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  1. Rush? Awesome! Can I please get a copy? monte.colley@gmail.com Thanks
  2. Vince4xmas

    When Do You Start Decorating?

    I start the middle of October with everything except the yard props. Yard props go up November 1st. Goal is to have everything up and running by November 15th.. Christmas show starts the night after Thanksgiving and runs nightly until Jan 1st.
  3. Vince4xmas

    Deleting a channel in S5

    Thanks Matt!
  4. Vince4xmas

    Deleting a channel in S5

    I have deleted the props in the preview editor. They still show up in the sequencer window list. I can hide them, then how do I delete them?
  5. Vince4xmas

    My 2018 song list

    Man, you gotta lot to do! Mine all already finished. Good luck to you!
  6. How do I delete a channel in S5. When I right click on channel, the only option I get is "hide item". Thanks
  7. Vince4xmas

    Switching from S5 back to S4

    Thanks Matt!
  8. Vince4xmas

    SHow Music

    Change displays every year. Never repeat.
  9. I have been running S5 for months and have all my personal shows as well as some others complete. I have a customer that requires I use S4 for his display. What is the correct procedure for removing S5 and installing latest version of S4? Once S4 show is complete will switch back to S5. Thanks
  10. Vince4xmas

    Adding pixel arches to existing LOR

    Oops. I stand corrected. I used LOR CCR package for 4 arches (included ribbon, controller and power supply). Just put everything in a plastic enclosure from HC. I have bought several 12VDC power supplies from HC for other pixel props and have had no issues.
  11. Vince4xmas

    Adding pixel arches to existing LOR

    I bought mine from holiday coro.
  12. Vince4xmas

    Adding pixel arches to existing LOR

    I used Cosmic Color Ribbon inside a 2" poly tubing for my 4 arches. Displays a "soft" lighting effect.
  13. Vince4xmas

    Singing Faces How to. What do i need?

    I am using S5 this year. May want to check that out also.
  14. Vince4xmas

    Adding pixel arches to existing LOR

    I too agree with using Pixie controllers and added one 4 port for this years show. The only pixel controller available a few years ago from LOR was the Pixcon16. I have one of those and had to power inject many places as some of my props were quite a distance from the Pixon16. Today, I would use the Pixies.
  15. Vince4xmas

    Singing trees

    I agree with Mr. P. no need for pixels on singing faces.