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  1. Static RGB Display

    Finally upgrade to V4 for PE, and didn't realize that you can not add a bunch of "dmx universe" channels....cool
  2. Static RGB Display

    Vegomatic Download Vegomatics is a freeware program that allows you M to quickly adding a bunch of rgb channels. Several youtube videos on it's use. Check out the one by listertoourlights Unless I've missed it, have not seen that you can create channels via PE, save them to a sequence and then edit trought channels via SE?
  3. Static RGB Display

    Not aware how PE would turn bulbs 1,3,5, etc., to red and bulbs 2,4,6, etc., to white? In SE, after adding the 50 rgb channels (via vegamatic maybe), you could turn channel 1 to red and channel 2 to white. Then copy both channels and do a "multiple paste" to 25 rows.
  4. Pricing Ballpark Idea?

    Is this a project for yourself or someone else? Way more details than "pretty big job" is needed for any feedback.
  5. After battling runtime error, have a funtional V4 demo on a new display PC. Issue with both my licensed V3 Advance and the V4 demo. Added to run the LOR registry cleaner and another cleanup file. I cleared the V3 license info during this process. Assume when I complete the V4 Pro upgrade purchese, I will receive a new V4 license? To register this code, will the V3 license code need to be in the windows registry? Since this is an "upgrade", guessing yes. Mike
  6. Meanwell PS Fan Runs 24/7

    Did some more research and it does appear it depends on the MW model, whether it has continuous on or temp controlled on/off . Took a look at some of the datasheets for model and didn't find any fan types listed. Might be for higher amp PS's, that it's better to relie on a continuous fan versus the chance of the temp sensor failing. BTw, found several youtube on using a fan speed controller to quiet larger output MW's. Thanks for the replies.
  7. Got a used MW SE-600-12. Hooked it up and found that the fans runs constantly, even with no lights connected. Pretty noisy sitting on the workbench but once in the enclosur, not very noticable. Have a number of tLRS-350-12 and the fan cycle on and off, based on the ouput load. Just curious if this is normal for SE serries or larger amp MW power supplies? BTW, started hobby withthe ;cheaper Chinese 30amp MW knokoffs and their fans never go on.
  8. Alphapix vs Falcon?

    Didn't find any references to a MW ps-750-12? Did see SP-750-12 and RSP-750-12 but they are in the $200 range. I was running several Sandevices E6804 (4 outputs) and upgrade the past yearr to several F16V3's...I'm totally impress in what Falcon is doing. Wth their rep, never even consider any other 16 channel controllers. Doesn't HC have an additional charge for "support'. Just learned of their "differential board and receiver" that lets you place a reciever (4 outputs), 250ft from the F16....I placed an order right on the sport for the differential gear. It's this kind of technology that IMO, makes Falcon the industry leader in pixel controllers.
  9. Or just go buy buy a pre-made extension cord if you only need a few.
  10. Smaller Pixel Controlers

    Only notice pixie 4/8/16 in the LOR store. Even if you can get a pixie 2, would suggest going pixe4, just to have some backup capacity. Particularly since the pixies are limited to 100 pixels per output.
  11. Playing Devil's Advocate

    Expanding a display for 'contest" reasons IMO, is Pluthe wrong reason for being in the hobby. Plus, I hate whep contestants come to forums, begging forf online votes. Vote for me because I'm a forum member.
  12. Thanks guys, I think I will just stick with solder joints on pixel strings. The only reason I asked about factory connectors is that I prefer red/white/blue wired string to make soldering easier..color coded. Past dealer now longer carries color wired string and looking at another dealer who has them and they just happen to come with connectors already.
  13. You did say "sevdral" rows. If only a few, just delete the rows individually. Don't spend more time organizing rows just to be able to delete mult-rows at one tim,e, versus just deleting individually. The delete group method is good when you have a multi rows that are located together. The copy/paste method from shared sequences works good when you only want limited rows from the sequence, not if you only want to decard a few rows.
  14. So far, all the 12mm ws2811 strings I have used, had bare wire leads, no connectors and have sodler multiple strings together. For strings that have connectotr leads on both ends, are they reliable for the long haul if you do a good job of heatshringing/tapeing the connectors. Or just cut the connectors off and do a solder connection. I've used solderless connectors on some rgb strips. With good waterproofing/support on these connectors, I've had no issue with them in 3 years of use. Being visually impaired, I can hadle soldering string ok but couldn't get reliable solder connectings on strips.
  15. Got all of my stuff down

    Here in MN,l we went from 2 weeks of zero or near zero hights, to a couple of day near 40, so down came the display. Now back in the deep freeze. Display tear down is about 1/3 the time of setup for me.