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      Fire at LOR in Glens Falls, NY   01/17/2018

      A fire has broken out in the same building that houses the main LOR offices.  More information can be found in 'Important Announcements'.  


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  1. Fire at LOR

  2. Fire at LOR

  3. CMB16D Question

    Can you share more here? You want to run 12vdc?
  4. 100 percent LOR

    Will do - in cableguards with power supplies as well:)
  5. 100 percent LOR

    Not yet - I am still taking stuff down, but will probably put some stuff up in February. Need to figure out what is migrating and how many of the partially full LOR AC boxes I can consolidate.
  6. 10 watt RGB floods controller pigtail

    Had the same issue and resorting to cutting LOR extensions in half I had some 4 pins from Ray that seemed to fit and still couldn't get a consistent connections (pin-outs were different, but I fixed that)
  7. What are your settings on "Pixel Port setup" tab?
  8. Good luck guys - count the pixels that are lit though If 32-33 lit up out of 100 you just need to fix channel count and set max to 300 (had same issue)
  9. Yep, correct! Thinking this is issue though - 1/3 lit sounds like a config mismatch
  10. I would check the universes and channel configs in both the network area and your sequences. 100 pixels take 450 channels and since only ~30 are lit, I suspect you are sending data to only the first 100 channels (versus 450).
  11. 100 percent LOR

    I was all over the place this year: 10 LOR AC boxes 3 LOR CMD24 2 LOR PIXCON16 2 SAN6804 1 Falcon F4V3 1 ESpixel I am thinking I am going to sell off the SAN6804s and maybe a couple LOR AC boxes. Looking to add more Falcon and a ton of ESpixels for 2018.
  12. 2018 Network Set-up Advice

    Something like this
  13. 2018 Network Set-up Advice

    Looking for some advice to help clean up my network set-up for next year. I would like to try and get everything on e1.31 and move to more of a "hub and spoke" design in 2018. This will ease troubleshooting and allow for better expansion down the road. For 2018, I plan to only be adding more pixels controllers and maybe rearranging the placement of some existing AC boxes. I am thinking I can move each half of the LOR network over to a PIXCON port and ditch the rs485. I understand I do not need to make a crossover cable and just need to assign new DMX IDs to all of the AC boxes. Does anyone know if my ELL will still work? Any other thoughts on cleaning this mess up? Current Setup:
  14. 2018 Network Set-up Advice

    I have 8 AC mini-trees between sidewalk and street and use the ELL to avoid CAT6 over the sidewalk. I don't intend to convert the trees to pixels yet. Maybe I just plug the other ELL into the R485 and leave that AC controller all wireless (and LOR protocol).
  15. 2018 Network Set-up Advice

    Mostly trying to reduce CAT6 runs. I have all of the CAT6 (e1.31) runs punched down in a server closet and then they terminate at various spots around the house under the fascia board. Easy troubleshooting and one bad connection doesn't take down that much of the show. My LOR network is all daisy chained around the house with duct tape on the sidewalk and just feels like a mess. I thought about running it up into server closet and doing a bunch of short jumpers cables on the punch panel, but seems like a lot of points of failure (and risky if I plug something into wrong panel).
  16. Anyone doing Despacito?

    Might be completely worn out by Christmas, but 3 BILLION YouTube views.......
  17. I have two SANDEVICE 6804 running on e1.31 using lightorama for my show (latest firmware on both). I have CAT6 running to everything and I am using Unicast.Only my second year adding e1.31 so now thinking about adding two-three more 6804s (as I like them close to props). Current SANDEVICE #1 (unique IP) has each of the ports aligned with a universe - (so Port 1= Universe 1, Port 2= Universe 2, Port 3= Universe 3, Port 4= Universe 4)Current SANDEVICE #2 (unique IP) has each of the ports aligned with a universe - (so Port 1= Universe 5, Port 2= Universe 6, Port 37= Universe 7, Port 4= Universe 8)Adding a New SANDEVICE #3 (unique IP) looks simple enough, it will be the last 4 slots on the SANDEVICE webpage - Universe 9->12My question is how do I add SANDEVICE #4 (unique IP)? Do I change the SANDEVICE webpage to start at Universe 13 and run up to Universe 24? Can I run five 6804s and 20 universes all on same network (will it support that many)? The old SANDEVICE manual says "76 universes of E1.31 multicast, and up to 12 universes of E1.31 Unicast" so thinking not on Unicast? If that doesn't work is there a way I can set-up each SANDEVICE as Universe 1->4 and tell LOR that Universe names overlap, but they are on unique IPs? I don't see a way in LOR Network Config.
  18. Multiple Universes in LOR and SANDEVICES

    Perfect - that is what I wanted to hear, before I hit the "Buy" button (or send email in this case)
  19. Multiple Universes in LOR and SANDEVICES

    This is great - I already updated to the new Firmware so my screens match. I just wasn't sure I could start at some random universe point above 12 on the SANDEVICE (as the manual also references that 12 universe limit). Looks like I will have no issues expanding. I have the dedicated light network up on a gigabit router with CAT6 so should be fine there (I understand the 6804s only run 100B on their port). While researching this, I keep reading about the Falcon F4V3 Pixel Controller - might be another option as well.......
  20. I am looking into running some CAT6 through the attic to 4 RJ45 ports on the left side of the house. I run a mix of LOR and e1.31 through a dedicated router and PC on the far right side of the house. In previous years I had to run the cables across the entry way to connect all the controllers. I have a pretty good understanding of LOR network and star topology so I am fine there. What are some best practices for installing RJ45 ports outside? I am in Florida (so no snow) and thinking I'll just place an exterior rated wall box with a short peace of conduit up through the soffit right under the eave. Then some sort of of flip cover over all the plugs. Anyone have a similar set-up? Rust issues?
  21. RJ45 Ports - Outside?

    That is a nice method - I was going to run a short piece of conduit and then wall mount the box. I like this concept better - nice and clean
  22. TABCTL32.OCX Error

    WIn10 4.3.14 Advanced Everything seems okay, but I get this error everytime it loads
  23. TABCTL32.OCX Error

    Sort of solved - just installed 4.3.18 over existing install No more error
  24. What did you MAD GRAB?

    2 * Pixcon16 and 8 more RGB floods with controller:) Paypal and out by 9:02p
  25. TSO - Paul O'Neil has passed

    Sad day for many of us - may have to double down on TSO this year Paul O'Neill, the Tampa-based rock composer and mastermind of one of the biggest touring acts in the world, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, has died at age 61. The entire Trans-Siberian Orchestra family, past and present, is heartbroken to share the devastating news that Paul O’Neill has passed away from chronic illness. He was our friend and our leader -- a truly creative spirit and an altruistic soul. This is a profound and indescribable loss for us all. We ask that you respect Paul’s family’s privacy now. We will make additional announcements shortly. [Admin Note: Thread Merged]