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  1. Looking for an easy mega tree kit that has most of the necessary parts included! Help!
  2. I'm looking for: Dominic the Donkey Jingle Bells Batman Smells All Relient K Christmas Songs, 12 Days of Christmas in particular
  3. I'm totally down for some techno sequences. tonybiviano@hotmail.com
  4. I would love to have this! tonybiviano@hotmail.com! Thanks!
  5. I would love a copy! tonybiviano@hotmail.com
  6. I would love a copy of Dominic the Donkey and any sequences you feel like sharing. Thanks! tonybiviano@Hotmail.com
  7. Looking for Relient K 12 Days of Christmas! Please help! tonybiviano@hotmail.com
  8. I'm looking for songs and sequences for my Fourth Of July show. tonybiviano@hotmail.com. Thanks!!!!!!!!
  9. Installed LOR on a new laptop but can't get the sequence editor to sync with visualizer. I double checked that the channel configurations/assignments are the same
  10. I'm looking for the following sequences (with singing face preferred, but not necessary): This is Halloween Ghostbusters Theme Song Devil Went Down to Georgia Werewolves of London Time Warp tonybiviano@hotmail.com Thanks!!
  11. Will you share this sequence? tonybiviano@hotmail.com Thanks!
  12. Will you share your sequences with me please? tonybiviano@hotmail.com Thanks!
  13. Will you please share your sequences with me? tonybiviano@hotmail.com Thanks!
  14. Will you share this sequence with me James? tonybiviano@hotmail.com Thanks!
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