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  1. Gonna still use my G3-MP3 (2 port) for this years show. Running 2,300 pixels on each network. Think it will be close. If an issue, then I will get a G4 and separate networks.
  2. May I please get a copy. Thanks colley.christmas@gmail.com
  3. I cut my 50 count pixel strands (from Wired Watts) into 10 sections, 5 pixels per stake. Then wired as depicted in recent post. Used 3 conductor 18 awg wire between each stake. Lots of soldering to do.
  4. I am using 18awg 3 conductor wire between each 5 pixel stake.
  5. No power injection required.
  6. Using 12V. Wired them up yesterday and work great.
  7. I am doing 50 of them this year but making my own using Boscoyo strips attached to 3/4" emt conduit. Wiring is series/parallel to eliminate need for power injection. Running 20 (5 pixels/stake) (100 pixels total) to one controller and 30 to another controller (150 pixels). Using 36" spacing between stakes.
  8. Under Design/Add Item What does "copy prop to advanced shape" do?
  9. Looking for a slideshow presentation covering the basic steps for creating a christmas lightshow display. I have been asked to do a presentation for our local Rotary Club regarding this topic and looking for someone that would be willing to share their presentation that I could review.
  10. Everything ran fine. 1,070 pixels at 12vdc with 400w power supply and pixcon16 intensity limit set to 30% max.
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