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  1. Dave.. awesome! You captured the beat and feel so well! It gave me chills.. damn! Great job buddy. C'
  2. A note on the above comment (Dave hates when I say he's the best). * All above commens are the humble opinion of this author. I'll let the Christmas community be the judge. I in no way want to take anything away from any other talented people out there doing great work,. wherever they may be. Sincerely, Chris
  3. Wow! What a nice thing to say! Thanks. I learned from the best DAVE <------- I'm glad everyone is enjoying our work. Robert Dave and myself work really hard to bring great stuff for you guys to sequence your houses to. I know how cool it is to put up the CCR and Quartet sequences with your show and watch how thrilled people are. Fun! Chris
  4. Thanks Jeff, I appreciate the effort you went to to find the sequence.
  5. Thanks Jeff and tmeyermn! Dave did a really great job as usual on Mad, and I am responsible for the other mess..hahaha Chris
  6. Super work Dave!! great images too It's a really fun sequence. Chris
  7. Nice! Thanks for the support everyone! I'm glad you like my work and everyone else' s at "Team Holiday Cheers, Chris Christmas
  8. Finished tonight.... hint # 2 __________mas
  9. Thanks Dave and tomsusie! Yeah.. it is an image rich song. Usually there are areas that morphs work well in, but Judy's lyrics made me pull out an image arsenal.. hahaha. Working on another great song right now.... no hints............. Chris
  10. Thanks Robert and everyone that likes the sequence! It made me smile to see Judy's comment. Chris
  11. Thank you everyone! I'm thrilled to be a part of such a talented team and know that because Robert and Dave are so great at what they already do, it just challenges me to always strive to improve myself. I had a friend/client send me a video of one of my latest sequences recently and because it was the first time seeing it on an actual CCR tree, I was smiles from ear to ear. Hahahaha. It's fun to see our work come to life in a show. Cheers, Chris
  12. Incredible as usual Dave!! I love the Bi-Plane! I'm not sure how you always swing and hit it out of the park. I do know however that you inspire me to keep trying to better myself and my sequencing. Chris lol..opps.. you too Robert
  13. Dave, I am always amazed at the quality of your work! You inspire me to be better at sequencing every time I see your work.. What a fun and crazy sequence! Fun, imaginative and well executed! AWESOME! Chris
  14. Dave Awesome job as usual! You're so creative and the images had me laughing so hard.. omg!!! A definite in my show this year! Chris Hahaha.. we are talking about the newest new one.. Can Can right?
  15. Thanks Saxon, Did you use pixel strips, cut and solder them, or drill the pvc and insert nodes?
  16. Any tips on outlining windows with smart strips or nodes? Chris
  17. Hi guys and gals, Does anyone have a prop for a 50 pixel straight string to use in the visualizer that uses DMX? Thanks, Chris
  18. Would love a copy of drummer please Chris chris_stratis@live.com
  19. Thanks everyone!Seems like what you guys are saying makes sense. I'm expecting some traffic, but I am at the end of a cul de sac which may make for issues...idk.I have enough for around an hour... but may make a few different mixed "shows" to get people to move on....Chris
  20. Hi everyone Just wanted to throw out a general question for everyone.... I'm setting up my show for this Christmas and was wondering what show length has worked best for you all? I was thinking of 25 minute shows with 5 minutes between...... What has been your experience? Too long? Too short? Just right? Thanks, Chris
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