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  1. Here it is. My 2019 LOR Show https://youtu.be/PCsgh6IMnU4 https://youtu.be/PCsgh6IMnU4
  2. Tim, All is going well for my project so far. However, the video mapping will be for my 2020 show. I prepare as far out as possible for my shows. This year I added stage affect flames. Next year will be video mapping if all goes well.
  3. Writing script is above my skill level. Looks like I will have to do it in After Effects in the form of a MP4 and use it that way.
  4. I live on 5 acres and I plan to put a concrete block in the field where I will be using the projector. My theme is the 4th of July. I am projecting onto 10 sheets of OSB. It is a onetime show. I do not repeat the show over and over. It is for invited guest only. The link below was just one of 4 songs that I animated in 2017. I add to the boards but did not get a good video of 2018. https://youtu.be/4tCXueZ7KTU
  5. Since I want my lights to work in unison with the video, it looks like I will be using After Effects to create a MP4 that will act as my music for LOR in MP4 format and then have the music and video embedded in the MP4. I have been testing the theory and it seems to be what I need. No Director involved at all.
  6. I will be using the computer. Will the LOR be able to start the projector as in it being an element of the sequence? Or will I have to start/stop the projector manually?
  7. Are you able to start and stop the projector solely with the LOR controller?
  8. Has anyone combined a projector and LOR controllers. I want to add video mapping with my lights. What I need to know is can I add video to the sequences and play the video through the projector using the controllers.
  9. Are the two controllers still available?
  10. Could you post a couple of pictures?
  11. What are you asking for the two CB16 controllers?
  12. I did forget to mention that the flame box produces REAL flames. similar to this one. https://www.ebay.com/p/2pcs-lot-200w-DMX-Fire-Effect-Flame-Thrower-DJ-Stage-Projector-Machine-Show/2175595319?iid=172753893228&chn=ps
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