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  1. Matt, Sorry I have been disconnected from all the beta for a few months (new job). Well I am now back on top of everything and in case I didnt tell you, the 2017 Xmas powered by S5 beta worked floorlessly (when excluding user error from the statistic). Anyway - I already started building a whole bunch of new props for next season and was looking to ensure I have the latest beta so I can continue to give feedback now that I am back online. The last beta I had was .18 and I am not seeing a newer version - is that the latest? I believe I gave all my last feedback on .18 already. Are we ready to review an RC edition? I wanted to also ask if you had thought about a Papagoya implementation for S5, I know the NC/xL users are very much all over that since it was integrated into their tool. This in turn led to great little utilities such as Papa Assist disappearing. Anyway that could be a great little tool to add to the LOR suite IMHO. Anyway in the interim I bought a new i7 NUC to become a dedicated LOR server which I will mount in one of the LOR boxes and I am installing a fresh .18 build on that machine. I'll let you know if I run into anything. >>> LOL just did. Seems OpenGL requires > version 1.1 graphics driver, appears it needs v1.5 - time to scratch the Inhell website to see if they have an updated graphics driver.
  2. ndutton

    This is for all ACDC Fans

    Hi, I sent a request on this but it may have gotten missed over the xmas period. Can you shoot me a copy to <ndutton {at} the-brit.com>? cheers
  3. no problem, sorry I had to dash yesterday. glad you put the last pieces together.
  4. maybe, and if I understand your answer then it tells me you are missing the fundamental bit of the network configurator screens. The network configurator screens tells LOR where to send the data. In the screen shots you sent, your regular LOR network information is being sent to COM3 at a data rate of 56.7K your DMX universe 1 data is being sent TO IP address its my guess that you have a DMX controller somewhere, and the real question is whether that is plugged into your laptop via USB, or does that DMX controller exist somewhere on your network (this is not your LOR laptop). If you have some USB<>DMX brick then the entry in the network config is the COM port # of that USB port. If it is some network appliance that is not directly connected to the laptop but on your network, then it is the IP address. If its USB, then change the protocol from E1.31 to serial and you will be able to enter the COM port #
  5. @beckanator sorry to ask a really dumb question here but can you list out what your hardware component are here (computer>USB>device>device>device>flood light). I am just confused by your IP address comment which makes me think there is a fundamental confusion going on here. DMX may be over IP or it may not, you would only be using an IP address in one such scenario. By example most of my DMX uses IP via a Falcon board, but some of my DMX is on USB.
  6. On 3 - great good to know, though arguably a hack to a graceful application flow. on 4 - your missing my point. Assume the scheduled show is in full flow, you are looking at it and some lights don’t seem to be firing as expected. You ask yourself, weren’t those blue roof lights supposed to be on during that? It would be useful if a mini visualizer was available in the status window. I could real-time check to see if what I thought should be happening was supposed to be happening. I might be able to solve an issue during a live show. if effort was the only measure as to whether it should be done or not, well frankly none of us would do this would we... we do it partly because we want to make a great product for our neighbors and friends.
  7. @K6CCC 1) You can run the Visualizer and see exactly what is going on. It’s very easy to do that on the show computer, and fairly easy to do it on another computer that is on your same LAN. With a little effort, you can even run the Visualizer anywhere on the internet with a little advanced planning - I have done it. >>>> Please tell me more. I am assuming you are talking about S3 or S4 here. I actually made the flip to S5 this season which doesn't have a visualized outside of the editor but even then I am not 100% I understand how you would do that. 2) There is no way to abort a currently running song and skip to the next song. However you might want to look at MIIP which lets you (or anyone else), change the order of songs. Search here on the forum for MIIP and you’ll find it. If you want to see what it looks like, go to wfcl.miip.mobi and you can see what’s playing on my show and change the order. Obviously you can’t actually see my show unless you happen to be in Glendora, CA. >>>> Yeah I saw that but I am reluctant to use a time bombed software. If I become reliant on it and the author pulls the plug on supporting it etc. 3) What issue do you have with the calendar? >>>> Its a real pain to do mass deletes or edits. 4) When you start a Show on Demand, if you give an ending time, it will stop at that time and if there scheduled show, the scheduled show will start. If you don’t give an ending time (the box for run it until you tell it to stop), what do you expect it to do - read your mind that you want it to stop? >>>> LOL, no but I like your sarcasm :0) it was very fair....., I'd like the scheduled show to take priority. Let me explain; today you have 2 options; 1) Play until I tell it to stop or 2) Play until this time. I would like a #3, play until a scheduled show is due to start. In this case I wouldn't have to check the schedule to do #2, and a #2 would gracefully end and a #3 would gracefully start.
  8. Actually there are a lot of things I'd like to have added to the scheduler, as it stands it very basic 1) a built in visualize, if there is a show playing, it would be great to know what lights should be flashing. On occasion I swear something should be happening and its not. May be as simple as an RJ45 having fell out but it would be a great frame of reference 2) Jump to next song feature. On occasion I am in one of the short time-outs I build into a show, but there might be a crowd, I'd like to nudge the show forward 3) Sort out the calendar function.... 4) If I start a show early with "show on demand", I'd like to be able to exit the on demand show and enter the schedule show automatically. As it stands, I have to manually exit the on demand show the current scheduler certainly has an air of "oh we haven't looked at that in a while"
  9. ndutton

    50 pixel sequence game

    As Dennis says, make sure your controller is set to control more all pixels in the string. I do what you are talking about all the time and kick myself each time. Remember the sequence is basically a bunch of triggers sent to the controller, if the controller isnt set to do something with all the info. it just effectively just discards the additional info.
  10. ndutton

    Palette Option

    This is a nice color wheel, but I also like to be able to type the RGB color codes https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwiKsNiPtO_XAhVB0mMKHeJMDwEQjRwIBw&url=https%3A%2F%2Fcolor-wheel-artist.com%2Fbasic-color-wheel%2F&psig=AOvVaw0L6PXia1A7EXK_oz7qVXZ3&ust=1512444264833906
  11. ndutton

    Palette Option

    hmm the problem i have is that it feels that the only thing you can do here is click the clicker. the drag around function doesnt feel intuitive. My feeling is that the palette on display here should be the one yopu selected and it should be in the colors and order defined in a palette editor else where. In otherworks, if you click the cogged wheel, you can pick various palettes constructed from a color wheel, you can order the palette there etc. not here.
  12. ndutton

    Palette Option

    thanks matt, thats the answer I needed. I guess I didnt find this intuitive. Dragging the color around or clicking it, particularly when there is a click box next to it that draws you to that. While this works for the timbering, I'd recommend relooking at the flow of this before S5 release.
  13. ndutton

    Palette Option

    too many clicks and people kill services making these threads useless when trying to solve something in the future Suely you have gone to forums to find the perfect answer to then find the link is 404...... Its painful. So I dont do it.
  14. right click the prop (hedge L01) for example. ENABLE channel level on pixel prop. You are caught up in a situation that has foxed a lot of people. The motion effect is the primary thing now. Given people are using a lot of RGB & DMX, the left side of the screen was getting huge. this I believe was a way to lessen that.
  15. ndutton

    Palette Option

    Matt, The forum won't let me put pictures in anymore claiming I only have 10K left.... This is why I can't post bugs/screenshots anymore. I am using pinks and purples in my sequences, not just the basic colors and so a color wheels would make palettes useful. Not being able to change from the basic 5 colors really makes this feature useless for me,