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  1. Same here - I use their pin pole (great solution) and then have 2.5' of PVC buried in the yard set in concrete. I am in FL so no risk of freezing. Overall pole hits about 17.5" + topper
  2. Using Insteon with the LOR program

    Richard is right on this. Insteon was a step up from X-10 and is still sort of a relevant technology. This may be able to do what you are looking for (SMARTENIT 5010N ZBPLM). However, for that cost I would explore light linkers or a WI-FI solution that will be able to respond quick enough to support your blinky-blinky christmas light needs.
  3. Pixie 1?

    Check out the Espixelstick - it already exists and works on wifi
  4. Using Insteon with the LOR program

    I had a couple X10 devices in mine years ago, but they were very slow. I ended up using them for more simple stuff like the FM Radio sign that just needed to turn on once (and off once).
  5. This company did some similar work in my town - maybe you can get some ideas: http://www.dearproductions.com/projects_tampa_bridge.shtml
  6. Pigtail Tee

    Yep, makes sense - similar to my null pixel concept, just a handful of operational ones on each branch and might help with long runs I haven't bought any pixel icicles, but they may be wired internally in a similar fashion
  7. Pigtail Tee

    I guess I could see doing this for a null pixel - what would you use it for?
  8. Pigtail Tee

    https://holiday.lighting/ You could do this with their 4 strand Pixel Splice/Taps and a variety of pigtails Still not quite sure what you would do this for
  9. Alphapix vs Falcon?

    This doesn't make sense - the controllers take very little power and the only thing you are changing in this scenario is the controller. It doesn't quite work like this, but that would sort of imply that the Falcon uses (or wastes) 280 watts more than the Alpha (40% diff * 700w). There is no way that is right. Good impartial compare of options is here - http://nutcracker123.com/nutcracker/rgb_controllers/ Disclaimer alert - I run a F4v3 (with expansion) and just picked up a F16v3
  10. SPT 1/2 options as others have pointed out is the most cost effective. I also use monoprice for a lot of my premade extension cords. If you buy in bulk they give a discount and pliers can remove that pesky ground plug if you need to plug into the backside of a strand.
  11. Smaller Pixel Controlers

    Not sure which direction you are going, but check out ESPixel sticks as well. I ran one last year, but plan to run all of my Pixel wreaths with them next year. 100-200 pixels a wreath and on Wi-fi.
  12. Yep - a little negotiating on price, but all good Glad to see it moving to another light enthusiast
  13. The Pixcon is Gone
  14. Both CTBPC16s have sold