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  1. Can I get a copy, et1drouillard@yahoo.com. thanks, jim
  2. Let It Go - Singing Face

    Oops. Rearranging everything and lost my copy. Thanks
  3. Let It Go - Singing Face

    May I get a copy? et1drouillard@yahoo.com Thanks, Jim
  4. Hello all, Adding to my Halloween show and looking for someone who is willing to share either the TSO Toccata or the the standard Toccata un fuege. I have a 48 zone non-pixel setup with some singing pumpkins. Thanks, Jim
  5. Hello all, I did a singing pumpkin for Shanana's version of the Witch Doctor is anyone is interested. Jim
  6. Time Warp Halloween Faces

    I have the short version for singing pumpkins. Jim
  7. Looking for snoopy vs the red baron

    Good day, May I get a copy? et1drouillard@yahoo.com thanks jim
  8. May I get a copy? et1drouillard@yahoo.com Thanks, Jim
  9. Looking for Minions jingle bells

    May I get a copy? et1drouillard@yahoo.com Thanks, Jim
  10. May I have a copy? et1drouillard@yahoo.com thanks, Jim
  11. Hello all, Debating which way to control my network. I was looking at the G3 system but now thinking about the ELL system as it would allow me to still computer control the show. what are the experts advise? Right now show will be 5 controllers with no pixels. Thanks, Jim
  12. Thanks. Looking forward to it. Jim
  13. New songs for upgrades

    Sorry about the double post. This is my idea for the Halloween layout if all goes well. What do you think? Jim