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  1. jerry72

    Christmas Expo 2018 Texas

    Sadly i will never get to go. Those that put it on have said they do not believe it would work on the west coast. A lot of us out here, but we dont matter.
  2. jerry72

    SHow Music

    I reuse most of my sequences every year. I dont have time to sequence new stuff every year. I will change out certain songs but as for a must have every year.... Christmas Vacation Christmas eve in Sarajevo Rudolph Frosty Let it go Night before christmas
  3. jerry72

    Convert Viz file

    Is there a way to convert an Xlights model to a Viz file? I know this is the SS forum, but no one ever answers questions in the Viz forum.
  4. jerry72

    Convert Viz file

    Is there a way to convert an Xlights model to a Viz file?
  5. I got it James, thanks, no star on this one?
  6. Ok, just wanted to check.
  7. James, , got them, did you use mS5 for sequencing? I am still on 4.2.x. it says i may not be able to save thew whole thing, something about some features wont be there.
  8. Wife loves this song, we use it in our show, i have the faces, would not mind seeing the tree. Thanks
  9. I would not mind seeing that one James, thank you. bowhunter3125@gmail.com
  10. Here is a little taste for you all.
  11. It is way awesome. Not sure how many times i sat through it watching it on my visualizer. Still undecided if the monsters will be singing it or the trees. Awesome job, kids wanna send ya some local goodies i know ya cant get there. You and the family will enjoy them.
  12. jerry72

    Cable and enclosures

    I use Bud enclosures and have recently used MTM Ammo crates. As far as cables, i use Paul Zhang or Ray Wu. Even with shipping from China you will spend way less then you would ,from Holiday Coro. I however can not and never never will recommend DIYLedexpress. They dont back their product and will find a way to blame you if something goes wrong with your stuff.
  13. jerry72

    Auto Sequence Feature

    I have been thinking of getting a 16 or 24ccr license so i can modify some of my purchsed Tree and matrix sequences.
  14. jerry72

    Auto Sequence Feature

    I am licensed for 4.2.x. 4CCR's. I only have a little over 200 channels on my house. i found an thread that says because i am only licensed for 4.2.x, that i cannot use anything higher then 4.2.x or it will save in .supe formatt no matter what unless i upgrade my license level from Basic. I convert all my files to xlights and run them off a PI so no need for me to have higher then basic. All my mega tree sequences are either bought or done using my tree as a dumb tree.
  15. jerry72

    Auto Sequence Feature

    Found it, but will not be able to use it, it saves using .supe, i use a combo of SS to sequence my house and Xlights to sequence the Matrix., xlights will not import or export in the .supe file format.