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  1. To my fellow Floridians

    We had a steady 60-70 mph here in Ft. Lauderdale with 87 mph gusts. Our vacation home in Marathon got the brunt of the storm. A bit of flooding but the boats are still standing (amazed by that). The aerial views that NOAA put out are amazing. This storm was totally hit and miss in the Keys.
  2. To my fellow Floridians

    We were in the path of disaster here in Ft. Lauderdale, but a late shift has spared us. We do have boats and homes in the Keys. We are expecting total destruction.
  3. Advertising In The Show?

    The city always wanted to shut them down, but the real estate banner was the first step that "allowed" them to call it a commercial display. Then the city nit picked their way to every thing possible. There are only 7-8 houses on the street...one or two neighbors made a stink. It really is a VERY well run spectacle. Gated property with MULTIPLE volunteers as crowd control. I do give Mark Hyatt credit...he ran for city council and won. Now that nasty major gets to see him eye to eye every week.
  4. Advertising In The Show?

    Interesting that you are a realtor and considering doing this. Look up Hyatt Extreme Christmas. Plenty of articles out there. Looooooooong story short: In the early years of their display, Kathy had a banner for her real estate business. This gave the city the avenue to call it a commercial display. This started the snowball that became lawsuits and national coverage. It's been insane the last few years.
  5. Bulb paint

    Look up Christmas on Wendhurst on facebook. She posted the paint that she uses. Amazing display.
  6. They stopped carrying what they called "champagne." Now they only carry the faceted ones...not bright enough for us.
  7. The colored/ceramics from HLE seem to be really close, but I don't need those. The warm whites seem to be a tougher match. Someone had amazing photos from 1000bulbs, but I don't think they carry those models anymore.
  8. http://www.christmas-lights-online.com/ARRIVING-IN-AUGUST-C9-Smooth-Transparent-Warm-White-LED-Bulbs-_-Pack-of-25/productinfo/LC9-Y-ST-WARM/ Looks like these might be the ticket. I need them clear or they just don't have the same brightness. I'll order a box to see what they look like.
  9. Thanks for the reply. It looks like they don't have any clear C9's. I know they exist somewhere!
  10. Looking to replace my glass incans with LED retrofits. Bought a box of faceted lights from HLE and they aren't close. If anyone has recommendations they would be appreciated.
  11. Looking to create a rotating ice skating rink this year. I have seen a few ideas on the forums, but was wondering if anyone had experience using coro to create the base. I don't know if 10 mm would support coro characters, or if plywood would be necessary? I hope to get started in June.
  12. FM Transmitter not broadcasting

    I actually took the plunge and purchased a CZE-05B. The good news is that your recommendation for going to the channel in our vehicle and transmitter/unplugging the audio cable did give us the silence you were asking about. Then when we inched up the volume as recommended all we received was static. No music whatsoever. Laptop appears to be working (same laptop and outlet work fine with hardwired speakers). My display screen says "ST" on it (stereo?). If when I change the transmitter setting from high to low, I get the speaker with an x over it on the display. No music. If I hold the off button the x over the speaker disappears. Still no music in the car. I have also noticed that at times both of the transmitters will have a limited range of frequency choices.
  13. FM Transmitter not broadcasting

    Nothing but static tonight. I should say that in the 20-30 times I have tried to troubleshoot this, a very very faint signal full of static has come in twice. I might think it is some of the electronics in the room, but we have put it outside, and only 50 feet away from our vehicle.
  14. FM Transmitter not broadcasting

    Antenna appears to be hooked up correctly. These things seem pretty darn simple...that's why I am a bit stumped.
  15. I purchased the popular CZE-7C and cannot pick up any signal in our vehicle parked 50 feet away. We have adjusted the gain on the transmitter, volume on the computer, antenna length/direction, placed the transmitter inside/outside, tried a different computer, and tried different radio stations. Transmitter seems to be functioning properly. After reading through anything I can find on here, it seems like a rubber ducky antenna might be the solution, but it seems as though I should be getting SOME action out of the transmitter. Any thoughts?