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  1. Boscoyo Spider Web

    Boscoyo has created biz files for his props,but they are for xlights and they all use smart pixels. This prop for me will be 36 channels, 18 outputs. Reason I want to make it a prop is so I can visually see it during sequencing.
  2. Boscoyo Spider Web

    So, i need t create this psider web in viz. I am not making it smart pixels but rather dumb nodes, i tried using the LOROC, but i can not assign a string to each ring or line. any other way to do this besides tracing it in the visualizer by placing individual bulbs 324 times?
  3. Fire at LOR

    Ya beat me to it.
  4. How warm does a SanDevices E682 get?

    I do not have a camera like that, but this last year i used my thermal gun, small red dot, our ambient temp at the time was about 45, hotes i registered was 75, full on white. The PSU's got up to 90 however. This year i plan to put in a vent with a thermostat hooked to a fan.
  5. LOR controller and other brand

    WHAT???? I can build 2 24 channel Renards, in enclosures with pigtails for the price of 1 16 channel LOR controller. I have no idea where you got your information, but you were lied to.
  6. Matrix panels Sequencing

    Bump, hoping for an answer
  7. Plywood Castle

    Thats cause they are made here.
  8. Plywood Castle

    Oregon, i get them from a bargain yard, they are one sided.
  9. ANy thoughts to creating a way to sequence P10 or P5 panels using SS?
  10. If you are willing to go wireless, there is a far better way. I have converted several of my props that use Dumb nodes over to an ESP controllers controller. I will send you a message with a link to the controller so as not upset the admin here by promoting an non LOR controller,
  11. Plywood Castle

    I get MDO for $25 a sheet here. Try and find a bargain yard, Do not use MDF, MDF is for indoor use only. Look for single side MDO
  12. Plywood Castle

    Take it from me, i build Sheds and greenhouses that are built to stand up to the Oregon coast, use 1/2" MDO, also knows as sign board, we use this as a siding on some of our sheds. Very very resilient to the weather, and thanks to its smooth finish, accepts paint very well.
  13. Sequencing roof

    In order to use the new S5 pixel effects, you have to have a Pro license, i am not paying for a pro license seeing a show i do not use LOR to control my show, i use FPP and Xlights.
  14. Sequencing roof

    Thinking about upgrading the roof outline and fence line to smart pixels for next year. Messing around in SS, can not seem to figure out how to get a chase around the whole roof. 490 pixels, starts at lower left corner of the roof and goes all the way around. When i bring the Viz file into SS, on the grid, i get 170 pixels, then 150 pixels then another 170 pixels. I can not figure out how to make the lights start at pixel 1, jump to pixel 490, then back again. Christmas 2018.lee