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  1. Nice and easy way to share...thanks
  2. Open doors automatically

    What optyion you use might be depend on how how fast you want doors to open. Don't know how slow you can make aire pneumatics and whether youwant the noise of a compressor. Electirc linear aquatgor might be another option...a slower opening actions. Cost on doing 1 versus 2 doors might play into decision?
  3. Was switching out power supplies on a working E6804 board and messed something up. Instead of having 2 solid leds on the board (red and gree/yellow or whatever color it is, both leds are flashing. Went back to originial PS and is still happening. Checked manual in hopes that maybe there was a "re-set" I could do to manybe clear out an issue. Any tricks to try or think I have permanent damage? Not a lot of compoents on board, maybe damage CPU?
  4. Dumb rgb ribboms, rope or pixels.

    Probqably need to educate yourself a little more on ltypes of lighting to use before buying anything. Just for dumb strips, lots of decisions. They come in various levels of waterproofing form non-waterproofed, to resin covered, enpty silicon tube to injection silicon tubes. Once you know what you want, can you then start searching ebery'er for specific products. ;"Pixels" generally refers to "smart pixels" where each bulb can be programed and you need a pixel controller for that. "Dumb nodes" which resemble pixels bulbs, can only be controlled for an entire string of nodes.
  5. IP Address - Updated Show PC and Falcon F16v3

    Thanks gyys, exactly what I needed to know.
  6. Finally getting around to setting up my new Falcon F16v3. On top of that, chanigng my displayt computer. Will be running Falcon inconjucntion with a SanDevices e6804 from last season. Being visully impaired, I cannot read the Falcon's OLED screen to change the ip address which is, So waiting for my wife to have a few minutes this weekend to do this for me. Don't want to spin my wheels this weekend, entering improper ip address. I have changed the updated show PC's ethernet adapter IP (which was blank) to coordinator with e6804s IP address of 168.254.74.x. In scimming thought F16v3's manual, didn't see any reference in coordinating controller and PC's IP address as there was in the E6804's manual by using the cmd ipconfig. So I'm I thinking correctly that the F16v3's IP also needs to be in the 169.254.74.x range? Seems like there's a lot of Falcon IP address references to 192.168.1.x as I did some web research. BTW, I'm going to use a switch for the E6804 and F16v3. I have a spare e6804 and have already test run 2 E6804's off of the switch via a sequence. My updated show computer is not connected to a router/internet. Thanks...Mike
  7. RBG Newbie - Trianing or RBG sequence

    There are videos out there on various aspects of dumb rgb sequencing...the Color P)icker tool, adding rgb channels, etc.. I would first vist the LOR's sitge for tutorial videos, several are useful for rgb sequecning (ie color picker). If you do a google search by "rgb sequening lightorama", you'll find some more useful one. We can help by pointing you in the right direction but ultimately, you have to roll up your sleeve, dig in and do the research and exploration. I have found that while doing research on one subject, I've stumbled on tons of other info that will be useful at some point. Ultimately, I think you're better off in the long run by investing in the research than having someone do it for you. BTW, lots of valueable info in past thread if you seeach on various topic. Again, amazing how much useful info you stubmle on while doing this.
  8. FM Reciever

    Lots of past threads on the subject. Do a search by "transmitter' to find them. BTW, I've been using an EDM brand one for the past 3 years anbd really happy with it. It is at a little highter price point thought.
  9. CMB-24D channel config/settings

    I'm running several cmb24d's with a combinination of dumb (1 channel) and rgb channels. To connect dump lights to separate channels, connect each negative light wire to one of the connectoirs labelled 1 through 24. The positive light wires can go into any of the cmb24d outlets labelled as positive...doesn't matter which one. You can also put several positive light wires into a single cmb24d positive output.
  10. Lots of Lights...

    You did say 200,000? That's 2000 100ct strings. At $10/strings, that would be $20,000. What are you planning where you need that many light in one shot?
  11. No way will other peoples 16 channel sequences, match up with your display elements. Get sequences with any number of channels, then learn how to copy/paste specific channels from shared sequences, that better match your elements. I have built some of my sequences, made up of parts from 4-5 shared sequences.
  12. Fear of Heights

    Scared of heights..get queezy and panicy. Get the feeling if I even look over side of brdige of get near a full length window in tall building. So when I started this LOR time a few year back, goal was to limit 2nd story lighting. I climb onto my front porch roff to hang a big pixel wreath and meteor tub e trame. Being over 60, visually impair, much prefer to do first sotryt and out into the year. Before doing a lot of 2nd story lighting, I think people do have to look at the safety factor and wether it's worth it. Co-worker's husband fromm roof of single sotry, landed on face and lost sight in one eye.
  13. Mega tree frame cost?

    You first need to come up with a good design, consulting with client on features that might make it easier to install/raise. At that point, you can list compoent, quanties and cost and them include your labor/profit. There are several "mega tree parts" dealers for hardware such as the pole pins, hook head, crank head, etc.. Like so many diy projects, parts like connectors, bolt, wire and such can really add to a project cost, so don't forget them. Again, would suggest browering mage tree part dealers for ideas/cost. Just do a google search and you'll find tyhem, along with videos. I just watched one on using a crank head to raise the cable/light strings.
  14. What to do with bullet pixels

    Mr. P is right on...what can't you do with them. Several elements that I'm using them on. 1) 4ft pixel wreath 2) 6ft pixel twig trees 3) 4 x 31 bulb "mini matrix" that I attach to tree trunk. 4) icicle/meteor tubes Items 1 and 2 were inspired by john storms who goes by listertoourlights, here and has a webpage under that name with lots of how-to tutorials. Some other common elements done by others are shooting starts and spinners.
  15. Another Request: Christmas Vacation

    Email is needed. For mega tree, guessing that holidaysequences.com would have 12 and 16 strand seqeucnes for this song. I can send you my stockpile of shared Christmas Vaction sequences and quessing that several might have arches.