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  1. Mega Tree star controller cable length

    If you're running 12v you should be ok having the controller on the ground. I've found that 20-25' has been pretty safe. If you want you can add a null pixel inline or consider power injection, totally up to you. I've been getting crisp white out to 25' without any help. Z
  2. Fixtures, Props, and Pixels?

    I can't agree more. My viewers always like the hand done ones overall, but like the chases that SS does. I'm trying to wrap my head around building a prop in the visualizer before building it in real life. I'm laying out a 16.5' tall 16 leg megatree right now for real life construction. Funny thing is I created my visualizer and channel list with regular led's my first year before I hung a single string. Pixels are just still a different animal to me still. Thanks for the input everyone, Z
  3. Fixtures, Props, and Pixels?

    Do to a critical time crunch last year I had to do one song with the Instant Sequencer. I liked the effects but not necessarily what happened when and where. Last year was only my second year and adding thousands of pixels was probably a little too adventurous. I spent from February until Setember building props and controllers which left a small window for channel setup and sequencing. I'm going to have much more time to play with SS and PE this year. Thanks for the input, I'm glad to hear that I don't need to redo my entire channel list again. Z
  4. Okay, I've had my time off from Christmas and getting back to it full speed. I've read a bunch of stuff that has explained the difference between a fixture and a prop. Everything seems to refer to fixtures as an entire string or strings of lights. I was unable to find any info on pixels. Do I create a fixture for every pixel that is used in a particular prop or section of a prop? When I used superstar to do an instant sequence every song looked the same. Is this just the nature of the software or is my terrible fixture/prop channel designation the culprit? I had Brian tie into my show computer and he seemed to giggle at my channel list (in the nicest not insulting way). I have a fairly complicated roof system, several vertical parts, a big round top window, 2 mega wreaths (100 pixels each), 8 fifty pixel leaping arches, a twelve leg mega tree, and a 700 pixel matrix. If I create roughly 2000 fixtures for every pixel and group them with the appropriate prop will I see better results from superstar? Please share your vast knowledge, unless this didn't make any sense, in which case push me in the correct direction. Thanks in advance, Z
  5. Hi everyone! Now that the season has ended, the dust is settled, and everything is down and stored away we now look to next year. This past year was my first with pixels and all in all it went fairly well. I had a lot of rogue pixels flashing at about 5% brightness all over the place without any rhyme or reason. I need to figure out why, suggestions are welcome of course. My real question at this time is a distance question. I read somewhere recently that the Falcon is able to send power and signal significantly further than other pixel controllers, the figure I saw was 400'. That is much further than I need, but I'd like 40'-50'. I had a run that was about 30' away this year and even with a null pixel installed I ended up with bad results. This was a wreath with 100 pixels and there were a lot of them flashing without being told to do anything. Any guidance is, as always appreciated. Z
  6. Ive just about had it with LOR / DMX

    First year rgb, pixel, and DMX newbie here. Output your whole show in DMX and use a crossover cable to run your regular CTB16 controller in DMX. Easy peezy. Z
  7. SS/PE/Xlights images

    X2. I already have a matrix that is 25 pixels wide and 28 tall and am adding a 12x50 pixels tree next year. Z
  8. Previewing a show

    In the sequence editor select control lights, plug in the data cord and hit play. Z
  9. I can add the sequences with the simple show builder but they play crazy. The show editor doesn't even show my sequences at all to build it from there. New computer with nothing old on it. Z
  10. HELP HELP HELP! Sequences run fine when played from the sequence editor but when I build a show and do show on demand the lights go crazy. People coming tonight HELP! Z
  11. how many lights????

    I was going to but I'm running all led's or RGB/pixels. I ran 60,000 led's, and 5 controllers off of one outlet last year without any issues. Just for peace of mind I ran two 20 amp circuits to outdoor outlets on each side of the house this fall. I wish I would have done it last year, the extension cord to the banks of controllers is 10'. Z
  12. Second controller

    OK, I'll bite. How do you happen to know that? ? Z
  13. Some lights staying on extremely dim

    Funny thing is it was one of the very few that I have that I didn't make, friggin Chinese crap. I own a vacuum store and I generate 1000's of feet of various length cord stock per year and generally only need to put the female ends on. I was thinking you meant the supply cord because it "drops" out of the bottom of the controller. Z
  14. Some lights staying on extremely dim

    I never did anything with the drop cord, just changed the extension cord. I built all of my controllers from the solder kits and am very meticulous. I suppose it could be possible that the previous cord was build wrong right from the factory, it was brand new that's why it didn't occur to me that it could be bad. I appreciate the input though, Merry Christmas! Z
  15. Some lights staying on extremely dim

    Well the only common denominator with all of my trial and error that I didn't try changing was the supply cord. Holy crap, I've been wasting so much precious time screwing around and it was the extension cord. Don't know why and frankly I don't care, it's fixed! Onward and upward the show must go on! Z