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  1. Lots of Lights...

    You did say 200,000? That's 2000 100ct strings. At $10/strings, that would be $20,000. What are you planning where you need that many light in one shot?
  2. No way will other peoples 16 channel sequences, match up with your display elements. Get sequences with any number of channels, then learn how to copy/paste specific channels from shared sequences, that better match your elements. I have built some of my sequences, made up of parts from 4-5 shared sequences.
  3. Fear of Heights

    Scared of heights..get queezy and panicy. Get the feeling if I even look over side of brdige of get near a full length window in tall building. So when I started this LOR time a few year back, goal was to limit 2nd story lighting. I climb onto my front porch roff to hang a big pixel wreath and meteor tub e trame. Being over 60, visually impair, much prefer to do first sotryt and out into the year. Before doing a lot of 2nd story lighting, I think people do have to look at the safety factor and wether it's worth it. Co-worker's husband fromm roof of single sotry, landed on face and lost sight in one eye.
  4. Mega tree frame cost?

    You first need to come up with a good design, consulting with client on features that might make it easier to install/raise. At that point, you can list compoent, quanties and cost and them include your labor/profit. There are several "mega tree parts" dealers for hardware such as the pole pins, hook head, crank head, etc.. Like so many diy projects, parts like connectors, bolt, wire and such can really add to a project cost, so don't forget them. Again, would suggest browering mage tree part dealers for ideas/cost. Just do a google search and you'll find tyhem, along with videos. I just watched one on using a crank head to raise the cable/light strings.
  5. What to do with bullet pixels

    Mr. P is right on...what can't you do with them. Several elements that I'm using them on. 1) 4ft pixel wreath 2) 6ft pixel twig trees 3) 4 x 31 bulb "mini matrix" that I attach to tree trunk. 4) icicle/meteor tubes Items 1 and 2 were inspired by john storms who goes by listertoourlights, here and has a webpage under that name with lots of how-to tutorials. Some other common elements done by others are shooting starts and spinners.
  6. Another Request: Christmas Vacation

    Email is needed. For mega tree, guessing that holidaysequences.com would have 12 and 16 strand seqeucnes for this song. I can send you my stockpile of shared Christmas Vaction sequences and quessing that several might have arches.
  7. House property with a hill in front

    Don't know that you want to start inviting people to come up into your driveway. Negatives couldld be the car noise, blocking yhour dirveway, car light shining towards your house. Maybe minimize the house decoration, other than for your enjoyment and concentrate on display elements on the hill that can be seen from the rood. Stuff like mage and mini tgrees, arches, wire frame element and such. Assum the hill slopes up from road and then back down to your house. If so, would give great opportunity to stage and layer display elements up the hill.
  8. CTB16PC Controllers for sale

    Irregardeless of their age,you're price is unreasonable. During LOR sales, new one go for $200 or so. And that's with warrenty which your's would not have for new = owners. Lots of these controllers show up here in the $100-150 range. I haven't checked lately but don't even think they are going for $225 on EBAY anymore sd they used controllers once did.
  9. Hello all- Computer Died-Need Help

    Definately check into seeing if you can recover data. If you have to hire someone, chalk it up as a learning moment in not doing backups.
  10. Started out with many old classic songs. Have expended display to include some modern songs like Shake up Christmas, Christmis this year andLight of christmas. They are all upbeat, good message type songs that really make me smile. So now I have a display with songs dating from 60's to the present, whicyh I really enjoy. Probably my favorite is Drummer Boy by Pentatonmixs.
  11. Being visually impaired, I generally hate upgrading software because of changes. Especially with swtiches to icons and a light and airy look. Ver 3.12 has been doing what I want and haven't considered upgrading to 4 until recently. Have used Xlight and think I can handle Pixel Editor ok based on a video turturial I viewed. But for Sequence Editor, are there any changes to the look and feel of V4 versus V3? Other than a few screen shots of SE in the Pixel Editor video, haven't found a video on V4 SE. It bascially looks like v3 in menu and icon layout? I don't do well with icons and relye on top menu bar (File, Edit, View, etc.). So in V4, will I find all the menu bar options that are in V3?
  12. Network Preferences Data File

    Thanks. Still runing 3.12 so best option would be to upgrade to 4, just draging my feet.
  13. Can't figure out what file stores data, entered into "Network Preferences". With the number of E1.31 networks growing, nice to backup this data and also transfer it to my display PC.
  14. For sale

    No matter what hobby you might be in, pretty tough to seel come inventory. Newibies aren't ready to make that kind of $ comittment and for those in the bobby a awhile, looking for specifics hardware. Plan A bofr not shiping would be to do a craigslist ad for the twin cities. I would suggest your inventory the compponts and put individually price on stuff like controllers and said you're open for better multi-controller purchases. What what controller go for during the LOR sales, you have to price used equipment that has no warrenty appropiately. ..maybe 100-125 per controller. BTW, my wife had kne replacement in her late 50's and a solid year before it felt somewhat normal. Big mental shock in that she thought a few months and she'd be ready to do anything. 2 years later and knee can still flet "funky" at times, epecially in the winter which us MN's can appreciate.
  15. Still very new to this.

    most painless...use ready made sequences. Many here share their singing face/tgree sequcnes and you can also buy them, holidaysequences.com, holidaycoro.cor, ebay and others. For me, there was enoght selection/variety that I had no problems in putting together 15 sing displays for both Halloween and Christmas. At $8-15 for purchawsed sequences, just isn't worth the effort for me to build sequences that might be unique or unusual.