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  1. Anyone find heavy duty (nice) clips for CCB's? Thanks, Chris
  2. Hi folks I am starting to put together my show and have a question for you all..... I bought some segments from the Demented Elf and want to put the announcements radio etc before in the middle and at the end of the show. An example would be a spot for being kind to our neighbors..... you know the drill. I know some people use software called Zara, but I'm looking for an easy solution to put the show together without making myself any crazier than I already am.. HELP!! Best, Chris
  3. Thanks so much Ron! Yeah...that makes sense. Wow..I was getting all kinds of crazy stuff on the Sequence. I'm at work right now, but after I get home and connect to the e682 and change those settings, I assume that I press the update button on the far right for the changes to take effect? I really appreciate the help Ron! I've seen you in the forums helping so many people figure all this crazy stuff out, and we as a community very much appreciate people like you. Best, Chris
  4. Hi PPl I'm hoping someone can help me out with my problem. I just built my 12 ccr tree this weekend and tried a sequence tonight, which didn't work quite right. The animation/morphs etc were not all in the right places. I'm using a Sandevice 692 Pixel 1 system which was already put together. I think that possibly my E682 isn't configured right for my sequences or visa versa..... Any help will be much appreciated. I am including a picture of the san controller setup page. If I need to send one of my sequences we can exchange emails. chris_stratis@live.com Regards, Chris
  5. Nice Pics Ron.. ty. Can you buy the half circle that goes around the pole and attaches to the superstrut? Also.. for the 2d tree would you just attach a shorter piece of superstrut at the top as well?
  6. Actually I need to modify the base and structure for a 12CCR. I need a fairly straight brace at the bottom and top to attach the banding for a CCR. Since it's not a 180 or 360 tree. Ron, Do you have pics of your CCR tree? Was it done with banding?
  7. Great instructions! Thank you so much. I'm building mine with the banding as per instructions. Chris
  8. Thanks Robert, My post didn't work for some reason.
  9. The plastic banding sounds like a great idea. Does anyone have pictures of their tree? Also, how did you get tension? I'm hoping I can do this rather than building an aluminum frame. Are you guys still using a 1-1/4-1/2 center post? maybe a center post such as http://www.christmaslightshow.com/Christmas-lights-music-house.html with http://www.christmaslightshow.com/20-mega-tree-anchor-kit-includes-4-32-guy-wires-and-4-ground-anchors.html I appreciate the input Thanks, Chris
  10. Hi Holiday light enthusiasts!!! I had an idea this morning for a new way to set up a CCR tree. What do you think of 1/2-5/8 metal packing straps?http://www.uline.com/Product/Detail/S-1644/Steel-Strapping/1-2-x-023-x-2688-High-Tensile-Steel-Strapping It's inexpensive and very strong. I thought about securing it to the ground with hooks and a tension turnbuckle ...A 1 1/2 inch x 18'Post for the height and star, with a cross brace with hooks to secure it to the top. From there you can ziptie the Strips and voila! you gave a strong, light CCR tree that should stand up to high winds, snow etc. /Looks like tensile strength is from 1400-2200 lbs........ Please give me your thoughts and ideas to make this idea a reality. Best, Chris
  11. Good Friday to everyone on the forums! I just wanted to show you all the new sequence from Dave Torres The links are for the 12 CCR version and the 16 CCR version. Please keep in mind that the videos were made using Microsoft Expression and don't have the color or frame rate that will truly show how magnificent these sequences really are. I hope that everyone is inspired by the work that Dave is doing with Brian's software and supports him in his work. Dave continues to amaze us with his animation and his innovative use of morphs. I am a huge fan and I hope you are too. 12 CCR http://youtu.be/DhTh4FRXGcs 16 CCR http://youtu.be/zza80gx7WTQ
  12. Hello everyone. I could use some help.... I have CCR strips from Ray Wu. I will be buying the San E682, but don't have that yet. I am starting to sequence my house CCR tree etc. Adding a lor CCR strip in sequence editor is easy, but I have no idea how to add CCR's into my sequence editor if it will be controlled by an E682. 1) add device 2) ? DMX? No idea how to cut and paste my 12 CCR sequence into that mess Any help would be appreciated. Chris
  13. Dave is an amazing animator with SS, as well as just being a super guy! Great job again my friend
  14. Thanks DJR, Yes I know Dave posted it for feedback. I posted the eBay link. Regards, Chris
  15. Hi Extreme Christmas lighting enthusiasts, This is a heart warming, custom made sequence of Trans-Siberian Orchestra's, Christmas Cannon. The sequence was created using the Light-O-Rama Superstar Sequence software and is designed for use on a 16 Color Cosmic Ribbon Tree and also includes sequencing for a 6 Channel Star. Love to hear some feedback. Thanks, Chris http://www.ebay.com/itm/221375705339?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  16. I would like to add CCR's in pex on the house roof/eves. Any suggestions on how to take turns etc? I assume it would be easier with dumb strips. Would you suggest cutting the strips then just sealing the ends? Also..... Where can I get replacement ends for my extra cut pieces to solder on that will work with a lor or dmx controller. How do you guys power a roofline too.....? Any help would be appreciated Chris chris_stratis@live.com
  17. Anyone doing this on their house? Around windows? If you put pex on your gutters with CCR in it, how do you take turns etc?
  18. Eddy, Amazing home display! Did you use CCP or CCB on your roof? How do you attach them please. Also...how many CC strings can you connect together? Thanks, Chris
  19. Is everyone building these 12" apart at the bottom? Would a little closer be higher definition? Thanks, Chris
  20. Hello people, I'm new to this forum as well as being new to extreme decorating Please forgive my ignorance. This will be my first year 2014... I will be using LOR software and controllers for much of the display, but I understand many people use Ray Wu for CCR strips and CCP too. My question is, if I buy thise CCP from Ray..which ones? (please add link) and where do you get the ends for them. I would like smart strips but have no idea how to control them without buying LOR plug and play ribbons. I've heard that San controllers are good but have no idea how you incorporate them into your LOR system. I'm no electrician or programmer..lol..so please respond with layman terms...pleeeez. Best, Chris
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