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  1. ndutton

    Bug Report: Spelling

    LOR Version: 5.2.2 Spelling error, Viiew as opposed to View https://www.dropbox.com/s/su3xm2aofw1qssn/2019 02 Spelling.png?dl=0
  2. ndutton

    Preview Expansion

    LOL well crikey..... Only been two years I've struggled
  3. ndutton

    Preview Expansion

    also could you make it so the preview window can "pop out" of the main window. I have dual screens and it would be nice to maximize one screen for sequencing and the other screen for stuff like previews.
  4. ndutton

    S5 DMX sequencing for moving heads

    Matt, Remember the conversation we had last year about creating a prop and how it would be easier for some standard DMX activities setup could be done better at that point. We were talking about LASERs at the time where DMX channels 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 may get you one graphic if set to specific values and a different graphic if set to other values. We spoke that it would just be easier to set up a prop as the graphic then set it up again as another prop for the other graphic as opposed to faffing about with multiple channels and multiple levels in the sequencer. N
  5. ndutton

    Papagayo to LOR S5

    Matt, When are you starting up the next beta runs? Nick
  6. James - OK no problem here it is (ndutton "at" the-brit.com)
  7. Guys, Can I jump in on this one? (I believe you have my contact info already N
  8. ndutton

    Continue The Story In 4 Words...

    Oh F F S
  9. ndutton

    Shout out to JR and Morris

    I whole heartedly agree - Stella job guys!
  10. ndutton

    Songs 2 and 3 With Pyro!!

    I had looked at some of those DMX cold spark generators for a similar effect. I didnt get around to it though: https://www.ebay.com/itm/SF007-COLOR-1-Reusable-DMX-control-COLOR-COLD-PYRO-machine/273440206677?hash=item3faa4e6f55:g:q3kAAOSwq9ZbjT8k:rk:4:pf:0
  11. ndutton


    Interesting you chose to do this. I also did the same thing but used DMX instead of LOR. I think both is a good option. I did find the I had an issue running the DMX as a background sequence, not sure why, but I moved the animations into the main sequences and everything fixed itself - I do need to go back and investigate and that is Q1 2019's task I used this : https://www.ebay.com/itm/16-Channel-DMX-Controller-Relay-Switch-Dimmer-Kit-16-Way-Relay-Switch-DJ-Eq-L6W6-/132698852031?hash=item1ee577cabf Not sure if there are pros/cons either way. I would think the LOR version is more robust/flexible but the DMX version is cheap enough that you can pop them anywhere.
  12. I've actually found S5 sequencer is pretty intuitive, I really didn't need much documentation while using it. The biggest issue's I've found is knowing the shortcuts By comparison - Superstar, that's the one I struggle to use without videos and documents...
  13. ndutton

    Channel Count

    @dibblejr (JR) if it weren't for you I wouldn't have gotten anywhere near as far as I did. I really do appreciate all the help you personally gave me this year... Thanks very much for that.
  14. ndutton

    Channel Count

    @PhilMassey...... because I never actually have managed to 100% finish sequencing anything