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  1. ndutton

    16CCR Sequence into Matrix

    There is no rotation, i wish there was but there isn’t. However here is a cheat for you. You will need version 5 of the lighting suite. Create both the tree and the matrix props. I assume you have the sup file for the tree. I the sequencer “insert superstar effect” on the tree. This will open superstar where you simply open the sup file and then immediately quite superstar. The suerstar sequence will now be done for the tree. Here is how the cheat happens... Now select the matrix and right click to insert a motion effect. Select movie and navigate to the files associated to your sequence. You will find a video in that folder with a cryptic file name - pick that. It’s basically the playback file created by superstar for sequencer. N
  2. ndutton

    Hung Show

    Well i thought preloading fixed it but it hung again tonight, on a totally different song also.... I use LORShow.exe to build the show.
  3. ndutton

    Hung Show

    @rabeiler check out my other thread, i found when i preloaded the sequences my show started doing the right thing. Maybe something to try? ,
  4. ndutton

    Live Show Edits

    I think this was my mistake. Previously i have preloaded the sequences, this year I accidentally had each sequence load as required. I *think* when you preload the sequences they get locked and therefore cant be edited. This year because i forgot to do that i can edit. on a side note since realizing this i went back to a preload situation and the whole show has been a lot more stable and so far hasn’t hung. Might be something to investigate with respect to my other thread. n
  5. ndutton

    anyone have baby shark `16ccr

    Cool, Can I get this to have the megatree join my existing sequence on this?
  6. ndutton

    Hung Show

    i do. I can try without it.
  7. Looks great can i get a copy? ndutton "at" the-brit.com
  8. ndutton

    LOR Scheduler Application

    Jim yes, maybe... That said - software can check for those things. I only highlight stuff like this to make things better. My comments will and should be challenged - so thank you.
  9. ndutton

    Hung Show

    correct, no show running. From a PC. Clicked disable shows immediately, enable schedule, all fixed. Matt - for your questions, i will need to come back to you.
  10. ndutton

    Up and running for Dec 1st 2018

    thanks! I flew my Mavic Pro drone through to do that video. It was quite a challenge through the trees. The drone was complaining that the obstacle avoidance cameras had not enough light, too much light, not enough light, aaaaa too much light. I had to turn the GPS and avoidance off and fly it old school
  11. ndutton

    Hung Show

    OK done (Ticket #758586) however, last night after the show had finished I looked out side and I noticed that ONE of my props was still flashing away (a 16 channel spiral tree). If the show is shut down - where is it getting its command to dance and flicker from? (Not the log does say that the show had ended. Something here is a miss. None of this happened last year during the beta version of 5.x I was using. This is weird.
  12. Comments based on 5.2.2 PRO This is a b it of an annoying bug that I remember from last year but I didn't highlight it then, so I will now. If you have an existing schedule such as: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x7kswo5cteu5rk1/2018 12 - 1 Current schedule.png?dl=0 But then you choose to edit the schedule (right click>edit): https://www.dropbox.com/s/xwzvg6pux5jaort/2018 12 - 2 Edit Option.png?dl=0 You are presented with the editing dialogue box: https://www.dropbox.com/s/51n9epze98o5bjs/2018 12 - 3 Edit settings current.png?dl=0 If at this point you modify the setting ONLY for the day you right clicked over then all works well: https://www.dropbox.com/s/eum3y9d6vjufhof/2018 12 - 3 Edit settings set.png?dl=0 But if you choose to select multiple days via the clickers at the bottom (say, Sat & Sun): https://www.dropbox.com/s/vol940cl6158f6o/2018 12 - 3 Edit settings multiday.png?dl=0 My points the "Add" button in this context is wrong, this is a modification so it should be a "change" or "modify" the error for selecting multiple days, needs handling better. I intentionally wanted to make a multi-day change (hence the clicker at the bottom being selected as such). When selecting multiple clickers at that point it should be highlighted "MULTIPLE DAYS SELECTED" - I personally would prefer this not be another popup, I would prefer the original dialogue box simply show up a red text warning or something like that (I hate to many clicks and nag boxes add at least one with their "OK" button) On a similar point..... When we create a slot 5pm to 10pm for everyday of the week, that is a single operation but lets say I wanted to delete the slot 5pm to 10pm for some reason.... I have to open every single calendar items and delete it one at a time. Why, this doesn't make sense, nothing sticks till I press save anyway?
  13. ndutton

    Hung Show

    Comments based on 5.2.2 PRO @Matt, Yesterday in my "random sequence show" the whole show hung mid song at one point and I shut down the show and restarted it. Laziness took over and rather than debug, it was just one of those things, will move on, Today the same thing happened again, so a quick WTF moment and I realized from the logs that it happened during the same song, coincidence - I doubt it. As such - does it make sense I zip up the whole sequence along with the assets and send it to you somewhere. Its obviously clipping some limit somewhere. Maybe a memory leak or some out of bound operation? thoughts. Nick
  14. ndutton

    Live Show Edits

    So I just tried editing a sequence that was already played sometime ago in an active show right now and it worked. I am *guessing* here but I think that potentially a file doesn't unlock immediately after it is played. There are maybe some clean up tasks or cache clearances that need to happen and I just happen to try and fix something too quickly. More experimentation needed here N P.S. I now also have a random light come on in a published sequence done for test purposes just like you
  15. ndutton

    Live Show Edits

    I am very interested to hear your result, because if you are right I really need to understand what I have done wrong all this time.