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  1. Source hardware for P10 panel built and up next, power supply. First time I'm using 5v, so just want to confirm I on the right tract. Took some digging but found P10 16x32 output numbers on another forum. For full white, it was measured at 1.38amp. Did a amp to watt conversion which was about 6watts at 5v. So for 6 P10 panels and the Raspberry Pi/PiHat, seems that a 100w-18amp power supply would be plenty? Can't ever imaging running all panels at 100 percent white. Thannks Mike
  2. mpageler

    Where to buy LED?

    With a display full of rgb lighting produces, this will be my first purchase of led strings and will be going with Holiday Lights Express shortly. BTW, seems the trend is for retailers to start discountingchrismtas items, well before christmas. Might not be the rock bottom prices you see after christmas but yuou would at least have product to buy instead of looking at bare after christmas shelves.
  3. Going to give P10 panels a test this year and starting to think about ordering. Can you use a single 5v power supply to power both the Raspbery Pi/PiHat and the p10 panels. Reapberry uses a micro USB power connection. Is that the smal 3/16" or so male connection that so many remote devices use (i.e. phones, mpe players)
  4. Was catching up with videos on a hobbyist's YouTube channel and stumble on the follinwing video. It's a overview/test of the Falcon F-Amp pixel signal booster. With the only video I've found on the F-Amp and no past LORthread on it, thought I would share it with you. Falcon F-Amp Demo While I really like this guy's videos, the entro on this video is kind of annoying so fast forward the first minute. $21 for a 5 pack F-Amp Product Page
  5. mpageler

    P10 panels

    So if I'm following correctly, you could use either of the following in brridge mode, within e1.31 1) Pasberry Pi wityh a Pi Hat 2) Beagle Bone Black with scoller. The hat or scooler allows you to make connection between RP or BBB, to the first planel?
  6. Thinking about getting a Raspberry Pi and and folling around with it on several P10 panels. Tried doing some research but no clear on needed cables. 1) For panel to panel connection, is that a 16p ribbon and is this standard across all p10 panel manufacturers? 2) For Rasberry Pi to first panel connection, assuming that is not a 16p rfibbon cable, but what? BTW, what type/size are the power connectors on p10 panels. Again, is this standard amoung manufacturers? Thanks...Mike
  7. So for a RP 3 B+, would that require a Pi Hat and not Octoscroller? Didn't see any mention of a PI hat to 1st panel cableon link or whether it was included. What tyupe of cab le is this? Is it the same cable whether using PI Hat or Octoscroller?
  8. mpageler

    Landscape Lights

    For dump RGB, that's the nice thing about the cmb24d, doesn't have to stay connected to the computer. You load the sequence directly onto the cmpb24d, disconnect from computer. When cmb24d is powered, the sequence starts. You would pewoercmb24d from a landscape transformer that has timer/photocell. Or connecting 12v poser suppy to a plug in timer. I'm freeing up a cmb24d this year and might give it a try as landscape lighting.
  9. mpageler

    P10 panels

    John Storm's video on using RP to drive LOR AC contgrollers. Went throught sequence file conversion process form LOR to format for FPP,. Rasberry PI Driving LOR Controller Thanks for the info so far. Feeling comfortable enought that I might give the RP e1.31 process a try this year ...just to fool around in spare time. Looks like for under $100, you can get into a single P10 / FP setup.
  10. mpageler

    P10 panels

    My elementry understanding of a Rasberry Pi is that it's a stand alone mimi computer. So when you boot and configure the RP, do you have to connect keyboard,mouse and monitor to it or can you still access via you desktop/laptop.
  11. mpageler

    P10 panels

    Here's a lengthy post from a year agon on P10's and LOR. P10 and LOR Thread In that thread, there didn't appear to be a smooth LOR to P10 linkage and that it would be via nutcracker/xlights. So glad to here that there appears to be be a more seamless sync'ing between LOR and P10's. Several question\ 1) While LOR v5 was mentioned above, any thoughts on whether this is doable with v4? 2) Does Falcon Player reside on the computer to configure the P10's or does it have to reside on some "board". 3) If treated as e1.31, you must be ip addressing the P10 assuming no other boards is required.
  12. mpageler

    Video Software Do You Use?

    If you do a "all keywords, title only" search for "video software", you'll find past threads on the subject.
  13. mpageler

    For Sale Advice

    Yup...got mixed up.
  14. mpageler

    Recommended place to purchase hardware and lights

    I stumbled on a video about the F-amp and posted about it a few weeks ago. I was excited until the feedback on post was that it wasn't really an "extender" but more of a "null pixel" accessory. Do a thread search and you'll find the post.
  15. mpageler

    Recommended place to purchase hardware and lights

    I believe the F48 is a deferential board that is connected to a full service Falcon F16v3. From the differential board, you can run up to 250ft of cat5 to a differential reciever board that has the actual pixel outlet ports. I'm use 3 reciever boards this year and they work great, as does the F16v3.
  16. mpageler

    For Sale Advice

    You said you bought everything from LOR? Is the pixcon16 a Holidaycoro product? Where ever you list this stuff for sale, better descripe in deatail, what your selling.
  17. mpageler

    Recommended place to purchase hardware and lights

    It's all from overseas. You can either buy directly from china (i.e. aliexpress), or U.S. delaers who import from China. LOR has top notch support but you do pay somewhat of a premium for the light produces, not so much sofor controllers. I've bought 2k or so of lights over the past 5 yeas (dump and smart rgb) and have had only 2 minor failures in a single 12mm bulb or 1 pixel in a ws2811 strip. I have purchesed everything from holidaycore, diyledexpress and a favorite ebay'er. With basically no failures during initial first year of operation, I'\ve never had to test anyof these seller's warrenty proceedures. I'\m in Minnesota and have had no issues with cold weather effects on light performance. BTW, as far a pixel controller, Sandevics and Falcon has greatu customer support and I own both. Would assume the LOR Pixie line of smart controllers would be a good option since "great support" is just what LOR does.
  18. mpageler

    Getting started and nervous!

    Lots of past thread on getting started. Do a thread title seach all all words 'getting started" and start researching. As you decide what type s of light to add and if you can used some existing lights, keep in mind that there are AC an DC controlelrs. If looking at RGB, they used 12v DC controlers while lights that plug into normal outlets are 110v and need AC controllers. d If
  19. mpageler

    Running a sequence from SE vice a show

    If you ever want to test a single sequence while you have a show scheduled/enabled, you'll have to disaply the show while testing a sequences on your outdoor light. After testing, re-enable the show.
  20. mpageler

    I had a really good weekend

    Living in frozen trundra of Minnesota, I don't have much interaction with "guest" to my display curbside. But over the weekend, they comae to me. Friday night, several women came to the door and thanked me for doing the display and handed me some baked treats. Sunday night, a son and his dad came to t door with son handing me his certificate for having the best Christmas display. They had spent the night viewing displays How cool of a weekend did I have...wow.😏
  21. Magic smoke or magic spark...not good. Currently running 2 cmb24d with combo of RGB and single color outputs so on top of needed terminal connections. Thanks
  22. Need to change the warm white rope light on my singing faces to pure or cool white. 12v cool white rope is available. An accessory is a recfified power cord. Would already have non-recfified power cords for my current 3/8" 120v incandecents. If going from 12v powr supply to 12v reop via CMB24d, is rectification needed. Tried to bone up on rectification but most of the info sounded like..blah...hlah...hhah. Did grasp that it is a AC to DC convertion and to help in one way power flow. If rectification is needed on 12v PS to 12v rope, can it be done with a single electic componets between 12v PS and CMB24d? Thanks
  23. mpageler

    Schedule Editor won't run

    Reboot is always first option befrore trying a re-install. Periodically with v4, Network Preferencves will not open. A reboort clears something out and allow NP to open. If all fails, open aLOR helpdesk ticket. Was having some other issues withNP after upgrading from v3 to v4 and they had a script that fixed an known issue. In searching the forums for NP issues, never came acroos this script. There's also a LOR registry cleaner. Open the helpdesk ticket and see what fix scripts they may recommend.
  24. A bunch of free sequence sharing webpage here. Free Sequence Webpages Also, if you do a thread tile seach by "little drummer boys", guessin you'll find a number of past thread on people wanting/sharing this song. Find memb er that have shared in the past, just PM them, asking for a copy and provide your email .
  25. When buying mini LED strins that come in warm, pure or cool white, which strings would best coordinate or more closlyr match the white from 100 percent intensity for red, green and blue? I've check some RGB color table and it only listed it as "white" I'm guessing true white with cool white having a more blue tint? Thanks...Mike