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  1. Sorry, should've mentioned that I have all PC cards... I can see where the other cards might be an issue...
  2. Hi, friskybri... I use those... they work fine... I have 22 w/the high power heatsinks... you just need to determine how you want to mount the cards :smile:
  3. Just wondering... I ordered another board to replace a D-Light board that was having comm problems... the new board is a Ver. 2 board... Anyone know if there are functional differences btwn the Ver. 1 & Ver. 2 boards?
  4. Hmmm... I bought a pkg of 100 at Home Depot yesterday for $9.95... there was a whole rack of them... I could send you a pkg or two as part of the shipping re-imbursement for the boxes, if you want? Dan
  5. I've done it for several years... I used LED rope light instead of mini lights... I'm using eight segments/channels for them (I have eight sections going from the bottom to the top) Dan
  6. +1... great job... I, too, especially liked the roof lights... how many channels did you use for those ?
  7. Hi... I also have the V6000... works great for me... as Mike asked... what antenna are you using? Do you extend the antenna outside? Dan
  8. Hey, Rick... I never do anything extra as far as water-proofing... I've only had a couple of issues when the snow begins to melt... I just look for the offending plug, give it a couple of good raps during the day and its usually good to go at night... biggest thing is to try to position plugs and boxes so that they are a little bit above the ground... of course, when you get those 8-10" snowfalls, not much you can do... the snow doesn't hurt anything... its when it starts to melt that thing might happen... just trips the GFCI... Dan
  9. Hmmmm... that's good to know... I read someplace that you had to use the D-Light HW utility for the D-Light boards... I guess I don't remember trying the LOR HW utility to test the D-Light boards... I'll have to try that sometime !! Thanks !!
  10. Two of my boards are the D-Light boards... they work fine w/ the LOR software... you need to set-up the D-Light boards w/the D-Light HW utility and then control them with the LOR Sequencer/scheduling software... You can't use the the LOR HW utility to test them... hope that helps.. Dan
  11. You can make it work w/o the music by re-naming the file from .lms to .las (from LOR Music Sequence to LOR Animation Sequence)... just to see how the program works...
  12. I tried doing the intensity thing in the hardware utility, but it didn't seem to 'stick' after powering down the CTB16PC... So now I just control the intensity in the sequence...
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