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  1. I have been searching for the 8 channel boards. does it not show in the store when they are out. or did they do away with them?
  2. Does any anyone have any ideas on attaching lights to pvc pipe. i normally use tape but its not really cost friendly. i would like something i could reuse. cant post pic they all exceed file size. but think of a pipe with wire on it.
  3. sorry i have 8k not 80 (face-palm) yes i am looking in to led now. i started with incond because i thought led couldn't dim but just happens they do, (somewhat)
  4. Thanks Gary. im wanting to light up my gazebo and the Christmas tree inside. the one in the house wont be bad because ill run cat 6 to that location anyways for security cams. the gazebo is approx 50yards from the house.
  5. I just now figured out super star. that would of been a big help this was my first run add more to it but to rainy to catch a new video .
  6. I'm am going to buy more controllers hopefully on summer sale 3 16 channels and 2 8 channels and 1 wireless receiver thingy... I watched my channels this year so not to bad. i just went and bought 100 boxes of leds (multis) for $1 a box. so for now on I will buy LEDS. I work with i guy that does stage props for bands and he has lots of dmx goodies i could use and see how that works. how many breakers (plugs) do yall normally use. I just had &more put in on top of th 6 i had.
  7. ok im sorry for some reason i thought having 30amps on each leg was an option. my bad. im close to maxing out my controller with 4 channels just with my tree. 80k lights 4 colors and next year i want to add red (all incon) another 20k.each channel/color pulls 5.24 amps. Is this how it is or am i doing something wrong.
  8. Sorry if this has been asked but I have been trying to find out if I can change my LOR units from 15 to 30amp myself. If so what parts do I need? I screwed up and orderd the wrong one thinking each leg was thirty instead of both = 30. lol I should read better before ordering.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5TpcbfBvKI (passes cookies around) Thanks every one. its a short video sorry im working on getting a bigger sd card.
  10. well sorry every one. seems nothing is working for me (face palm) I took a screen shot of the url at youtube and I cant load images either Lol. maybe im on probation lol.
  11. tiny.cc/4hw if that don't work I don't know what will. I tried every thing else. I don't know why it wont let me post links I tried others as well
  12. Thanks so much this helps a lot. I found boxes of 100mini clear for 75 cents a box and this way fit my budget lol .
  13. youtu.be/t5TpcbfBvKl . I tried the way you said but the little pop up page just freezes. even after filling in all spaces. I have to refresh the page to get out of it.
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