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  1. trkeenan

    On Command in Pixel Editor

    I will give that a try Thanks
  2. All, I am trying to do an all white ON on my pixels in PE. How do I do that? Thanks Tim
  3. trkeenan

    RGB Grid Question

    Currently I have several RGB channels in a grid that are in red in color. Is there a way to turn it white automatically in some fashion? Thanks Tim
  4. trkeenan

    Christmas can can

    Please will you send to trkeenan@aol.com Thanks very much Tim
  5. trkeenan

    Christmas can can

    Bryan, May I please have a copy? Thanks Tim
  6. trkeenan

    Global Channel intensity change

    Thanks very much for the suggestions. I will give them a try tonight. Tim
  7. All, Is there a way to change the intensity for a channel for the entire duration of a song? Currently the channel on is a 100%. I would like to change all the on values for that channel to 80%. Thanks Tim
  8. trkeenan

    Clasic Rock Mix

    Please may I have a copy? trkeenan@aol.com Thanks Tim
  9. My laptop does not have internet protocol 4, it has version 6. Will that work or do I need to have version 4? I tried to find a download for 4 but can't seem to find one I am trying to use the LOR and connect to a Sandevice using E1.31 Thanks in advance for the help Tim
  10. trkeenan

    3 axis servo hardware

    Does anyone know where I could get the acrylic plate and hardware to make a 3 axis setup? I have searched and found only older stuff. Thanks Tim
  11. Thanks very much everybody. After getting the channels corrected every thinks works perfect. I appreciated the input Tim
  12. I attached a screen shot file. Does this give a clue? Thanks Tim 6804screenshot.doc
  13. I need to see if someone can help me. I have 160 geekmytree pixels connected to a SanDevice E6804 and the ELOR. The E6804 works well using the test patterns. I have created 160 RGB channels in LOR and can control 80 of the pixels individually with no issue. Channels 81 to 160 seems to turn on randomly and I can not control them. I have rechecked my channel configuration in LOR. What have I missed? Is there a dip switch setting on the ELOR, Is it a LOR issue? I am stuck! Thanks in advance for any ideas Tim
  14. I think I will get the ELOR. This sound like it would give me a solid stand alone system. Thanks for the responses Tim
  15. I have one DMX universe driven from a SanDevice. I want to have a few routines run stand-alone. Do you think this could be done with a Showtime device? Thanks Tim