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  1. SO, i think the reason it would not open is because it could not find any files, i recently changed the port that my external hard drive was on and because of it, nothing could find files, now that i changed the directory it now opens just fine
  2. Is there a way to get the colors to be more random instead of patterned like this? it always go white, purple, green, red then orange.
  3. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. fixed it.
  4. I accidentally posted this in SS, but i need to change my file directory. I had to move my external hard drive to a different port on my computer now SE and SS can not find it. I need to go from file F to file H
  5. i had to change the directory of my external hard drive now SS cand find the cipboard, how do i change the directory to the new location so it can find them. I got my answer.
  6. So a little news on the war front, if i log out of my current user and go into a different user i can get the Visualizer to work. At least i got to see To the Bone faces.
  7. I am not a fan of S5 so i have stayed with this version.
  8. did a restart, still wont work. i know its something in my pc but cant figure out what.
  9. All I get is the small information screen that shows what version I have and me license number. And at the top it reads not responding.
  10. all my videos seem to work when i play them so i think the driver is good.
  11. Yeah, i have 1903. drivers are all up to date as well. Vis doesn't use java right?
  12. I tried the unistall, no changes to anything that i can think of. Not sure what the Visualizer runs off.
  13. I dont think its my java, i have been using my ESP programmer just fine
  14. NO i cant get it to open at all. will not load.
  15. I have tried several times to get Visualizer to open but it wont respond. No issues with SE or SS. any ideas? Just had it working a week ago.
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