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    Have seen several animated light shows this year. The wife then said "I want that! Go for it" so I started researching how it is done.
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  1. Any 16 strip Pixel tree sequence

    I purchased a 12 ribbon CCR tree off LOR for my first year. Seems ambitious now. Would anyone have sequencing to share to help me on my first year?
  2. Sequence Request 32 Channels

    if anyone can help out a newbie with 32 channel sequences that would be awesome! jamesgable9@gmail.com
  3. Polar Express Hot Chocolate

    Can I get a copy as well? I am new to this and hoping to figure this all out in time.
  4. DropKick Murphys Seasons Upon Us

    James- would you mind emailing me a copy of your sequence as well? jamesgable9@gmail.com. Thanks in advance