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  1. I am open to anything except the CTB16D that I currently have. I need to run the enhanced network and these are not capable.
  2. Looking to purchase 4+ AC 16 channel controllers capable of running the LOR enhanced network. Please private message or email marathonvacations@gmail.com with details.
  3. Yes, like that but probably larger. Lots of videos out there, but haven't really found a tutorial or parts list to scale. I don't pretend to be handy enough to build a prototype.
  4. Looking to get a head start on a PVC ferris wheel and plywood/coro ice skating rink for next year. Has anyone had success building either? It seems like many on the internet don't have detailed tutorials.
  5. I can echo what Jim says about Holiday Lights Express...good products, great service. Many people on the Holiday Lighting Think Tank rave about Wired Watts.
  6. Looks like my controllers don’t run the enhanced networks. Ouch.
  7. When I try to set the LOR network preference to enhanced, I get a pop up saying I need a gen 3 controller. The LOR help desk told me all LOR controllers can run enhanced. The controllers are CTB16D, not 1602 as previously stated.
  8. Let me know if we are on the right track here. Universes 1-16 are the alphapix. I don't know why 17 has the wrong IP address. Been like that for years. Adding the falcon now. When I loaded the info into PE it auto filled my universes. Should they match my network configuration? End channels of 360 accurate for strands of 120 pixels?
  9. The alphapix runs through my .lms sequences on sequence editor. Just asking for personal knowledge, but is there a reason the falcon should be first in line, outside of the physical cable outputs?
  10. I upgraded to pro after our conversation a few weeks ago. It looks like some people say to update the firmware on the 1602 controllers, and some say not to.
  11. Earle, I may be interested in the lights/trees. My father is in The Villages and I am in Ft. Lauderdale, so logistics aren't too bad. Shoot me a pm or email at marathonvacations@gmail.com.
  12. Just upgraded to use the pixel editor. If anyone knows of updated youtube tutorials, please post them. The few I have found seem updated. I will be running pixel editor to control our mega tree over the E131 network (Falcon controller). Do I still need to run my LOR 1602s on the enhanced network and update the firmware? Also, has anyone daisy chained an alphapix and falcon? Or used a network switch?
  13. Lost two this offseason, so I can't run a controller. Ordered two from Amazon. Will see how they match up.
  14. Looking to replace fuse caps/ fuse holders and have a few spares. Hard to tell what the best options are online. Does anyone have a set they can recommend? I found these on Amazon that look like a winner: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GZOGWJI/ref=sxbs_sxwds-stvpv2_3?pf_rd_p=6375e697-f226-4dbd-a63a-5ec697811ee1&pd_rd_wg=gyPnj&pf_rd_r=E3QCXHCR3QM72X04GGC5&pd_rd_i=B00GZOGWJI&pd_rd_w=NV58r&pd_rd_r=80093732-495b-479d-b3df-640b9d66f267&ie=UTF8&qid=1545076964&sr=3
  15. This is what the coloring should be. If I remove the LOR boxes, the pixels are the correct color.
  16. If I run the sequence with this setup, the LOR boxes work but the pixel strips are off in color.
  17. Here's an interesting one, and it piggybacks off of my previous issues: When I open/play/save my .lms file from Holiday Sequences (to my 16 ribbon tree), it plays fine. If I add controllers as was recommended by k6ccc, my 32 LOR channels (running standard LED lights) work as they should. However when I add those controllers, it makes my ribbon tree discolored. It's not power or the cat5 cable, or the color sequence on the ribbons. If I do not add the LOR controllers, the ribbon tree displays as it should. The photo below is for the Greatest Showman sequence, when the lion should be orange/yellow. All the sequences have blue-grey coloring.
  18. With the gracious help of k6ccc we found a simple solution that may help others with this same problem in the future: When creating the sequences, first create your DMX sequence (mine were LMS sequences from Holiday Coro), then create your standard LOR channels. It appears as though the LOR network does not like when all of the above is copied/imported at the same time.
  19. Let me know what would work for you. Any help would be appreciated. My email address is marathonvacations@gmail.com if that helps.
  20. What version of LOR and which RS485 are you running? I am wondering if I need to upgrade from Advance to Pro and upgrade to the high speed 485. I had another recommendation that I might need to be on the enhanced network.
  21. Alphapix is direct. LOR through RS485. I thought it might be the RS485 until I created the sequence without the DMX channels and the LOR portions worked as they should.
  22. Just to give you an overall idea: All of my sequences are set up like this. The imported DMX sequence plays fine. The LOR sequence goes haywire. If I create a new sequence without the DMX seqence, the LOR sequence plays as it should. Somehow the DMX sequence is affecting LOR.
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