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  1. Forgot this one. Not that its much different than the other two but hey.. LOL
  2. Zach, this is probably a long shot but do you use multiple monitors by chance? I have found that if I leave a screen on a 2nd monitor and close the program, if I re-open just on one monitor, the window still thinks there is a 2nd one. So you see it pull up to nothing but if I plug in a monitor, it will be there. It's a long shot I know.
  3. I finally got around to doing the daytime walkthrough.
  4. Well, I think I'm pretty happy with how this worked out. I had it in my head how I wanted it to look way back in February and everything came together. This was my first attempt using LOR and I loved it! Besides doing all the light show stuff, I also built all the props you see. Not a store bought prop in the bunch :)Hope you enjoy! Here are a couple of the songs I sequenced...
  5. So I take it the computer needs to be connected to the controllers to run through a show?
  6. Thanks Don! I was about 2 seconds from re-installing. It was in the program directory. No idea why it wasn't available but thank you!
  7. No "light bulb" in my system tray, not even if I show all hidden icons. Under Start/All Programs/LOR there is NO LOR Control Panel? Thoughts?
  8. I want to use a video file for each sequence but I would like to make the window default to full screen on a second monitor as part of my display. Is there a way to do that without having to drag it over to the second monitor and maximize the screen for each sequence?
  9. jasonb5449

    More Power?

    Thanks Orville. I didn't know if there would be some sort of in-rush or something. I bought 28 of those 3w LED spotlight bulbs with the E17 base. They are pretty darn bright so I'm curious how much current they will pull. So my last questions is do you test on each individual channel or do you put it inline with the controller (assuming you plug both plugs into a power strip)
  10. jasonb5449

    More Power?

    Cool, I see there are several on eBay & Amazon so I will pick one up. So when you test, do you test when the lights are at 100% on or do certain effects draw more current? Like would flashing cause more current to be pulled then a steady on?
  11. jasonb5449

    More Power?

    Alright, how about this bad boy? http://www.degreedays.net/kill-a-watt-meter
  12. So I got my bulb and it works great. Extremely bright. I turned around and ordered another 2 dozen of different colors. Pretty fast shipment too. I ordered on the 4th and got it on the 13th so a little over a week.
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