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  1. Would love 16 channel sequences too! I favor the "faster" songs like TSO over older, slower traditional songs. So if you Might have some please send. Thanks so much! Mikedl55423@gmail.com
  2. Disco Santa

    Can you send me a copy? Thanks in advance! Mikedl55423@gmail.com
  3. New Year Eves Bon Jovi

    James, yes please. mikedl55423@gmail.com
  4. New Year Eves 80 Montage

    James... can you send to me as well! thanks! mikedl55423@gmail.com
  5. Would be a great to get that link as well! thanks!
  6. Shut Up and Dance With Me

    Sarge, can i get a copy? Mikedl55423@gmail.com Thanks
  7. License and number of 'seats' allowed.

    Both are great complete answers... thank you!
  8. A question about number of seats (computers) one can use a single LOR software license on. If you load it on five computers but then one computer goes bad do you ever get that 'seat' back? Does it just count how many it was installed on and doesnt care about how many 'seats' are active? If i want to install LOR on another computer do i have buy a whole new license equal to the one i have and then end up with four extra 'seats'? Thanks for any clarification.
  9. Winter Wonderland Brooks & Dunn

    Please send this way! Thanks James! mikedl55423@gmail.com
  10. ISO: Dont Stop The SantaMan

    Anyone have Dont Stop the Santaman sequence completed? If so, willing to share? (I'm using 48 channels) Thanks! Mike mikedl55423@gmail.com
  11. Ill be accepting donations for the local Childrens hospital this year and this is their theme song. Has anyone sequenced it yet? Ill be using 48 channels. Thanks! Mike
  12. FS maybe

    Next, if any become available. thanks! mike
  13. Any chance anyone has done sequences for Thunderstruck, Enter Sandman &/or Sad But True? Preferable in 16, 32 or 48 channels but of course will work with any. Thanks in advance! email: mikedl55423@gmail.com mike
  14. ACDC TNT sequence

    james: same as above, any acdc would be great! i sent you a msg on here as well mikedl55423@gmail.com