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  1. All, I am trying to do an all white ON on my pixels in PE. How do I do that? Thanks Tim
  2. Currently I have several RGB channels in a grid that are in red in color. Is there a way to turn it white automatically in some fashion? Thanks Tim
  3. Please will you send to trkeenan@aol.com Thanks very much Tim
  4. Bryan, May I please have a copy? Thanks Tim
  5. Thanks very much for the suggestions. I will give them a try tonight. Tim
  6. All, Is there a way to change the intensity for a channel for the entire duration of a song? Currently the channel on is a 100%. I would like to change all the on values for that channel to 80%. Thanks Tim
  7. My laptop does not have internet protocol 4, it has version 6. Will that work or do I need to have version 4? I tried to find a download for 4 but can't seem to find one I am trying to use the LOR and connect to a Sandevice using E1.31 Thanks in advance for the help Tim
  8. Does anyone know where I could get the acrylic plate and hardware to make a 3 axis setup? I have searched and found only older stuff. Thanks Tim
  9. Thanks very much everybody. After getting the channels corrected every thinks works perfect. I appreciated the input Tim
  10. I attached a screen shot file. Does this give a clue? Thanks Tim 6804screenshot.doc
  11. I need to see if someone can help me. I have 160 geekmytree pixels connected to a SanDevice E6804 and the ELOR. The E6804 works well using the test patterns. I have created 160 RGB channels in LOR and can control 80 of the pixels individually with no issue. Channels 81 to 160 seems to turn on randomly and I can not control them. I have rechecked my channel configuration in LOR. What have I missed? Is there a dip switch setting on the ELOR, Is it a LOR issue? I am stuck! Thanks in advance for any ideas Tim
  12. I think I will get the ELOR. This sound like it would give me a solid stand alone system. Thanks for the responses Tim
  13. I have one DMX universe driven from a SanDevice. I want to have a few routines run stand-alone. Do you think this could be done with a Showtime device? Thanks Tim
  14. I wonder if you might be able to give me a little advice. I am trying to make an elf face that talks with moving lips. I am using the ServoDog and can't seem to figure out how to orient the servos in relation to how the ServoDog wants to control the servos. In other words I want the servo limits to be at 90 degrees and move from the neutral position to 90 degrees when the mouth is open. I can get the positions set in the Utility and download the settings. Then in the sequencing program, the position of neutral doesn't hold and the servo moves the opposite direction. In other words when triggered on, it moves to the neutral position instead of starting from the neutral position. Can you give me some clues please? Thanks Tim
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