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  1. Vince4xmas

    Preview error when opening sequence in S5

    Tried it using version 5.0.2 and same issue.
  2. Vince4xmas

    5.0.20 - Where is Preview Management?

    Looks good. What is expected release date of S5? Specifically, when will the new help files be updated? Thanks
  3. Vince4xmas

    Boscoyo 270 node star

    Would you happen to have a model of the Boscoyo 3 prong 96 pixel snowflake?
  4. Vince4xmas

    Advise on next LOR Purchase

    Orville, I used the S4 Pixel Editor for my display last year and using S5 for this years display. I am happy with the effects you can get in S5. I am running (6) AC 16pt controllers, (3) CMB24D's for dumb RGB, (1) Pixcon16 and (1) Pixie4. I have never used Superstar, so I have do idea what it can do.
  5. Trying to open sequence in S5 and getting "warning": Choose sequence Select.....import the block style animation stored in sequence Pop-up window detects multiple prop warnings: "xxxxx" is not in the animation, but was added to the preview with shape "hidden" Then in S5, upper preview window shows no props, but channels and sequence code are displayed in lower window. All props are selected as "hidden" Thanks
  6. Vince4xmas

    'Connected' versions of LOR S4 and S5

    Do you have an S5 release date set yet? Thanks
  7. Vince4xmas

    Pixel Strips

    Got my strips from HC 2 years ago and no issues. I have also ordered props from Boscoyo. They are also excellent.
  8. Vince4xmas

    Preview Problems

    I had no issues bringing my preview over to S5. You can import old visualizer file.
  9. You ALWAYS need to add something new every year. It's a rule!
  10. Vince4xmas

    Looking to get into pixels this year. Where do I begin?

    I have a G3-MP3 director running a fully loaded Pixcon16, a pixie4, (3) CMB24's and (6) standard 16pt controllers with no issues. I would suggest whatever pixel controller you decide on, it is located as close as possible to your pixel prop so as you dont need to address any power injection issues. My Pixcon16 is running a lot of props that are long distances away and I needed to add many power supplies for power injection. However, the Pixcon16 was my only available LOR pixel controller at the time and now the Pixies are available. The Pixies would have helped reduce the voltage drop issue I had since you can get them in 2,4,8,16. Happy holiday decorating! If you need assistance, let me know.
  11. Vince4xmas


    I segment with 25 pixels for each of the 4 arches. I have continued to program and found when I created the similar element ( only difference was direction....used down instead of up) in a different area of the song.....it worked. I copied the segment that worked and pasted it back and changed to "up" direction and it worked. Not sure what is going on.
  12. Running latest version of S5 and encountered the following issue: Have group "arch group" that consists of (4) props (rgb-arch-25 sections each). When choosing "bar" using 6 different colors, the preview on the "arch group" displays correctly but when playing the show in the main preview it does not. Only single colors are displayed. Any ideas? All other props and groups work fine. Is there a bug in the "arch" element? Thanks
  13. Awesome! RUSH rocks!
  14. Vince4xmas

    Our 2018 Display!

    Try doing Disco Santa! Took me months to get that song out of my head!
  15. Vince4xmas

    LOR XLights Pixcon and/or Falcon

    I am using S5 and very satisfied. Using all LOR controllers (CTB16, DUMB RGB, PIXCON16 and PIXIE).