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  1. I am no longer having trouble creating a show. Thank you for your assistance
  2. I did ditch the SanDisk card and was using the LOR supplied Kingston card for everything after my initial try. This is called out in my post. I finally got it to work after several more tries. I didnt change anything so not sure what the issue was but seems to be working now.
  3. Thank you JR. I have already emailed him and posted as a back-up.
  4. Does anyone have sequences for "Cant Stop the Feeling" from Trolls and "Hot Chocolate" from Polar Express? I am looking for anything from 24 channel on up. Anything you can pass along will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much everyone! Jamesgable9@gmail.com -James
  5. Old Sarge- Any chance I can get "How to build a snowman"? Jamesgable9@gmail.com Thanks so much!
  6. I am trying to write my show onto a SD card and am having trouble. I started with a 8GB Sandisk card and went through the Hardware Utility to create the card for my show director. When I put the card into the director the light turns to solid red however my professional controller (Unit #1) says no comm and I get no lights or music. I have a premade show from LOR and put that card into the director and the show comes right up and the controller stays at L-01 (unit ID of that controller). I then thought maybe it was the card itself so I copied the LOR supplied content onto my computer desktop and then deleted the content off the card so it was empty. I then tried to create another show using the LOR SD card. The hardware utility says the card was created however when i take it out and insert the card into the director I get the same no comm from my controller and no lights outside like I got with the Sandisk card. I take the card back to my computer and remove the content I wrote onto it and reload it with the LOR show that was supplied and everything starts back up again (lights, controller, etc.) I contacted the Help Desk and they had me download the free sequence from the website and use that. I wrote it to the LOR SD card and that plays fine. So I can write to an SD I guess. I recontacted Help Desk and they said to look at my channel configuration and compare it to the free sequence and it looks the same. Both using LOR controllers, UNIT IDs and channels are correct. What am I missing? I have the following: LOR 160x controller, CTB16PC, ShowTime Central with Mini Director, 12 ribbon tree with Pixie 16 controller , LOR Suite Advanced, Superstar 24 channel.
  7. I purchased a 12 ribbon CCR tree off LOR for my first year. Seems ambitious now. Would anyone have sequencing to share to help me on my first year?
  8. if anyone can help out a newbie with 32 channel sequences that would be awesome! jamesgable9@gmail.com
  9. Can I get a copy as well? I am new to this and hoping to figure this all out in time.
  10. James- would you mind emailing me a copy of your sequence as well? jamesgable9@gmail.com. Thanks in advance
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