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  1. Bob, Could you please explain why you add I thought Multicast runs on 239.255.x.x? I'm sure I am missing something.
  2. Anyone know of a way to easily change an RGB color across an entire sequence? I have many channels with a shade of green that has too much blue in it and I want to replace with something else.
  3. wilmesfamilylights wrote: About a week ago it was raining for about two days. 80% of my mega tree was out as was 25% of my house lights due to GFCI's tripping constantly. I was seriously thinking about removing all my GFI's so that my display could run without any components being out. Once the rain stopped I was able to get everything working again. A few nights later I looked out my window and saw a family with 3 or 4 small children watching my display from the sidewalk. The children walked up to my mega tree and mini trees and started touching the lights (not something I liked). It made me think about the GFCI's again, I was glad that I didn't remove them because if God forbid one of the children would have gotten zapped my GFCI's would have tripped. Bottom line, the life of a child is not worth a few hours of my display working in the rain. Just my two cents.
  4. Nice! Do you have any closeup shots of your mega tree? What are you using for your center pole?
  5. Thanks but this is a bare XP machine. Nothing except XP and LOR installed.
  6. Previously I was having issues with 3.1.2 so I did a fresh install of XP and then installed 3.1.4. My show ran fine for the last few days but tonight my show suddenly stopped after running for about 20 minutes. Once I noticed the show had stopped I went to the show controller pc and found that LORMonitor and LORTray where listed as not responding in the task manager. CPU was 100% and memory usage was around 120 meg. I rebooted the machine by doing a hard reboot because going to start > restart did not respond. Again, this is a clean install of XP Pro with no antivirus or any other apps running on it. Any ideas?
  7. Last year I had the same type of issue. What I did was create a short 10 second sequence with all channels off. I created a new show called AllOff and then set the show scheduler to play the show with the AllOff sequence every 30 minutes(outside of the normal show times of course).
  8. You can make one using #12 cable and a 20 amp plug....both available at Lowes, Home Depot etc.
  9. I just heard back from HolidayCoro. They are fixing my issue ASAP. It's great when companies offer such great service.
  10. wbottomley wrote: Thanks, I tried that but have not heard back yet and I wanted to send a follow up directly instead of using the web form because my deadline is approaching.
  11. I'm looking for an email adress for HolidayCoro. I have an urgent question about a problem with an order and I submitted an email via their webform but I'd also like to follow up with a direct email.


    The neutral wires can go in any order although most people install them in the same order as the positive. I build all of my boards and they take about an hour to assemble. If you take your time and read the directions it is very easy. Making sure the components are oriented properly is the most difficult part. I made a short video of my last board assembly. http://christmasonsunset.com/blog/post/CTB16PC-board-assembly
  13. I think your sequencing is great. The only change I would make is line your windows with lights. The right of the house has lights on the door and garage doors and the left of your house (windows) doesnt have any. Just my two cents. Looks great as is.
  14. If you can find one of the Belkin tunecasts somewhere you might be able to pull this off quickly. Maybe use amazon next day shipping???
  15. I did the same thing on my first board. Thank goodness for Dan and crew.
  16. Wow, looks you like you have great weather to start with.
  17. I'm not sure if this pertains to LOR boards but I wanted to point out that with most firmware upgrades (like in PC's) you want to make sure that you dont loose power when the firmware is being updated. What I do is plug my device into a UPS (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uninterruptible_power_supply) just in case the power goes out. I've also done this in the past with my LOR boards....maybe it's overkill but better safe than sorry.
  18. Big_Al wrote: Nice work!
  19. imawlkr2 wrote: I've done this for the last 3 years without a problem. As always, keep the plugs up off the ground to avoid shorts and you should be good to go!
  20. Tim Fischer wrote: I agree 1000%!
  21. I reuse my lights every year and have been doing so with only a few minor problems each year.
  22. Last night my show finished at 10:30pm and all the lights turned off. When I went to bed at 1:30am all the lights were still off. At 3:00 I woke up and some of the lights were either full on or flickering. I checked the show computer and no shows were running so I used the hardware utility to send off commands to all the controller and everything turned off. I can't figured out what turned the lights on. Anyone ever have anything like this happen before?
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