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  1. I am having difficulty getting my G3-MP3 Director to play dual networks. I have just added a CCR Mega Tree and I am trying to run it using AUX-A while using the Reg network to run my other controllers. The Network 1 socket has a linker plugged into it, and communicates to 5 other linkers running 16 channel controllers. I have a network cable plugged into the Network 2 socket and with the other end plugged in to the CCR Tree controller. However when I play a sequence that simply turns all lights on, all the controllers on the Reg network come on but the CCR tree does not come on. I have modified the CCR Tree sequence to not use AUX-A and run it alone, after moving the network cable and it comes on just fine, so I know the controller ID is fine. In the combo sequence I have tried setting network preferences to use Comm 5 for AUX-A, and I tried COMM 8 for AUX-A, When I do this nothing comes on. Anyone have an idea what I am missing. Oh, I am using the Simple show builder to set up the show, if that matters. Thanks for any suggestions.
  2. Hi, I have just received me 12 ribbon tree with Pixie 16 Controller. I have never used this unit before and I am confused as to what software I should be using to configure it, and hen run it. I have LOR 4.3.14 installed. However the Pixie User Guide says I need 4.3.15 or higher. I read the Pixie User Guide online and, though it is date stamped the same as my hard copy, it says 4.3.16 or higher. However when I try to download the software all I can find is 4.3.14. How do I get 4.3.16?
  3. Genius, thank you. That fixed the error. I have never worked with animations before, only music sequences. I truly appreciate your response. K.
  4. I purchased a couple of sequences from eBay. The sequence opens and plays fine. I can even edit and do everything, but every time I open it it complains that it can't find the background image file. It displays the location for the file. The file is supposed to be an image of the sellers house. I can't find anything in the Help about getting rid of the image file. Does anyone know how to do this? I have never added an image file, except to the visualizer.
  5. OOHhhhhh!! I hadn't noticed that "Filler" option in the Action to take. I only read "Lights On" and "Lights Off". My eyes skipped right over "Filler". Now I get it. Thanks for pointing that out so clearly even I couldn't miss it. I'll set that up tomorrow and see how it works.
  6. I have a Kingston Mini SDHC, Class 4 I believe and a SANDISK SDHC Also Class 4
  7. Hi Don, I am a tad confused. I don't understand how to create a filler sequence. I have created a sequence that is 1 minute long that simply turns on all lights. I then add it in to my presentation as a show that runs after my regular show. It is set to run from 9L30pm until 11:00 pm and it repeats continuously. But what I need and what I think you are telling me, is a sequence to place in my regular show, with my other 6 musical sequences, and have it run repeatedly. But I don't schedule a sequence, I just schedule a show. And the regular show runs from 6pm until 9:30 pm. How do I add a filler sequence? Or do I schedule a second show over top of the regular show and it will play in between the hourly runs? I haven't tried that, I assumed only one show would run at a time, and the regular one is running from 6 to 9:30. And thank you for your suggestions. It is appreciated.
  8. Okay, I guess I would create that sequence for a 45 minute period? Then have it run as the last sequence in the show. I am assuming the "Run every Hour" will override on the hour and start the show again. Is that about right? (The regular show runs for about 15-16 minutes right now.)
  9. I have a G3-MPS Director that works great, as long as I use the 4GB SDHC chip that came with it. I purchased a new 8GB SDHC Chip and a 8GB Mini SDHC Chip with adapter. I tried using these new chips to transfer shows to the G3-MP3, but for some reason the G3-MP3 does not accept them. After an overly long period with INIT displayed on the G3-MP3, I get an Err. Other than with the G3-MP3, the SD cards both work fine.
  10. To add them: I used the Superstar Sequencer to build a sequence for the song I have. I then saved, and then exported the sequence (to a .lms). I then opened up my regular sequence in the Sequence editor, created two new devices, one for each unit. My regular sequence has three units, 01,02,and 03. I numbered the two CCRs 0A and 0B. I numbered the two new devices as 0A and 0B. Keeping the regular sequence open, I opened up the new sequence I had previously exported. I then highlighted and copied the two channels (devices). Then clicked on the regular sequence Tab. The new devices showed one long cell for each device. I clicked on the first cell (which is the length of the whole song) and pasted the two devices. I am able to expand each device and I can see the different cells colored as I expected to see. This is the only song that I have built a sequence for. In all my other songs I created the two devices, then expanded them, made sure nothing was turned on and simply saved as is. During the one song where I have a sequence, the CCRs behave perfectly. And while the other 5 songs play the CCRs are both completely out, as they should be. But in the time between hourly shows, I am getting the first foot or so lighting up. The song with the CCR sequence is 3rd in a show of 6 songs. Oh, I also have three shows that play back to back. The actual show plays in the middle. I have two other shows that are one minute long, but run continuously, repeating for a couple of hours on either side of the true show. Basically a lights on show. For this show I followed the same steps, exporting and opening and cutting and pasting. I had the CCR do a snowfall (my gracious description) for the duration. This worked fine as well in the starting show. But in the following show, all I get is the 1 foot lit up again.
  11. Hi, I just added two CCR ribbons to my regular LOR show for the first time. During a song I am able to play use the CCR, and it looks great. The show is 6 songs long and takes about 15 minutes to play. I have the show set to run every hour and between shows I turn "All Lights On". However the CCR does not come on completely. Only the first foot or so lights up. I wanted the whole ribbon to light up. I'd even be okay if none of it came on, but a foot looks terrible. Any idea what I am doing wrong?
  12. How many controllers or how many channels in total?
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