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  1. Sign Project

  2. Colley Christmas 2017 Lightshow

    Thanks Alan. Much appreciated.
  3. Colley Christmas 2017 Lightshow

    Yes. Running all my smart pixels from one Pixcon16 (the link you listed is correct). Actually using only 15 channels on the Pixcon16 (1 spare). I am running two 12vdc power supplies, one for each bank of 8 at the Pixcon16. Running show using a LOR G3-MP3 Director, not computer. Biggest issue I had was that all props had to run back to one location (where Pixcon16 was located). Long runs and had to power inject at several locations. I am adding a Pixie4 next year for (2) Boscoyo snowflakes and (1) Boscoyo wreath. I would suggest using the Pixie series controllers if your props are long distances apart. I have several wiring diagrams and pics I can send you. Can you please PM me with an email address and I will send files.
  4. Colley Christmas 2017 Lightshow

    Thanks Caniac....much appreciated!
  5. Colley Christmas 2017 Lightshow

    Glad you like the show! My coro trees, garage roof matrix and left side tree strands are all dumb RGB. The candy canes, roof line, garage line, windows, front door, (8) circles around garage door, (4) arches, (4) poles and tree star are all smart pixels driven by a pixcon16. All programmed using LOR S4 and PE. This year I am using LOR S5 and adding more singing faces, more pixel props and strobes! I would be glad to share what ever info you need. Please advise what details you need. Thanks much.
  6. Arches for Halloween

    I have (8) coro circles with 16 pixels each......stole idea from Boyd. Have them lining my garage door opening. Can get some pretty cool effects.
  7. Pixie 2 Leaping Arch Effect

    The mini trees and candy canes are from Holiday Coro. Have had them in my display for 2 years. Trees are dumb RGB and canes are pixels. i just received some of my new props for next year from Boscoyo (2 snowflakes and 1 wreath). These will be pixels (96 per snowflake & 99 for wreath....using a pixie4 to control them). PM me and I will send you "Do You Hear What I Hear". Using S5 for next years show. Thanks
  8. Light Type Where?

    Both Holiday Coro and Boscoyo have great props!
  9. Time to start

    Jan/Feb is a great time to build your new props! Test them and put away. Most time will be spent programming.
  10. Forsale singing trees

    Burn them why?
  11. Powering a pixel mega tree

    Distance from the controller/ps to the prop is the key. Ebuechner.......how close is your controller/power supply to your 324 pixel prop? What gauge wire are you using?
  12. How do you keep it fresh?

    I do new songs/displays every year...about 5-6. I add new props every year......last tow years pixel props are being added as well as some additional singing faces. However, now that pixel count has increased it takes about 30-40 hours of programming for any new song. Most time is taken doing the singing faces.
  13. Pixie 2 Leaping Arch Effect

    Could also group both arches and place spiral/bar effect on group. I am located in west central illinois. Macomb....home of Western Illinois University. GO Leathernecks!
  14. Pixie 2 Leaping Arch Effect

    Hey, CampbellHouse.......where you located in the "great" state of Illinois?
  15. Pixie 2 Leaping Arch Effect

    My arches are using LOR CCPs (50 pixels per arch). I have 4 arches. Used PE last year with no issues. Moving to S5 next year. My link to videos is below: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm6LIwfPJ_s5jX_XVH0r3sw If you need additional assistance PM me. Thanks