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  1. Could be with a ton of motion effects on a lot of props and groups ...........and previews all set to hi-res. No big deal, just gotta wait.
  2. Windows 10 Pro 12GB Ram 3.40 GHz CPU Solid State HD 1TB
  3. I am referring to the time it takes to just open a sequence.
  4. Should it take 23 seconds to load a sequence in S5 at a file size of 10.2 meg? Using LOR V5.4.2 Pro. Just curious.
  5. I am doing the same thing with my matrix. Would be a nice change to reduce the amount of hours I have already spent doing it manually.
  6. Still have a LOR G3-MP3 Director with SD card and latest firmware for sale. Good price! Please PM me for details! Thanks
  7. I would like a copy of the singing tree. Please send to colley.christmas@gmail.com Thanks!
  8. Sorry, not using Superstar.
  9. All my S4 previews worked fine when I started them in S5. Are you using Superstar for effects in S4? PM me and maybe I can assist.
  10. The "spokes" prop does not match a Boscoyo Spinner. I had to use a custom prop for these. Still need additional effects that can be used with this prop as well as snowflakes. Thanks
  11. CMB24D is sold. Still have G3-MP3 if anyone is interested.
  12. Looking at these: http://www.seabreezeparachutes.com/stsphere.html
  13. I agree. Some new effects would be great. Especially for spinners and snowflakes. A lot of my sequencing for these props were done at the individual pixel level to get the effect I needed.
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