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  1. Get 4 kids, and promise them $20 each to stand there and hold them all night.
  2. The hat you're getting from Crockett will come soldered. As far as Renard goes, Deans number is on the top of the page, call it, he will answer.
  3. Those Crockett folks are good people. Thats where i got my hat from.
  4. jerry72

    Christmas Expo 2018 Texas

    As long nas it ain't Seattle. I would go to Sacramento, Utah, some place i can drive to in a day or so.
  5. jerry72

    Christmas Expo 2018 Texas

    Sadly i will never get to go. Those that put it on have said they do not believe it would work on the west coast. A lot of us out here, but we dont matter.
  6. jerry72

    SHow Music

    I reuse most of my sequences every year. I dont have time to sequence new stuff every year. I will change out certain songs but as for a must have every year.... Christmas Vacation Christmas eve in Sarajevo Rudolph Frosty Let it go Night before christmas
  7. Is there a way to convert an Xlights model to a Viz file? I know this is the SS forum, but no one ever answers questions in the Viz forum.
  8. jerry72

    Convert Viz file

    Is there a way to convert an Xlights model to a Viz file?
  9. I got it James, thanks, no star on this one?
  10. Ok, just wanted to check.
  11. James, , got them, did you use mS5 for sequencing? I am still on 4.2.x. it says i may not be able to save thew whole thing, something about some features wont be there.
  12. Wife loves this song, we use it in our show, i have the faces, would not mind seeing the tree. Thanks
  13. I would not mind seeing that one James, thank you. bowhunter3125@gmail.com
  14. Here is a little taste for you all.
  15. It is way awesome. Not sure how many times i sat through it watching it on my visualizer. Still undecided if the monsters will be singing it or the trees. Awesome job, kids wanna send ya some local goodies i know ya cant get there. You and the family will enjoy them.