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  1. 700 - 1200 Ft. FM Transmitter

    Found that "low" setting (100mW) works best for CZH-05B FM transmitter!
  2. Loose Comm ports

    I had two controllers with the same issue this year! Thank god I had one spare and put the other as the last one on network! Need to send back to LOR for repair for next year. Believe the issue is using "booted" cables.......cut off the boot.......or only use "bootless" cables! Last year I "pulled up" on the cables and made it through....this year....not so lucky!
  3. "Lights On" in two weeks!!!

    Up and running.......one day before family reveal! Why....how ever early you start.....if comes down to the last days! Love this hobby............sometimes!
  4. Next Year 800 pixel matrix

    Awesome replies! Love it!
  5. Pixels not reacting correctly - too long run?

    Thanks for all your help! Sometimes.........most times.......its the simple things! Unreal.
  6. Next Year 800 pixel matrix

    What supplier is HS?
  7. Pixels not reacting correctly - too long run?

    Up and running! It was actually an intermittent short in the power injection tee. Replaced it and all works.
  8. Pixels not reacting correctly - too long run?

    Broke line between windows and issue remains. Not sure what to do next. Do I need to relocate the power injection location? Are we sure its not a data issue?
  9. Pixels not reacting correctly - too long run?

    I did not. Will now. Oops.
  10. Pixels not reacting correctly - too long run?

    Still not working! I installed a separate 12v 45 watt power supply and connected to the wires off the last pixel on window 4. I have 12v wire from pixel connected to +12v on power supply, GND wire from pixel to -12v on power supply and nothing connected to DO wire from pixel. Help please! Thanks
  11. FM transmitter

    Mine is 15 foot.
  12. Pixels not reacting correctly - too long run?

    7.5 v with out power injection at window 4 last pixel. Added injection and no change....believe distance is too far from original power supply to get ample voltage to last pixel. So, add a new power supply closer is what is needed to eliminate major voltage drop I am seeing?
  13. Pixels not reacting correctly - too long run?

    Well, no change. I injected power after the last pixel on window 4 using the same power run (extension cable is 18'). Measure voltage at window 4 last pixel with all white on = 7.5V! Very low! Think the distance is loo long to get ample voltage from original power supply location. Should I add a separate 12vdc power supply close to last pixel on window 4 and inject there? And tie negative back to be common with all other power supplies? Please advise ASAP and I have 3 days until show goes on. Thanks mucho!
  14. Planning an 800 pixel matrix for next year. What size/spacing of pixels have worked for others? Thanks
  15. FM transmitter

    I too solved the issue with a longer audio cable.