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  1. Hey everyone! I am confused as to what is the best settings for exporting when using DMX (San) controllers and non LOR (Ray strips). Some say to use Raw colors.. Brian says not to,... Balanced versus full range? cool/warm white............ I would really appreciate some different opinions from those of you that are knowledgeable in DMX. Thanks in advance, Chris
  2. Thanks How about the smooth ramp setting? Thanks again for the quick response
  3. Is there a difference when exporting for a dmx controller. What then are the best settings to see the true colors you chose when making the sequence? Balanced versus full....smooth ramps? Stay away from raw? 2811 strips with a San 682 Thanks Sorry. ...I don't care what it looks like in the sequence editor.. only on the dmx pixel tree. Thanks in advance Chris
  4. Thanks Jeff! This sequence is the result of a lot of hard work by Dave and myself. It was fun collaborating with Dave to make this sequence turn out as amazing as it did. Chris
  5. Thanks Jerry! We appreciate your patronage! The Rudolph is a great sequence. We have the Gene Autry version on the website and the Alan Jackson version on eBay. Chris
  6. Thanks for asking! That's one that is only on eBay...same with the minions. http://www.ebay.com/itm/221844695121?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Chris
  7. Thanks all! I'm glad you like the sequence. Jingle Jingle This was a great year for Team Holiday. Robert Dave and myself worked really hard to bring you the quality sequences that you have come to expect from us. Hopefully we surprised you with some great new animations and effects as well as the song choices that we chose to sequence. Star Wars was a last minute addition for us and we were really happy with all the positive response to both of those sequences. Thanks for your continued support, Chris
  8. Thanks Guys I still have that song in my head... tippy tup tup tup.. look at that frosty go....... Chris
  9. Thanks Jeff! I like this latest one a lot! Some really great scenes. BTW... Darth is a real bear to draw.. haha...he's just so Dark Can't wait to see them on a lit CCR tree. Maybe someone will set up a tree for Halloween and use both? Chris
  10. Use Microsoft Expression screen capture for your video. It's free
  11. Hi all Other than those above mentioned sequences, I just posted 2 star Wars sequences that would be great for Halloween. I have been talking with Robert and I wanted to let everyone know that we decided that we would create Halloween Matrix sequences for next season. We plan to have close to 50 by Halloween of next year. I am sure this will please many people. Sincerely, Chris
  12. Thanks Jeff and dougd! You guys are great. I took a couple days off from sequencing and am sitting down to the next one now. All your nice comments inspire me to make great sequences. Thanks again everyone. Chris
  13. Thanks for the nice comments everyone! I'm really happy with how it came out. The 12 version of course does miss out on the 4 strands, but I crunch things in and move the graphics so that it is still great. You can't really just eliminate the outer strands and have it look like my 12 CCR version. I wish it was that easy. If you are good with Superstar, you can use a program called Caffeine that will help you convert it to 12. You still need to go in and fix some things, but when we create these sequences, we really try to make them 12 CCR friendly. I personally run a 12 CCR tree due to space constraints in my yard.. Thanks again, Chris
  14. Woot!! I always wanted to be a ROCK STAR!!!!!!!! Ok... sign me up for the groupies..hahahaha Thanks Deb
  15. Thanks guys! You all always have such nice things to say about our sequences. I'm guilty as charged on these two. So happy you like them. Chris
  16. Holding back..lol..really? This place is like a sweat shop of sequencing without the Ramen. This hamster wheel is rockin sir! I'm thinking that a blue pill for the site may do the trick?
  17. Is my GPS correct.. This is the Vendor Market Place yes? hahahaha Thanks Jeff. We really appreciate all the positive feedback from, you all. It's hard to keep putting out fresh sequences, but when we have such a great audience it really helps keep us motivated to push harder.....Plus that dang Dave keeps me on my toes! Ya think he's a hard act to follow? Then you have Robert.... nobody does faces like him... Sheesh! Go Team!!
  18. Dave, Bang up job on Grinch buddy! Friggin awesome images. You're a true artist Sir! Chris
  19. The only training you're getting Jeff is training wheels.. hahahaha. Thanks Jeff for the Kudo's
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