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  1. Wondering if you ever got around to this or has it been tabled for now? Not a priority in my book.
  2. Is there a way for me to use an xlights model to create a prop? I tried asking in the visualizer forum but got no responce.
  3. I just heard it myself. Though it would be a good one
  4. This must he a new song if Jr ain't sequenced it.
  5. Might be a good sing for Halloween
  6. Ok, so if I get the 24CCR license, according to Brian, if I stick with 4.2.x, I will need a maintainance license to use the auto sequencer.
  7. I have 4.2.x with 4ccr, I plan to upgrade to a 16 or 24 car, I want to use the new auto sequence feature in SS. At my current basic level I can not. What upgrade do I need?
  8. All he led strings i have shortened have worked great. I just use an online calculator to determine what size Resistor i would need,kept the first light and the last light, cut pout how many lights i needed to get rid of, soldered in the resistor before the first plug and they worked great on my singing faces. Until the storm destroyed one of my monsters.
  9. Thank you. I am still at that stage where all i can do is solder up boards. Wanna get my new 3D printer built so i can play with it, yes i said play, its a new toy, gotta playwith it.
  10. Been awhile. Still recovering, some good days, some bad. Hopefully start walking normal again in a month or so. Biggest issue I am having is memory issues from the trauma, had no head injuries, but the trauma has caused mental issues. I had sequences I was working on before the accident that I cant finish because I can not remember where I stored them. I know they are on a flash drive, but cant find them. Dont remember alot of stuff from the accident either. I know a couple fine folks sent my kids Christmas presents. Was very nice to see so many people help out. Thank you all.
  11. Packing peanuts need to be banned just for the mess they make
  12. PT guys says I am progressing well. Out of the chair and walking with a cane. I figure another month and wont need to cane anymore. Thank you.
  13. For what boards? I have a renard usb to 485
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