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    I'm interested in RGB and animating my Christmas display
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    Saw a few shows...then web search.
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  1. boisechris

    New Christmas and Halloween Sequences

    Wow! What a nice compliment Al! I'm glad you enjoyed those. I always feel like I have to pay special attention to sequences done to religious songs. Thanks Chris
  2. boisechris

    New Christmas and Halloween Sequences

    Thanks for the catch BYRG. Sometimes we miss things. Chris
  3. boisechris

    New Christmas and Halloween Sequences

    BYRG, I originally sequenced that for a 24 matrix. The spacing is tight and his body has no male parts, but does have a belly button. When I converted it to the CCR, because of spacing I guess Mr happy made an appearance...haha... oops! Will be on that first thing in the morning, but you let me know if you want me to keep one for you un-touched...hahaha Chris
  4. boisechris

    Superstar Add-On Fire Sequence

    I may know how to? example... this is usually smoother but was run through sequence editor rather than through show.... https://holidaysequences.wistia.com/medias/cjywcianrg
  5. boisechris

    New Items and Sequences

    Team Holiday has had a very very busy year so far! I hope that everyone is enjoying our new sequences and RGB products we have been rolling out. Robert has been working tirelessly to make sure the holiday lighting community had a wonderful choice of QUALITY SEQUENCES, great equipment and new innovative props.... I think He's holding out though........ I know that I've seen pictures and video of a Starburt prop......... Drum roll please.................................................................. Robert? Hahahahahah, Chris
  6. boisechris

    Items for sale - great deals

    I would like 3 - LOR CMB24D please chris_stratis@live.com Chris
  7. boisechris

    New 6 Channel RGB Star and Sequences

  8. boisechris

    Halloween Matrix Sequence

    Thanks Jeff! Have at it.. hahaha. I made myself crazy enough in Superstar. A Pixel tree just seems like a funky shape for a Halloween sequence IMHO. We are working really hard to make these happen on a Hi-Def type prop, that's affordable. I know that you of all ppl know how much work goes into these things. I think I spend an average of 40 hours or more on a sequence Tree or Matrix, but I may be slow,, hahahah... Ok.. back to the current project.................. Cheers, Chris
  9. boisechris

    Halloween Matrix Sequence

    Was made entirely in Superstar. Pure LOR?
  10. boisechris

    Halloween Matrix Sequence

    NVM Jerry.. I get what you were saying.. convert the prop..dohhhh
  11. boisechris

    Halloween Matrix Sequence

    Jerry... Convert it to a 24 string matrix? It is already a 24 x 50 matrix. Thanks Jeff! It was a fun one to make. Thanks, Chris
  12. boisechris

    Halloween Matrix Sequence

    Thanks Deb! Actually, get with Robert on what you need. We will have the thick coro board, controller etc... and it will be best with nodes. OK.... working on the next one right now.....
  13. boisechris

    4th of July Matrix

    Hey Andy! Glad you are enjoying the sequences. I can only take credit for the last one..Toby Keith. Dave did an awesome job on all the others. Chris
  14. boisechris

    New 12 and 16 Ribbon Sequences Available

    thechristmastroy.... ? That's what we make.. LOR CCR sequences and Pixel sequences...
  15. boisechris

    New 12 and 16 Ribbon Sequences Available

    I'm sorry, I didn't mean to confuse you. The controller from Holiday Coro is a E1:31 pixel controller. It is plugged into your ethernet port. It is not a light o rama controller which has macro channels and such. Yes.. It will work in your light o rama show. Your other controllers will be connected through your usb ports and the 485 dongle from LOR. What you want to order is the pixel sequences. Yes again you can buy non pixel based sequences and just copy and paste everything except for the macro channels. Doesn't take much time to do that. The Pixel tree will be setup on your sequence editor "Master Sequence Template". Steep learning curve and lots of great ppl to help you out. Chris thanks Ron..didn't see your reply