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  1. I would love to have a copy of these too, please markrash1@yahoo.com
  2. James and Radaman, could I also please get a copy of your sequence? markrash1@yahoo.com
  3. I would also love to have a copy please: markrash1@yahoo.com
  4. What's happening on that controller is different from the other controllers. I believe that the voltage is leaking into pin 4 where only data should be. The voltage should be on pins 3 & 6 (4&5 are data).
  5. One of my 8 CTBPC16 controllers is leaking 4.5v DC voltage through pins 4 & 6 of the ethernet control cable. It is happening in both of the connectors. I suspect this voltage "noise" is causing some of the channels in controllers downstream to stay stuck on randomly. Can anyone tell me what I need to look for on the board or what has failed that is letting voltage leak into the ethernet cable connectors?
  6. Buy 1x2 wood strips 8' long. Tack them up around where you want the lights and then staple the lights to those strips.
  7. markrvp

    Rookie Mistake.

    You can also run your brighter bulbs at 75-80% brightness to even things out.
  8. Does anyone know of a case where a copyright holder either filed suit or sent a Cease & Desist order to a business with an animated light display? And just for peace of mind, do we know of any older versions of classic Christmas songs that are not copyrighted which someone could use in a show without fear of copyright infringement?
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