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  1. Nice job. If you are still sharing copies of this, I would really appreciate it. d_demery@hotmail.com Thanks, Daryle
  2. Hey Phrog30, I am also just starting out with the singing trees (also the singing monsters) from Holiday Coro. If you wouldn't mind sharing your prop, I would appreciate it. d_demery@Hotmail.com
  3. This is my first year with RGB Floods and ribbons. I am using the 12VDC 200 Watt power supply units sold by LOR. I'm just wonering how much power they consume when they are powered up but the light are off. I'm thinking of putting them on timers to go on just a few minutes before the show begins but not sure the energy saving is worth it. I shouldn't need to worry about any heat build up as they are well ventilated and outdoors where it will rarely (if ever) be above freezing. Question is, leave power to them or put them on timers? Daryle
  4. Did I just miss it or has anybody said what type of enclosure to put the power supply and controller in? I also am new to RGB and am trying to figure out how best to weather proof the components. Never mind, I found it. CG-1500
  5. I would like a copy as well please. I'm relatively new to this and I am learning a lot looking at other people sequences and how they achieve various effects. d_demery@hotmail.com
  6. Sure wish that you would ship to Canada. I looked at your sale prices and would have bought. Now I'll need to wait and see if LOR has the same items on sale in their spring or summer sale. I would have preferred to buy early when I knew the items were on sale.
  7. Daryle D

    RGB lights

    I use the Whole House Transmitter 2. In Canada we can adjust the length of the antenna so I can transmit for almost a city block. I understand that there are better transmitters out there but the Whole House works well for me.
  8. Hi Shredocaaster. I had an opportunity this year to check out your display. Fantastic! I am new to LOR and ran my first display this year. I didn't do any of my own sequencing this year, I just 'borrowed" other peoples and modified them slightly. It was a quick way to get up and running. For 2014, I would like to up my display considerably adding RGB lighting and many more controllers. I'm in a quiet cul-de-sac (Patterson Crescent) so we did not get much exposure but as we grow, I'm sure we will get more people.
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