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  1. roadrat57

    ? Unknown Device

    After hooking up the loads from the house model, it appears everything works correctly even though the devices are not recognized by the hardware utility. Sequences look to run fine after switching the old DIO loads to the new channels. This achieves the goal of bringing the show PC inside. Since it works, I won't try to 'fix' it.
  2. roadrat57

    ? Unknown Device

    I decided to upgrade my 7 year old system and add 2 controllers to eliminate a DIO board and having the show PC containing the DIO card sitting outside in a heated cabinet. The 1.6.3 LOR was upgraded to 2.9.4 as part of the process to get the new 24 channel controller to work. The problem is when using the refresh button in the hardware manager, it shows all 5 controllers as "??? Unknown device". The old 1.6 LOR will read the 3 older controllers but not the 2 new ones. I tried to load the new LOR_Device file.txt found on the software page but it didn't help. I must be missing something obvious. New(er) PC: Lenovo T51 dual core 2 Gig. OS: Win 7 service pack 1 Controller 1 and 2 (bought in 2006) showtime controller blue board Ver, 2.xx Controller 3 (2007) Planet Christmas controller ver. 4.(02 or 20)? Controller 4 (new) a Gen.3 Planet Christmas 16 channel. Controller 5 (new) 24 channel deluxe DC controller. Controllers 1-4 run lights but the DCcontroller won't show all 24 channels, I have not hooked the DC loads from the DIO board as yet to try. As I write, I didn't think to try the new device file on the 1.6 even though I know the is version can't see controllers over 16 channels. I would like to see the S2 work befr\ore I dismantle the old Athalon running the 1.6.