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  1. Vince4xmas

    Dumb RGB Flood Extension Cords

    Perfect. Thanks TheDucks
  2. Vince4xmas

    Dumb RGB Flood Extension Cords

    Does anyone have a manual for the LOR 10watt floods?
  3. Vince4xmas

    Pixels flickering

    What is the distance from your controller to the first prop? Then prop to prop? Maybe you have a data issue? Not sure. Very strange.
  4. Vince4xmas

    Pixels flickering

    Do they blink when color/effect is set to all white?
  5. Matt, do you have any additional information regarding dimming curves in S5? I have a Pixie4 and was told by LOR Help Desk there is no way to limit maximium intensity on the device. I simply want to reduce the maximum intensity for the entire sequence for the 3 props I have connected to the Pixie4. Thanks
  6. Vince4xmas

    What is compress?

    What determines WHEN you compress a sequence?
  7. Vince4xmas

    Pixie4 reduce max intensity

    Thanks much JR. Happy Lighting!
  8. I am running (6) AC controllers, (3) dumb rgb controllers, (2) CCR controllers, (1) Pixie4 and (1) Pixcon16 using a G3-MP3 with no issues. Running NetA at 115K and NetB at 500K. NetB has just my Pixie4 and Pixcon16 on it.
  9. I know it's very early to ask this question as folks are starting their lightshows. However, trying to plan ahead. How do you all store your props and controllers after lightshow is over? Is it safe to store coro based props uncovered in garage? I have plastic totes for my pixels and other components, but they are cheap totes with lids (Walmart). Over the past 3 years I have stored all my coro props, pixels and controllers in my house. I would really like to free up a bedroom as my show now uses all the space. My concern is mice.
  10. Vince4xmas

    Pixie4 reduce max intensity

    I can see the maximum intensity box. I can choose a lower percentage from drop down box (lowest is 86%). I select, then try to save and get an error. I cannot remember what the error is. I have not tried latest S5 version. Can I flash new firmware to the Pixie4? Also, 86% is not an acceptable number. I need to reduce at least to 50%. That is where my Pixcon16 is running and looks good.
  11. Vince4xmas

    Pixie4 reduce max intensity

    That is my question. I want to globally change the maximum intensity of my pixels in the Pixie4 using the HU. It will not accept a change.
  12. Vince4xmas

    Pixie4 reduce max intensity

    I do not have superstar. Running LOR S5.
  13. I am attempting to reduce my maximum pixel intensity on a Pixie4 without success. Using LOR Hardware Utility. I find the Pixie and when I attempt to change the maximum % for pixel brightness, it will not take. Also, looks like I can only reduce to 86% as that is the lowest choice I am able to pick from. Is there another way to accomplish this? I had no problem changing it on my Pixcon16.
  14. Using S5. Have a garage roof outline (rectangle shape) that consists of two props: Garage roof 1 is a lines connected prop 1 segment and 54 rgb nodes. It runs from bottom left corner of garage roof to right. Garage roof 2 is a lines connected prop 4 segments and 150 rgb nodes. It runs from bottom left corner of garage roof up, then right, then down, then left back to end of garage roof 1 prop. Basically a rectangle using 2 props. Combined to make a group, Group is set for "use Preview". When I do a curtain effect across garage roof, only garage roof 1 displays correctly, garage roof 2 goes the opposite way. In S5, my preview depicts the motion effect correctly, but my display does not. I have tried different ways to change the group (vertical stack, horizontal stack, nested, etc) and no change. Am I using the "lines connected" correctly? Do I need to change to something else? I am also experiencing the same thing on my house roof. However, it uses 3 props and has an overhang so more segments. Please advise.
  15. Vince4xmas

    Pixie4 set global maximum intensity

    DIBBLEJR: I do not see those steps/options in S5. Can you please elaborate. Believe it might be best to turn down intensity with hardware utility on both Pixie4 and Pixcon16. Reduce maximum intensity percentage from 100%?