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  1. mpageler

    Color changing Led light suggestion

    The GE Color Effect are just one opiton if going with smart c9 pixels. HolidayCoro sell their version as "Brillantbulbs" and DIYledexpress sell their own version but don't remember what they call them. $40 or so for strings of 50. HollidayCoro also carries some nice c9 mounting strips versus using individual clips. Both of these are U.S. dealers and both have winter "pre-sales". As far as pixel controllers, the LOR line ofPixie controlelrs is basically a plug and play options. They have 4,8 and 16 ouput version where each outlet can handle 100 bulbs, I believe. The other option is going the E1.31 route with ethernet cableing which has it's own learning curve but provides much more output cabability. Night do a thread title search by "c9" and do some reading. Sure there will be thread on smart c9's.
  2. mpageler

    Color changing Led light suggestion

    We all have started from scratch and had to learn everything. If you could commit to LOR sequence controlled C9, there would be more definative recommendations. YFor LOR, you would need to decide on either d;umb or smart bulbs which means controlling a color throught a string versus controllering each bulbs color. Smart versus dumb, different controllers. So if you're not interested in buying additional controllers right now, then some "stand alone" strings that were mentioned (HD link) would be a likely choice.
  3. mpageler

    Pixie4 only works on nodes not strips

    confirm that you are wiring up the correct end since data flow is only in one direction for smart pixels/strips. If 2 or more strips are not wirking has to be either wire connection issue or strips setup in controller. If you're only folling with 1 strips, uess there's a chance the strips is not working.
  4. mpageler

    Baby Shark Lms Faces Pixel Tree Matrix

    I'd appreciate a copy. mkpageler@comcast.net
  5. I'd just plug the 2 controlelrs into one circut and see how it goes. I initially had 2 ctb16's and 2 cmb24's on one circuit and worked fine during the warmer halloween season. One it got colder for christmas, started to flip the CFCI and had to break up into several circuts.
  6. mpageler

    Sequences songs etc

    Sent you some for Triller. You generaly have to buy the mp3 song from itunes, amazon, etc.. To be able to use shared or purchaced sequences, you will have to get up to speed in Sequence Editor, in being able to copy/paste certain channels from a shared sequences into your sequence channel(s). For examply, you copy 4 channels from one squences that will fit 4 channels in your sequences. Basically, copying channels that will match up to one of your display elements. B eing new, I would concentrate on just a couple songs for halloween. Get some SE experience with halloween, don'[t wait to turn your attention to christmas sequences. Good luck
  7. mpageler

    Pixel Tree or Matrix Halloween Sequences

    Member "james moris" is sharing many singing faces and matrix sequence sfor both halloween and christmas. If you do a thread search by post started by "james morris", you'll find them. If her doesn't respond to this thread, PM him with a few popular song that you want to try. Believe his tree matrix is for 16 strings. I imported on into Pixel Edition to see one in action and he does nice work.
  8. mpageler

    FS: 2 each CTB16PC Gen3

    While AC controller can still play a part in displays, they are ;not in demand like they use to be. As a result, sellers can't get the crazy used porices they use to get or demanded. With price of new warrentied CTB16's during LOR sales, IMO, $100-002 is a fair used price for non-wqarrentied contgrollers. People forget, LOR's warrenty is for the originial purchaser.
  9. mpageler

    LED rope lights and LOR CTB16PC

    I've bought rolls of incandecent rope from 1000blubls. They also sell led rope and for all their rope prouctus, they list spec's like "dimmable", "cut length", etc..
  10. If you have a sequence for Christmas This Year, I would appreciate a copy. Looking fror non-singing elements. \mkpageler@comcast.net Thanks Mike
  11. mpageler

    Anyone have This is Halloween

    Sent some 3:11 song length NBC version.
  12. mpageler

    WOWLights Sequences

    As far as this thread, don't think anymore is knocking WOW's sequen ce, just that there are options in buying/building sequence. From a bigger perspective, as a forum for eduction and info saringo, reviews and opinions on companies, and products are a valueable of "educational" forums. Happens all the time when people ask about sources for hardware/components. We shouldn't be limited in offer up only LOR sponsored venders. Staring xyz's sequences are a great value but not as tightly sync'ed as abc's sequence which cost 2x but are tighter sync, is for some, useful info. I have stated as such in past threads.
  13. mpageler

    WOWLights Sequences

    Irregardless of where you get sequences, you will have to copy/paste channels to match your display elements. While 1/2 of my singing faces sequences have been purchase, much of my non-singing sequen ces have been built from several shared sequences. Just start a thread with a song or 2 that you would like. There are so many good folks on this forum that will share sequences. M
  14. mpageler

    Re-installed software

    I've had SE and Network Preferences screens work eratically after installing first ver3, then ver4 on 2 new computers. I never had isuses on install LOR software on XP machines but all kinds of issues on W7 machines. Standard LOR fix was to run their "registry clenup tool", which didn't help . Tried some other popular registry cleanup tool but in both cases, had to do a "system retore to start over, which fixed my LOR issues. For Network Preference iisues, LOR also had a fix file for a specific registry issue which did solve the issue. You might want to share more on specific screen issues. You LOR's standard "fix" was to run their "r
  15. For a U.S. dealer, might check with diyledexpress.com. Sent them and email and ask them for their best price on such a large order. Kind of depends whether they have stock ready to ship or needs to get more from China. Question with dealing with anymore directly in China, is how good is their warrenty. Are they going to just credit you for a bad string/strip or require you to send it back. With shipping back to China out of this world., that;'s really not an option.
  16. mpageler

    16 Channel Sequences?

    Don't limit yourself in requesting only 16 channels. Read the following thread for reasons why. Requesting Sequences
  17. mpageler

    1000’ spt1 green

    Might bruise the Dell outlet online stored for refurbished machines. Refurbished is not a bad word. They come back under warrenty, the problems fixed and then re-sold. Any new or several year old computer is going to have prenty enought cpus spped. Don't pay more to additional RAM or harddrive storage. Get something in the range of 4m RAM and 250/500m storage. That will keep your cost lower. I've bought a refurbished desktop and monitor from newegg.com. Might check them out
  18. Assuming that the mounting holes for board would clear the perimeter of the PS, some tall/stacked standoffs would work. If not, might have to use some thinner steel/aluminum strip material and and bend/drill some custom brackets. I've done still for some creative mounting needs. Might cruise the hardware section that has straight/angle bracket and stock metal strip material to see if you can put a custom bracket together.
  19. mpageler

    I want to start

    Do you have a LOR conroller such as the ctb 16's? If not, I don't know that I would be buying contgrolers simple to run some lights "you just have laying around". If you really want to used the lights, that's fine, buy the appropriate controller. There's still a plce for 110v incandence/LEDs but but 12v LEDS/Strips and Pixels are getting pretty popular. As a newbie, need to think about what you longer goal is for a display and then buy hardware accordingly.
  20. mpageler

    Help settling an argument

    No sequence rainbow becauce of LGTB, such a non issue. Because of PC running amuck, so much fabricated outrage and morel superiority over the littlest of things anymore. Hopefully, ifs you stick with the sequences as is, your wife isn't tramatise and needs a safe space. 😁
  21. mpageler

    New LoR Christmas Setup

    Agree with the idea of watching how far display elements are from the pixie controllers. For potential future display extension or maybe more flexibility right now, I'd just buy another pixie16 over an 8 since the cost isn't that ;much more. BTW, in your pixie16/8 references, yolu're using 4 outlets and not 4 channels on pixel controllers. Believe pixe controls have max of 100 pixels per outlet or 300 channels/outlet. In contract, CTB16's are 1 channels per outlet, CMB24 have 3 channels per outlet. Just want to make sure that other newbies that might read this post, don't get confused.
  22. mpageler

    Best to start in s4 or s5

    I'm an S4'er but if v5 is fairly bug free and and somewhat differenct look and feel, I'd just start with S5 as newbie. That doesn't mean S4 wouldn't be usefule for a handful of years to come. If a software version is doing what you want out of it, may be no reason to upgrade. Heck, I'm still running over a 15 years old version MS Office..it does what I want.
  23. mpageler

    Anyone Sharing Matrix Sequences ?

    Have gotten several "singing faces/magtrix" sequences from James and found the matrix was16 x 50. You could lob off the outer 2 rows and see how it looks in a rectangle verus tree shape. that I assume the 16 x 50 matrix what for. I actually imported one into Pixel Editor and it was nicely down. More picture/graphic sync'ing with lyrics than real tight beat synch'ing.
  24. mpageler

    Controller Orientation Question

    Can orient themn any direction.
  25. |The Export/Import option is under SE"s "Edit" tab. Also very useful as you display grows, you add channels to one of your sequences and then used the Export, and then Import that configution to your other sequences.