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  1. I'm looking for songs and sequences for my Fourth Of July show. tonybiviano@hotmail.com. Thanks!!!!!!!!
  2. Installed LOR on a new laptop but can't get the sequence editor to sync with visualizer. I double checked that the channel configurations/assignments are the same
  3. I'm looking for the following sequences (with singing face preferred, but not necessary): This is Halloween Ghostbusters Theme Song Devil Went Down to Georgia Werewolves of London Time Warp tonybiviano@hotmail.com Thanks!!
  4. tonybiviano

    Devil Went Down to Georgia

    Will you share this sequence? tonybiviano@hotmail.com Thanks!
  5. Will you share your sequences with me please? tonybiviano@hotmail.com Thanks!
  6. tonybiviano

    16 Channel Halloween Sequences

    Will you please share your sequences with me? tonybiviano@hotmail.com Thanks!
  7. tonybiviano

    The Walking Dead Theme Song

    Will you share this sequence with me James? tonybiviano@hotmail.com Thanks!
  8. tonybiviano

    Why can't I insert timings???????????

    I forget which I had but now I have v4.3.24 Standard
  9. tonybiviano

    Why can't I insert timings???????????

    I'm trying to right click, insert timing but all the options are gray rather than black
  10. I just upgraded my software and now it won't let me insert timings. What am I doing wrong???
  11. tonybiviano

    24K Magic by Bruno Mars... Who's got it??

    Thank you for your offer. I'm working on it now for Halloween and Christmas. I'll share with all when I finish. If anyone beats me to it, please email me tonybiviano@hotmail.com! Thanks!
  12. tonybiviano

    24K Magic by Bruno Mars... Who's got it??

    What's your email? I have a clean version
  13. tonybiviano

    24K Magic by Bruno Mars... Who's got it??

  14. I'm searching for a sequence for 24K Magic by Bruno Mars. Please email tonybiviano@hotmail.com
  15. tonybiviano

    24K Magic by Bruno Mars

    Do you have the sequence for Bruno Mars 24K Magic? I'd love a copy! tonybiviano@hotmail.com