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  1. 16 channel sequences

    Take a read of this past thread on not limiting yourslelf to x number of channels when requesting sequences. Requesting sequenceList Do you have a small list of songs you would realy like. I can check my invenotry of shared sequences and try to help you out.
  2. Singing Face Question

    The industry standard, whether purchased or "shred', sequences for singing faces and christams tree are 2 eyes, 5 mouith and 1 outlien. As you recieve singing sequences, the order and chanels association may be different. So most important part is to ensure that the channel for "open eyes" is the same for all of your sequences and so. you do this via the SE channel configuration tab. 8 channels would be - open eyes - Outline -closed eyes -top mouth -middle mouth -bottom mouth - "E" mouth - "O" mouth I'm not familiar with 4 channel Santa face sequences but 8 channle sequences would give you the most options as you source sequences.
  3. A new computer....

    I upgraded from an xp to w7 computer a year ago. Once you load LOR software on new computer, copy/paste from backup media, the "audio" and "sequence" folders under "lightorama" (or whatever you named it) Ifolder to same folders on new computer. I don't kniow if w7/8/10 are consistant but going from xp to w7, the "user" folder structure where the lightoama folder is placed, is different between the two. I had to re--built the "show" file with the new locations of sequences and re-link in the show scheder, the correct location of updated show file. Maybe quicker ways to do it but didn't take log versus spending time on how to do it quicker...just did it. When making backups and transferring sequences files, I only worry about the .lms file and nothing else so that save some transfer time. Also the "show" and "schedule" lingage betwee I
  4. FM Help!!!

    OP said they are using wire antenna that came with transmitter. IIf it's waiting on a new sign versus visitors not being able to listen to display with old frequence, I'd cobble up your current sign to reflect new frequence. black out old number and make new number iwth tape, etc. Maybe check around for some reflective vinyl tape that would show up from headlights. If your "neighbor" is in violation of any non-commercial transmittal laws, I 'd report the AH.
  5. Pixel power injection problem

    I lengthen a sequence a fraction of a second to get lights to turn off complete.
  6. Newbie with controller issues (LOR1602W)

    Take a look at this youtub e video to make sure you are following all the correct keystrocks to test light in hardware utility. Testing Lights Video
  7. 7 years experience,,,you should no better than to not backup. From similar past thread, seems like one option is to follow-up with some type of IT support person to see if there is a chance to recover files form the old harddrive. If not, might be best to zero in on a handful of sequences you would like and with a shotgun request for anything. I've got a pretty good inventory of "shared" sequences but only send files based on specific song request.
  8. What does everyone use for their beginning show sequence?

    Unless you have people waiting at the curb for your show to go on, having an opening sequence is probably a nute point until you buld some traffic.
  9. My EDM FM transmitter is in the front of the basement with short wire antenna that came with transmitter. Curbside reception on car radios is ood. But I like to go out to the drive and lister to the display via a personal radio with earbuds. But reception is sporatic as I move around. Have a Porter Cable Jobsite radio in garage and it has same reception issues. To improve reception quality on both of these radios, should I upgrade my antenna. Maybe a rubber antenan in the basement or extending a cable out the basement window to a outdoor antenna. Did some quick seaching for antenna products but don't know what would connect to the small diameter jack on the EDM. so any and all antenna suggestions would be appreciated.
  10. 48 or 64 Channel Sequences!

    If you go to "Sequence Sharing" forum, there's a sticky thread that is a listing of sites that are sharing sequences. You can download directly from these sites.
  11. Looking for Chrstmas This Year by Toby Mac

    Thanks MA...looking forward to it.
  12. If you have a sequence for Christmas This Year, I would appreciate a copy. Looking fror non-singing elements. \mkpageler@comcast.net Thanks Mike
  13. Needing song programed

    if you learn how to copy and paste from other shared sequences, you can build pretty good sequences yourself. My sequenes are build form portion of 2 - 5 shared sequences. As you get more comfortable with SE, you cans start adding some customized programing.
  14. JR..I'll take a copy...Thanks mkpageler@comcast.net BTW..really enjoyed the Zombie Jamboree sequence you did for me..thanks again on that one. Mike mk
  15. hoping to find a few 32 sequences

    Sent some for Rocking Around Christmas Tree..various number of channles. Don'\t limit yourslef to x number of chanels. 32 channels from different displays will never match up. To fully utilize shared sequences, you'll need to learn how to copy/paste selected channels form shared sequences. Some of my sequences are built form parts of 4-5 shared sequences, plus some custome programing. Also, if you want a particular artis version, mention that in request threads.