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  1. ndutton

    5.1.2 Bugs

    Yeah ok. Well I exported the network config file, opened it on another machine running 5.1.0, exported it from that machine and then imported it on the 5.1.2 machine. The problem went away on doing that.
  2. ndutton

    5.1.2 Bugs

    I may have found a bug(s) in 5.1.2 can someone repo and confirm? Open Network Preferences Be in DMX tab Be in advanced mode Click any of the available Adapter/IP Addresses as though you are about to enter a new address Crash Alternate: Open Network Preferences click simple mode crash Runtime error'-2147417848 (80010108)': Automation error The object invoked has disconnected from its clients
  3. ndutton

    Tom Petty

    Does anyone have any Tom Petty sequences? Runnin' down a dream would be awesome (face/matrix/tree?)
  4. Can I get a copy of this?
  5. ndutton

    4 songs from my show using S5

    Very attractive display
  6. ndutton

    Back In Black ACDC Lms Faces Pixel Tree Matrix

    James can I get this, but can I also get the Thunderstruck sequence?
  7. ndutton

    5.0.24 RC2 Reports

    Ok, my feedback here are s that the mp3 to wav thing could be transparent. The file name is really confusing and not something a user needs to see IMHO. with respect the audio disconnect, all I have to do is press the OK on the error message and everything is fixed. That could likely be automated, but the annoying thing is that the window is always hidden by the seq window
  8. ndutton

    5.0.24 RC2 Reports

    Matt - I am still having that popup issue with the 5.1.0 where the popup is hidden behind the active window. It also still continues to to have a very strange file/folder structure (see screen shot https://www.dropbox.com/s/23r42h4h7cf7m9j/20180802Issue.png?dl=0), there appears to be a bit of duplication which I tried to highlight with the red/blue.
  9. James - I just saw you are sharing a faces/megatree/matrix sequence here; if you are still open to share - I'll take the sequence? Nick
  10. ndutton

    5.0.24 RC2 Reports

    Understood - but I think it need to change to a cross hair or something "planned" the empty field made me spend hours believing that I was running into a corrupt file.
  11. ndutton

    Now Sharing ~ Snowman ~ Sia singing face

    JR - Can I join the list ?
  12. ndutton

    5.0.24 RC2 Reports

    baaaaaa - I rebuilt the sequence and then found this happens when you use the zoom in/out - it depopulates I guess in an effort to declutter the screen (even thought this would still be legible.)
  13. ndutton

    Africa Xmas Songs

    I saw your glee version thats good too. I can go with that, saves duplicate effort.
  14. ndutton

    Africa Xmas Songs

    Yeah thats quite different from the original 1984 Africa charity version but I dont think that is a problem. adds an interesting twist
  15. ndutton

    5.0.24 RC2 Reports

    Found New issue happening on RC2 where the props are not populating in the sequencer: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jsk9b25j6w0q53z/Props with no reference.png?dl=0