. then 5 feet to next window, then power injection tee, 3 feet to next window and 5 feet to last window. When my show plays windows 1 and 2 are displaying correctly, however windows 3 & 4 sometimes through the show "pixelates". Seems to be when a special effect is used. I am guessing I do not have a power issue, I have a data issue since my length is so long to first window. Do I need to add a null pixel? If so, where and how, as I have never had to do that anywhere else on my other 15 Pixcon channels. I could make a shorter cable from the Pixcon16 to the first prop as a test to see if issue goes away but would run at angle and look horrible. Might be able to shorten the length to 18 feet. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks
  16. 700 - 1200 Ft. FM Transmitter

    Found that "low" setting (100mW) works best for CZH-05B FM transmitter!
  17. Planning an 800 pixel matrix for next year. What size/spacing of pixels have worked for others? Thanks
  18. Loose Comm ports

    I had two controllers with the same issue this year! Thank god I had one spare and put the other as the last one on network! Need to send back to LOR for repair for next year. Believe the issue is using "booted" cables.......cut off the boot.......or only use "bootless" cables! Last year I "pulled up" on the cables and made it through....this year....not so lucky!
  19. "Lights On" in two weeks!!!

    Up and running.......one day before family reveal! Why....how ever early you start.....if comes down to the last days! Love this hobby............sometimes!
  20. Next Year 800 pixel matrix

    Awesome replies! Love it!
  21. Pixels not reacting correctly - too long run?

    Thanks for all your help! Sometimes.........most times.......its the simple things! Unreal.
  22. Next Year 800 pixel matrix

    What supplier is HS?
  23. Pixels not reacting correctly - too long run?

    Up and running! It was actually an intermittent short in the power injection tee. Replaced it and all works.
  24. Pixels not reacting correctly - too long run?

    Broke line between windows and issue remains. Not sure what to do next. Do I need to relocate the power injection location? Are we sure its not a data issue?
  25. Pixels not reacting correctly - too long run?

    I did not. Will now. Oops.